Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hotter than hades!!!

What did I say about Fall and the temps being in the 80's now?  Well, they are now back in the 90's F and even 104 the other day!  Dang it...I sure dislike Summer here but it won't be much longer I hope until the temps drop and the leaves too!  I am ready for Fall. 
Meanwhile I keep clearing and cleaning and cooking.  Last night I made a great recipe called Chicken Bacon Ranch Zucchini Boats.........
They were delicious but took 3 times as long to cook as the recipe stated.  It could be because the zucchini I used was a big one.  I would also make a few changes to the recipe.  I would peel the squash and wrap the halves individually in foil.  Here's the link   to the recipe.

I worked on my Monthly Monday yesterday.......I did the man's pants and started on his topcoat.

I also sewed some more rag strips together and crocheted on my rag rug but I noticed that some of them got twisted and show the wrong side so I need to redo the blue........

Despite the temperature  outside I dragged up some Fall stuff from the basement..........these were things I bought on clearance last year............
Happy Fall Y'all and Happy Trails too!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

YOP Week #9

 No finished objects this week but there could have been!  I ran out of yarn on The Color Tipped Scarf....wouldn't you know?  I ordered more yarn but it is from Deramores in England so it will be a few weeks..........there's some sock yarn in there too from West Yorkshire Spinners!
 I did try and keep up with my cross stitch days this week..........Santa Sunday.....

Monthly Monday..........

Witchy Wednesday..........for some reason I really messed up the mouth!  I think I would have been better off looking at the picture than the pattern............oh well, no more 40 count for me that's for sure!
I missed Fall Friday but did do Stars and Stripes Saturday..........
I also worked on Sew She Did...........
I posted this picture this past week....I started my crocheted rag rug......I need to sew more strips together hopefully this afternoon.........I made mine 36" wide by who knows how long.  The pattern said 26" wide but I thought that was a bit whimpy for a rug...........I'm using a size Q hook.....
As for acquisitions that I actually have "in house" I bought a few patterns and downloaded them from my friend, Helen in the U.K.  She just recently opened an Etsy shop and her patterns are darling and so reasonable.....I have several of her books.....I can never get enough of her style but now I need to make some of her things!
Aren't they gorgeous?  The Dala horse pincushion will be for my daughter who collects them.
This week Fall made an  entrance...briefly but the temps are still in the high 80's F but the 90's are gone hopefully!  My Fall clematis is  blooming..........
My Rose of Sharon or "hibiscus tree" has been blooming all Summer.........and still going strong.........

Here's my first Fall mum that I got at pretty!

 The spaghetti squash succumbed to squash bugs but I got 3 of them........squash that is..........I've gotten 4 zucchini and more are coming and now I need to plant for Fall!
That's all for this week folks!  Happy Labor Day on Monday for all of you here in the U.S. and please say a prayer for everyone in the path of hurricane Dorian! 
Happy Trails!!!

I made my list for 2019-2020 finally minus the pictures and links.  If you want to see those you can click on the right hand side link "YOP2019-2020".

1.  Color Tipped Scarf by Purl Soho - in progress
2.  WIP
1.  The Dainty Dollie finished  July 2019
2. WIP
1.  Purl Soho Pullover
2.  WIP
1.  Helix Hat- finished August 2019
2.  WIP
1.  Crocheted Rag Rug - in progress
2.  WIP
1.  Little Hearts
2.  WIP
1.  DIY Lip Balm
2.  WIP
1.  Square Knitted Scrubbies
2.  WIP
1.  Easy Fingerless Mitts
2.  WIP
1.  The Prohibition Shawl Recipe
2.  Multnomah shawl but must do Feather and Fan cowl first for practice
1.  Hibernate Crochet Blanket
2.  WIP
1.  Fan and Feather Cowl
2.  Gradient Cowl on Line Weight
1.  Simple House Slippers
2.  Felted Loafer Slippers
1.  Christmas  Pixies
2. Frida Kahlo Basket - in progress
1.  Japanese Gardening Slacks
2.  WIP
1.  Whole Cloth Quilted Journal Cover
2.  WIP