Sunday, July 17, 2016

YOP Week #3

Here we are at Week #3 and I am trying to keep  up but I will definitely be slowing as company looms in the near future.  It's busier than Christmas for me because not only did I have to clear a whole room for remodeling when they get here but there is cleaning and clearing and gifts for 4 people and an anniversary plus I still have to maintain the lawn and plants (some need water twice a day now).  I think Christmas would be easier! LOL!  But then they wouldn't have the lake!
I love it but you can certainly see where my projects are going to take a backseat for the 2 weeks they're here.  But for now, I am just taking it as it comes and trying not to let it stress me out as, of course, I want everything nice for them when they arrive and food cooked for 4 adults and 3 children and beds and linens and a birthday cake!  I'm tired already! LOL!  It will be fun once they get here and all my plans to be organized will go up in the air! LOL!
As for my projects..........the one I've been working on the most is my Giant Granny Square throw/blanket but it has reached a standsill.......I ran out of yarn....I .need to order Cloud Blue and a few more colors............
It is so enjoyable though....just loving it...........
See the markers...I am trying to keep track of which side I'm on but the best way is to not quite finish a round and then the next time finish and start in the same sitting so you will know which side to switch to next.   I'll definitely know better next time but I am still just loving the heck out of this project.  I am more than halfway finished.  There are 68 rounds not including the border and I am on round 40 with the blue I just ran out of.
Have any of you ever lined one of these crochet blankets?  I would love to line it with a small floral or solid flannel so fingers and toes wouldn't poke through.
This project gets 5 Stars and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys is also very easy!
I cast on my new (also Sandra Paul/Cherry Heart pattern as the one above) socks called My First Socks but I am using new Karbonz circular needles and new yarn Phildar Folk 50.
 First, I haven't used Magic Loop for socks since I made my first pair, also it's a new to me yarn and new needles.....I have cast on 4-6 times at least....I lost count.
It's not the pattern, it may be the new needles as in getting used to them and Magic Loop but mostly I think it is the yarn.  It unwinds and splits and is just generally not fun to work with.  There is something to be said for quality yarn when it comes to making your knitting pleasant.   I did finally get some cuff going........just a little as I am taking it slow because I do not want to start over again!
I am pretty sure it is the yarn or the needles because I had actually started using Kristin Nicholas Design yarn from Regia in self-striping using Addi circulars and was having no problem whatsoever but decided to switch as I could tell the self-striping yarn was not going to show off the pattern in the sock.  We shall see....stay tuned for updates.  Have any of you ever used the Phildar yarn and/or the Karbonz circulars?  I would be interested to know what you think of them.
 I finished the base of the Frida basket...........
 All 5 blocks for the basket are finished and need to be blocked and I am waiting for the fabric lining to arrive.  There's no rush on the handmade birthday presents now as I decided to use them for Christmas and get other things for the birthdays.  Pressure off! 
But I will continue to work on them after they go home....I will have plenty of time then with Fall and yard work winding down and the porch repaired plus, no one comes for Christmas.
So, every other new project is going to require the finishing of a WIP (these are from before YOP 2016-17).  Since I am "waiting" on supplies for the crochet projects.......I dug out the Maybelle Blanket because I now have the yarn for it! (BTW all the links to the projects and patterns are on my YOP lists on the
right hand sidebar that way I don't have to put links in my blog post every week).  Now that I say that.....I may have to add they are WIP's that probably weren't on any list.  They are in Ravelry though as I did get that updated.
This was another fun crochet project but I ran out of the cream color which was being used to "square" them up and also for joining them eventually.  I have plenty now so I will be working on this while waiting for more yarn for the Giant Granny.  I use Stylecraft Special DK for almost all my crocheting projects except the Frida basket was Stylecraft Chunky.  It is very soft, washable and comes in so many colors and many of the crochet patterns call for it.  Plus, they come out with new colors all the time.
Another WIP that I need to order backing fabric for is my Painted Rose pillow based on Sandra Paul's Painted Rose blanket pattern.  I have all 6 squares done but need to find and order some backing fabric.   I am determined to get these done and the only thing that stops me is my lack of confidence in the sewing part of it.  Oh well, confidence is like a muscle....the more you venture forth the stronger it gets and I never knew many people who learned anything by standing still...failure is a great learning tool so here goes!
I hope you are having a great week and enjoying your projects!
Happy Trails!


