Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Another busy week!

The drywall guy has been here on and off all week and now won't be back until the end of August to least there's not a gaping hole anymore........
Meanwhile, I cleaned my frig really good  inside......
and out..........I should have taken a before picture because you could barely see the frig for all the junk covering more!  No more white boards, magnets, coupons....nada!
I'm going for the clean and lean!

I've also continued working on my crafts room and today actually used my cutting mat in the new space.  I've ordered a bunch of supplies but was able to use my rotary cutter for the little squares for my hexies at least.  I also turned my mat around to get away from the warn parts which helped.  It rained here last night and today.  Not a lot but every little bit helps.  It's thundering again cozy!

 I started a new wash cloth and I'm almost done with it!  It's the new Craftsy yarn in the colorway "Sprinkles" that I got at Hobby Lobby last week. 
 That's all the news for now.  I scratched my eye either pollen or allergy rubbing so I have a patch on.  Excuse me if I misspell...I'm trying to focus but it's a bit weird.
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

YOP Week #3

Here are my goals from last week...we'll see how well I did.
1) find I Spy quilts - still haven't found them and I am about 1/3 of the way done cleaning and organizing my crafts room
2) find needles and cast on socks - Oh yeah.........this one definitely got some happy to be knitting socks again............these are some vanilla socks to get me back in the swing of sock knitting.  It is Felici yarn from Knit Picks in the Hibiscus colorway.....I'm ready to do the heel/gusset.....

3) cut material for next round of hexies - yes, did this and finished one pickle dish and cut material for the next and got started on it............
here's part of the next one...........
4) wash and iron fabric for Sewing School Project #1 - I did this and went to cut the material and my rotary blade was so dull it went 'off track' and cut it wrong and now I may not have enough material....I may have to do some juggling.....meanwhile I am ordering new blades!
5) trace pattern for PINS embroidery - I did fuse the freezer paper to the material.  It is supposed to make it easier to trace the pattern on but I can't see the pattern through it so I need a light box and my marking pen was dried out so I need that and some knitting Amazon order is way past FREE SHIPPING! LOL!

6) find Folk Art Quilt - I found part of it but not the rest....woe is me!
7) order soles for slippers (just mine to see how they work) - I did order the soles for my slippers and they are more expensive than the  yarn to make them!
8) finish July 4th x-stitch into a pillow - I looked at the tutorial from Vonna Pfeiffer and she calls for P44 lightweight interfacing which I also need to order
9) cut binding for sampler quilt - this got no attention at all but I know where it is at least! LOL!
What wasn't on the list of goals but should have been was my Creative Bug class for the Falling Leaves Lace Scarf.  I started the class and the scarf over as I needed more markers and now I need more knitting counters too.  I want to continually work on building my skills in various areas.  Only about 3 rows on this so far...........
  That's all the progress for this week although I did get to Hobby Lobby and got one skein of yarn for finishing one of the washcloths but the other must be Peaches and Creme at Walmart.  So, this coming weeks goals are the following:
1) order rest of supplies needed for projects
2) finish the one washcloth
3) finish chapter 4 of Falling Leaves Lace Scarf (which may be a bit much...I'll see)
4) finish another pickle dish
5) find those dang I Spy quilts and my folk art quilt
6) finish heel and gusset on sock #1 and start on the foot
7) cut binding for sampler quilt
8) trace embroidery pattern if light box arrives in time (I don't have Prime so  it takes forever!)
9) cut material for pillowcases if blades arrive on time
10) attach soles onto my slippers and they should arrive this week
11) work on 4th of July pillow if interfacing arrives  
I can see the list is growing already with no 'finishes' but hopefully I will be able to wrap up a few items this month.........
Please stop by and see all the other fantastic projects that other  YOP'ers are working on.
Happy Trails!!!