Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday - August 3, 2018. Fall & Finance Friday

This is the day of First Harvest according to Rain over at Rain's Garden.  I have harvested some herbs but no gardening this year.  I'm having a hard enough time keeping my little herbs and flowers alive in this heat.  The weather station couldn't make up it's mind if it was 90 or felt like a hundred!  I went out this morning and moved some flower boxes and re potted some herbs.
 They look a little wilted from re potting and the basil got a haircut but they'll perk up...I hope.....
This is my 'hibiscus tree' (Rose of Sharron) that was sold to me as a blue one but as you can see it is pink.  It clashes a little with the orange brick on the house but I can't do anything about it now.  It's still pretty and the bees love it.
Here's my poor little pumpkin plant just surviving in this heat....barely..........
 The 'magic lilies' are coming up.  We called them that up north but down here they call them 'naked ladies'......I prefer 'magic lilies'.
It looks pretty barren there because that is where the guy took out the scrub trees and now some light can get in there.
 also you can actually see my flower bed here.....maybe I'll plant some mums in there this fall...
  Some good rains this fall and everything will hopefully look alive has been a hot, dry summer and it isn't over with yet!  I wish!
Today was Fall Friday in cross stitch country so I started on my Pumpkin Spice Farm....this is 2 threads over 2 on 32 count....even weave, I think.....much easier than that 40 count....heavens!
  I forgot to tell you that when I went to Walmart I picked up the Fall issue of Primitive Quilts and it is always jam packed with lots of fun and beautiful Fall projects.........
Here are just a few that I have my eye on.............
Please excuse the was hard to hold the magazine open and take a picture at the same time! LOL!
After morning chores, I ran uptown and took my books to the library and came back with these 2.........this one is on the "uputdownable " list...........

and this one is by the author that wrote A Man Called Ove which was so, it's really thin so I can read it fast and add it to my book reading challenge on Good Reads! LOL!  If you know of any other 'thin' books that are good to read please let me know...I am still trying to catch up.
I made peanut butter cookie dough last night and baked up one pan so I'd have a dessert but then I wrap the bowl and bake the rest later.......that's what I'm doing in-between writing to you.  The last batch is in.  I went to the store and got ground beef for tacos tomorrow night and I'll have the last of the putanesca tonight.  As you can see...I like my cookies a little bit on the burnt side...just a bit...I really do!
I hope you have a great Friday night.  What I forgot to mention and I forgot to do today was was Finance Friday so tonight I guess I'll be working on my budget.
Oh, stop by tomorrow and see what I'm starting for Stars and Stripes Saturday! LOL!  Yes, my dance card is full but I like it that way...just not overwhelming.
Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thursday - August 2, 2018

My days get busier and busier but at least I feel like I'm moving forward and not standing still.  I am maintaining a balanced lifestyle too with no stress just 'steady as she goes'.  I missed Book Date on Monday so here is what I have been reading.........
I finished 2 books this week trying to catch up with my Good Reads Challenge of 75 books....I'm at 35 now so a bit behind but catching up!
No, the camera isn't blurred that's the cover of the book! LOL!  This was very good, scientific and definitely hard to put down!  I give it 4 stars.  It has a lot to do with quantum physics and a multiverse as opposed to a universe.  I am enjoying reading out of my comfort zone for a change.
This was a good read but too much sex, inappropriate language and a subject dealing with children that I do not want to read 3 stars because the plot was original and the writing good but the subject matter was awful.
 I started reading this book last night only because I knew I had it and I ran across a sampler by Little House Needleworks designed in her honor.  It's also quite graphic but this is a real journal so you can't argue with truth.  Those were scary and tough times especially for women. I'm still reading my other books too.
 I made a good healthy meal this week.........pasta putanesca which calls for anchovy paste which I did not have.   So,  I bought anchovies and made my own.  You put some anchovies on a cutting board, and with a little oil from the tin they came in, you smash them with a fork and in just a matter of minutes you have anchovy paste.  If you tasted the putanesca you would never know there were anchovies in it.  But that along with some capers add a salty, tangy taste that can't be duplicated!  Delicious along with some garlic bread.  There are also greens in the sauce so I didn't make a salad but maybe tonight.
Yesterday was "Witchy Wednesday" on the The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch schedule so I participated with my little Halloween cat with 1 thread over 2 on 40 count linen....never again but I am sort of getting the hang of it.  I had to 'ditch' the lighted magnifier as it was more trouble than it was worth.  I just wear my 'cheaters' and that seems to be good enough.  It's a slow boat to China though..........basically, I got the corner done and most of the left side border....I'll just keep plugging away on Wednesday's..............
I also prepped for Fall Friday...........
I printed off some free patterns for Stars and Stripes Saturday and Santa Sunday and Merry Monday! LOL!  I have lots of Aida fabric and some linen and DMC floss to use for those.
I went to Walmart Monday and "the yard man cometh" and did a great job!  I'll take some pictures and show you tomorrow.  He mowed, weed whacked, cut down brush and weed trees and hauled it all away!   Best money I ever spent!  Today I repotted some herbs and moved flower boxes.  I'm going to hire him to power wash the drive and sidewalks too as soon as I get some money ahead.  It's looking good in the neighborhood!
Now, I'm off to do some cleaning while I still have some energy! LOL!
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