  1. Oh my, I'm all tuckered out just thinking of all you have to do yet. I know you will enjoy your time with family and the crafting can wait u til they leave. Sorry to hear you are having issues with the sock yarn. Hopefully it will be smooth going from now on.

  2. I hope you have a great time with your company. I love the colors for your giant granny square. I hope you get your yarn soon. I tried magic loop the other day and it was a big fail lol I'll try again down the road. All of your squares are so lovely, bright and cheerful!!

  3. Wow, just look at that blanket?! I hope you have a great time with all your visitors. I haven't used that yarn before, but don't let it put you off, your cuff looks lovely.

  4. Wow, just look at that blanket?! I hope you have a great time with all your visitors. I haven't used that yarn before, but don't let it put you off, your cuff looks lovely.

  5. You are one busy bee. How fun to have company coming although I know prep is exhausting. Your projects look great. I was tempted yesterday to start a Granny but held back; I have so much to do right now.

  6. All your busyness wears me out to read, but you truly lost me when you started talking about yard work. lol I haven't had to do yard work for so long I think I've forgotten how. Oh, I tinker with gardening and weeding, but not having mowed the grass in over 20 years I'm thinking I'm in for a rude awakening when youngest moves out in another couple years or so. I hope the time with your company is fun and productive. Are you going to show us pictures of the work that will be done? I love how you bring us into your life, Sam!

  7. Oh how gorgeous your show and tell is. Love the large granny square, and those Frida blocks are pretty awesome too. Great colours. And wow, those 6 painted rose blocks, wow and WOW. Love them to bits.

  8. Wow to all your projects especially the Frida bag and I do love the painted roses. Hope you have a great time with your visitors.

  9. Lots of gorgeous projects, I love Stylecraft DK also for crochet blankets, I've not come across anything better. I'm pretty sure you will tackle sewing and backing those projects with great ease, sometimes the thinking of them can be the most daunting and I can't wait to see them all backed. As for the socks, it could very well be the yarn and or the needles, specially if you were doing fine with other needles and yarn. I've not used either so I can't say. I do know I've heard some say the Karbonz is a far more grippier needle which might not be helping the yarn if it has a tendancy to split, perhaps try the yarn on your addis and see, that way you can rule either the yarn or the needles out and go from there.

  10. I just love those little flowers you are making. Have fun with your company! No stress, no worries.

  11. Your blanket is coming along very well. You have so much to do my friend. I agree with Ruth about the Karbonz needles being grippy. The yarn could be spitting because of that. I'll say it again, I love my knit picks needles and also my Hiya-Hiya's. Have a lovely day.

  12. I love style craft special DK for crochet, I have to admit. I have totally fallen in love with the colours on your Frida basket. I spotted a Frida Kahlo blanket pattern on Pinterest the other day and that will be a definate on next year's list :) Running out of wool is my bugbear, so frustrating when you want to get on. Your crochet square blanket looks brilliant. Looking forward to seeing how your socks turn out. Leah x

  13. I was going to tell you how much I liked working with the phildar folk but then I read your comment about it being splitty. I had a simalar experience with some knitpick stroll. It seemed to keep untwisting as I knit with it with is very annoying. Your blanket rocks!

  14. I was going to tell you how much I liked working with the phildar folk but then I read your comment about it being splitty. I had a simalar experience with some knitpick stroll. It seemed to keep untwisting as I knit with it with is very annoying. Your blanket rocks!

  15. Just from your description I will stay away from the Phildar yarn for sure. Sounds like not fun at all although I sense a pretty blue thing going on in your projects. Reading the comment above mine maybe the yarn is splitting because it needs to be drawn from the other end--that is if you are knitting from the strand from inside ball switch to strand that ends outside of ball or vice versa. I understand you do not want to start again but maybe you can try on different needles from other end and see if it helps before you spend hours and hours tearing your hair out?

  16. I'm sure you will have a fabulous time with your company. Your lovely projects will wait for you and keep you company when everything settles down.

  17. You are so right, failure is a great learning tool. It is better to try and mess up than to never try. I love everything you have accomplished. You always use some bright cheerful colors and it is fun to see them taking shape.


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