Saturday, November 11, 2017

Craft day turned into cleaning day...........

Yesterday was a loss as I went to Walmart.  I get my daily chores done but not much else.  I was so tired after unloading the groceries that I put away the perishables and left the rest for this morning!  I had cheese, summer sausage and crackers for supper and to think I thought I would make supper when I came home! Ha!  Who was I kidding?  But in my defense, I had been up since 3:30 a.m. and it was going on 5:00 p.m.  I did get a few treasures..........this magazine has the cutest little wool Christmas ornaments that look like tags but if I want to make them I will have to get one of those metal eyelet punchers.....I've wanted one for other things but not sure how much they cost and there are different sizes....I'll have to see.............
  I had to refresh my candles and melties....tis the season!  Plus it is so Hygge
 and some yarn, of course................there's a shawl I want to make after gifts are done and it calls for 2 skeins of Mandala by Lion Brand...I can't remember the name of it now but this yarn disappears fast so I have to grab it when I can...............
and a new litter box for Grace.....the one she has is too shallow.......
This morning the sky was on fire and they usually say "pink sky at morning, sailor's warning' but it is a beautiful day....a bit chilly.....high 50's maybe low 60's now but it was 30 F when I got up....yes, at 3:30 a.m. and no, the sun was not up at all .....this picture was taken later...........
I spent the morning putting the groceries away, daily chores and I did a load of laundry.  Then instead of 'crafting' I was wanting to clean up and organize my crafts room.  You know it's time when you can't find your supplies or patterns and they are so 'all over the place'.  I am too embarassed to show you any 'before' pictures but take my word for can barely walk into the room for all the stacked plastic containers.   So.........I think the containers are not such a good idea as they take up room unless you can fit them on shelving somehow.  So, I decided to use an empty dresser in the guest room......for my acrylic that I am utilizing in the Cozy Memories Blanket.  I put all the variegated in one drawer and the solid colors in the other.  This is all worsted weight acrylic yarn.
 This alone will make my life so much easier as before they were in a giant, deep plastic container which I had to root around in whenever I needed a new they are easy to see and grab and I don't tangle them up by my 'rooting'!  The CMB is making a good dent in my acrylic stash too!
  I also finished cleaning the bookcase which needs a paint job and so do the red Dollar Tree baskets I got but that will be next summer....for now they seem to deter Miss Peeps and I have some odd and ends in them and also some quantity yarn (several skeins of the same color). 
I was able to clear some of the crafts room but I have "miles to go before I sleep" can see where some of the containers were sitting.  I'm hoping to move a bookcase in here to house more bins with yarn so I can see what is where when I need it along with books and patterns.
Not sure I'll have much to show for YOP this week but having a functional crafts room will be so worth it!  What were you up to today?  I'm off to make supper.....Hellman's Parmesan Chicken with broccoli and sweet potato.  It' s a great and tasty recipe and it's on their website.....easy to prepare too!
I hope you enjoy your Saturday night!
Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cozying up the place!