YOP Week #5

Here are my goals from last week

1)  Keep searching for the I Spy quilts and my Folk Art quilt -still no luck although I did find some old needlepoint canvases that I had started probably 40 years ago!

2)  Finish the first Felici sock - I did not finish but I did finish the heel and gusset and I'm probably halfway down the foot although I do have big feet.  Hopefully next week will have one sock finished and the 2nd sock started?  Hopefully!

3)  Finish the first full repeat (20 rows) of the Falling Leaves scarf pattern and put in a lifeline - Yes, I did accomplish this and started the 2nd pattern repeat.  The way she taught inserting the lifeline was to use a smaller cable/circular needle....easy peasy!  So much easier than yarn or floss or any of a number of other techniques I've heard of.  I haven't had to use it yet but I have confidence it will work if needed.  You can see the circular needle sticking out at the ends.  I am enjoying this class and project and I have learned so much already.  It will definitely need a serious blocking when finished.
4)  Cut and sew up my daughter's Frida Kahlo basket - It's sitting on my ironing board...that's as far as I got.
5)  Sew soles unto slippers - nada....maybe today?
6)  Finish Pickle Dish #2 and cut material for the next one - half done...I finished the 2nd pickle dish but have not cut out the material for the 3rd one yet.

7)  cut binding for Sampler quilt if rotary blades arrive - nope
8)  cut pillowcase material if rotary blades arrive - nope
9)  do finishing sewing on 4th of July pillow -started but never made it to the sewing machine.........I watched a Vonna Pffeifer finishing video and just did the basics; no added trim or edging.....maybe next time.  I ironed on the interfacing and now I need to sew and stuff............. the backing fabric has little stars on it.  I found it in my 'stash'...perfect!

10) trace embroidery pattern on material if light box and tracing pen arrive - this got done and it was easier than I thought although I am glad I didn't choose a large project to trace for my first time and the Frixion pens worked great along with the light box...........I had to tear the page out of the book and make a copy of it and then I didn't like the freezer paper as I couldn't see the pattern very well so I tore it off and then I got to work!  I was able to do it in one sitting and I rather enjoyed it.
I was going to start last night but I need to get out my embroidery book(s) and bone up on some of the stitches she uses.........
I forgot to show you what my daughter and grandboys made and gifted me when they came to visit......wind chimes!  I hung them here for the picture but I need to find a place for them.  I'm afraid to put them outside.  I'll ask Amy if they're weather proof...probably but I want to make sure.  I love handmade anything and everything!
Grayson got his birthday gift and called me and thanked me profusely....he said " did you know I wanted that so much?"  I got him a potholder loom and extra loops.  I thought he would like it as he is very creative and likes making things.  What a great feeling when they like your gift.  He said he was making the first potholder for me!  It warmed my, unto Christmas in July! LOL!
Here are my goals for this coming week:
1)  Keep searching for the I Spy quilts and my Folk Art quilt
2)  Finish the first Felici sock - I mean it....finish it and start the 2nd sock!
3)  Finish the next pattern repeat on the Falling Leaves scarf (20 rows)
4)  Cut and sew up my daughter's Frida Kahlo basket
5)  Sew soles unto slippers
6)  Cut material for next pickle dish and get started sewing it
7)  cut binding for Sampler quilt
8)  cut pillowcase material
9)  do finishing sewing on 4th of July pillow - for sure!
10) start embroidery on PINS pin cushion

I need to update Ravelry this week and also there's a SAL (sew along) with The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch podcast (Priscilla and Chelsea; mother and daughter) that I want to join in....they always have the neatest projects in cross stitch and now they're starting on punch still my beating heart!  They also have a drawing and a discount for the SAL pattern and/or kit.  I need another project like a hole in my head but it is so fun to be inspired by all these talented people.....including all of you!

Please stop by and see all the other fantastic projects that other  YOP'ers are working on.
Happy Trails!!!