I am so all about the 'coziness factor' here on my 'homestead'.  I had originally planned on going to Walmart today and making a dinner but I really didn't HAVE to go to Walmart and I forgot I had some leftover pizza in the frig!  So, I decided to clean and organize and decorate for Thanksgiving.  I took all the Halloween 'spooky' stuff down and brought out more Fall items.  Here's a look at what I've been  up to today...........I put the orange lights over the mirror....they are now Thanksgiving lights!  I also added some additional items........
a little squirrel that is really a teapot but I never use it as one............
plus some gourds I crocheted a few years back............
On this side of the room there STILL hangs my mini-quilt 'flimsy' of these days I'll finish it and go figure.....more squirrels!  I have to admit this is a 'squirrely' house! LOL!
I got the tea set and pieces at Cracker Barrel years ago and the squirrel votive holders I thought were a set but they both face the same way so it doesn't really work...I may have to separate them for their own good.  The acorns are little salt and pepper shakers but again I don't use them for that.
On the other side is the other squirrel and the sugar and creamer......I felt in love with that set and I still love it.......
This leaf bowl I got at the Thrift store for less than a dollar...........
the old sign I got at a sale a long time ago but I can't remember where...I don't pay much for stuff at sales.  If it's in my house it must have been a bargain! LOL!  It is cardboard and old and I love's also a good reminder for my Thanksgiving guests....especially the part about the bank being closed! LOL!
I haven't cleaned the bottom area of the bookcase so I won't show you that.....I'm not done with this room yet but least for now anyway.............this is across from the fireplace where I sit when I take my breaks and there is my knitting which would not be sitting there if Miss Peeps was up and about but she is 'night-night' in the basement right now.
The tree is my year-round tree that I put all kinds of decorations on depending on the time of year......I really don't have any Fall decorations to hang on it so I'll have to work on that and there are lights on it but the batteries are dead.........I guess I forgot one 'spooky' decoration!
The candle and holder was from my daughter and so were the botanical 'napkins' but I use them for doilies...........I won't burn the candle as it is too special!
This pitcher I think I got at a college art auction at my daughter's college when she attended there.  It looks old and primitive and I have always loved it.........
ans finally this is where I put my feet up!  Again, it is old and and the top is hand hooked wool.  Those old wool items lasted for years and I still use it daily.............I started hooking wool rugs and dyeing my own wool just before my eyes went south along with me.  One of these days I'm going to get back to it!
I took a bath this morning but I could probably use another one with all the dust I stirred up today! LOL !  But it feels so good to come inside from summer and clean up the house and get ready to be COZY! 
Happy Trails!!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

It's Monday! What are you reading, watching, and/or listening to?

A few finishes or one maybe but still slogging through The Mysteries Of Udolpho.  My daughter already finished it and thought it was good but she is also a speed so much.
It's well written and the descriptions really put you right there but it is a long book and I already get concerned and think something is going to happen but so far nothing....
I read this book for my non-fiction and finished it.  It was a quick read but didn't inform me like I thought it would.  It was more a biography but interesting.  I think she self-published it through Kindle or Amazon.....not sure but she has like 7 or 8 books out and a blog at   It was very inexpensive but even that was too much money for it.
Amazon stated:  "This is a true story of one family and their journey towards a frugal and sustainable life. This is the author's story from a childhood with money issues on into a marriage with the struggles that come from lost jobs, moving, and starting over on one meager income and, not only making it work but thriving and enjoying a good life. This is a story of being poor and not feeling a bit of it. It's about living richly and having more than other more wealthy families may experience. It is about the joys of a simple life and how to make one income work even when there is no income for a bit of time. Can you have very little money and still have it all? Yes, it is a matter of knowing what is truly important in this life."
I am now reading Hiking Through...........for my far so good........but I just started it last night..........
Amazon states:  "After Paul Stutzman lost his wife to breast cancer, he sensed a tug on his heart--the call to a challenge, the call to pursue a dream. Paul left his stable career, traveled to Georgia, and took his first steps on the Appalachian Trail. What he learned during the next four and a half months changed his life--and will change readers' lives as well.
In Hiking Through, readers will join Paul on his remarkable 2,176-mile hike through fourteen states in search of peace and a renewed sense of purpose, meeting fascinating and funny people along the way. They'll discover that every choice we make along the path has consequences for the journey and will come away with a new understanding of God's grace and guidance. Nature-lovers, armchair adventurers, and those grieving a loss may not be able to hike the AT themselves, but they can go on this spiritual pilgrimage with a truly humble and sympathetic guide."
I finished The Vintage Christmas magazine which was not worth the money.  Most of the photos were of blogger's homes.  In fact, one of the bloggers I've followed for years now! No sense spending money on magazines when they just pick from blogs......I can do that for free!  I did enjoy the knitting magazine I mentioned yesterday and that one I got my money's worth for sure!
I'm still listening to the Daily Hope podcast....such a great inspiring and helpful podcast.  Plus, I am caught up with Crochet Cupcake, Stitched in Sweden and The Little Tailoress podcasts.  Now, it's on to The Bakery Bears....I think I left off at about podcast number 52?  As for my Bible reading, I am still in Deuteronomy but almost finished with that chapter.  The Julia Cameron book, It's Never Too Late to Begin Again is a task list and before I can read more I have to do the tasks/exercises.  I don't mind but I haven't started them yet.  Also, I am revisiting a book I previously read  Just in Case for being prepared for any type of event and what to have on hand or pack in case you have a disaster or have to evacuate.  It's a good book and of course, there is lots of info on Pinterest to supplement it.
That's all for this Monday. Oh, did I tell you I watched the movie Practical Magic for Halloween and loved it.  It stars Sandra Bullock and was recommended by Caroline...Crochet Cupcake's mother who is The Inspired Professor on Ravelry and Instagram.  
What have you been reading, watching and/or listening to?
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

YOP Week #19

I think this week was our 'peak' colors her in North Central Arkansas............
I meant to drive to Mountain Home just to see the colors....and do a little shopping while I was there but..........I got busy here at home..........
It's been warm and windy and today is cloudy and we're supposed to have 'developing' thunderstorms later today.....we'll see....they never get it right for our area but it's beautiful and Mother Nature is 'cleaning house'.
Is there a mental state that one falls prey to when  you find yourself casting on a new project when you have all kinds of WIP's and Christmas gifts to be making?  It's so crazy!  But yes, I cast on a new project but I did not buy any new yarn and truth be told I am loving every minute of this project!  It is the Happy Go Lucky shawlette pattern by Fiber Flux and is a free pattern on Ravelry plus there is a You Tube video tutorial and it is very good.   I am using Lion Brand Mandala in the Chimera colorway using a G 4.0 mm hook.  I am so enjoying this yarn, pattern and project.  I think everyone should try it!
  This is how much yarn I have left....I'll have to go back and see if she states how much yarn to leave for the border.....not there any way to calculate yardage for a border?
 The sweater is zooming along and again, a very enjoyable project so far...easy to pick up and knit a round just like the shawlette.
I finally got a few limbs sewn on the giraffe.....I have got to finish this thing but I really dislike the hand sewing part!
See the Frosted Pumpkin cross  stitch underneath the giraffe?  I got it pressed and went to frame it and the glass broke in the frame then I discovered I have to cut a piece of cardboard to fit the frame and stitch the cross stitch to it sits....I can't find a piece of card board big enough.  I may have to buy some poster board.....geesh!  But it will be ready for next year....I hope!
My Cozy Memories Blanket is getting some regular love lately and again...a favorite project to knit on.  I did 4 squares last week and only 1 this week..........yes, I'm a slacker..........
I bought this magazine last week and I highly recommend it.  I got it at Walmart and it comes out 4 times a year, I think.  It was $7 not the usual $11-16 for a specialty magazine.  This magazine is chock full of patterns that you will love!  There are gifts for everyone and a darling pattern for a one button cardigan that I definitely will be making.  It is specifically for gifts for everyone and they range from beginner to intermediate.  I was amazed at the value and I may even subscribe if all their issues are this good.  I don't buy or subscribe to any knitting magazines but I may have to make an exception for this one!
That's all for this week.  I missed last week as I was really, really tired and I was yesterday again.  I think it's the change of seasons and temperatures that go from 30-80 in one day! 
I hope you are all well and crafting away.
For podcasts I have caught up with Crochet Cupcake.  BTW, they are from Puerto Rico and are doing fine...partly because they live is a solar home but the islands all still need much help.  I'm caught up with Stitched in Sweden so now it is on to The Little Tailoress.
Happy Trails!