Friday, April 15, 2016

Fun Fridays!

Who doesn't like to have fun?  Of course, each of us has different definitions of what "fun" is but here is mine and then you can share yours with me, okay?
You might have guessed some of them........but there are many more I can't get to all of them...probably in a lifetime!  But I've done a lot of them already and some of them I can't do anymore because of resources, lack of funds or location or physical ability.  But that's okay, because one of the gifts God gave me was the ability to enjoy myself no matter what I was doing or where I was.  From the time I was very young I had a lot of responsibility placed on me.  At the time, I felt more like a hired hand for my parents than their only daughter and child.  But it was good because that's how I learned to enjoy myself no matter what I was doing or what was going on around me.    I could make a game out of anything and pretending was also a great tool when I had unpleasant jobs to do.  I was an only child so there was no sharing of the responsibility for chores or of parental problems.  I learned to depend on myself for everything.  I'm sure my parents didn't look at it as a "gift" to fact I know they didn't! LOL! But it was one of the greatest gifts I've ever received because it taught me at a young age how to cope with whatever life threw in my path.....and there was going to be a lot!  But through it all, this gift helped me to persevere, climb up and over problems and disappointments and made me the happy person I am today! LOL!  The problems were brief and the happiness ongoing!
So, I will share some of what makes me happy, presently and also some links to others who share that happiness and joy.
CROCHETING:  This week I am so enjoying this little pillow project and I have learned that there are several types of this crochet...intarsia which is actually reversible, fair isle where you use only 2 colors per row and there are "floats" strands of yarn on the back and also tapestry which is similar to fair isle and intarsia as they are all crochet methods to make a design but tapestry you cut the threads in between each and it does not look as neat or defined as fair isle crochet plus there's all those ends to weave in!  Little Doolally called this intarsia but in reality it's fair isle.  Here's a wonderful gal who has a blog and wonderful tutorials on You Tube  Crochet Ever After 

Here's another sweet blog with lots of free patterns and tutorials Poppy and Bliss

 Some of my favorite crochet designers are:
Cherry Heart
Attic 24
The Patchwork Heart
Little Doolally
I know there are more but I can't think of them right now but as I come across them I will add them to my sidebar.  I am getting ready to redesign my blog so I can separate my favorite bloggers and their specialties into categories and also start listing podcasts that I watch.  Eventually, I would like to share all of everything that I learn, discover or make during the week on Fridays.  I run across so much great information and I've been writing it all down so get ready!  Fun Fridays are here!
Any suggestions for books concerning these hobbies/crafts/ joys will also be shared. 
Happy Trails!

Monday, April 11, 2016

A quick post.........with something yummy at the end!

I did back up my template and my posts but have yet to figure out how to get the data from XML format to PDF so I can print it out.  There are over 6,000 pages!  It will be a slow process.
Here's what I did on Blogger:
I went to DESIGN then TEMPLATE and clicked on BACKUP/RESTORE in the upper right corner and clicked on DOWNLOAD FULL TEMPLATE
Be sure and write down where your file is being downloaded to on your computer.  This will download an XML file of your template.
Next, I went to SETTINGS and then OTHER and then IMPORT AND BACKUP and then BACKUP CONTENT.
This will backup your entire blog!  From the beginning!  At least mine it did or maybe it was just because I had never done it before.....not sure.  This takes awhile so don't start it if you need to use your computer.  I started it and came back later.
There is a way to transfer your XML document into a regular word file which I also did but it is still in XML so there are programs you can download to change an XML file into a PDF but that's as far as I got today! Whew!  I will keep you informed.  Most of my info I got from Google and Ehow.
As for something a little more enjoyable............

Muskotsnittar (Nutmeg Slices)

These nutmeg slice cookies appeal to everyone. Whether you are a lover of Biscoff cookies in general or Disney's Frozen and are hoping to taste something authentically Swedish, these muskotsnittar cookies fit the bill for any type of fandom. The buttery brown-sugar batter is packed with warming spices, but don't let that fool you into thinking these are holiday-only cookies. These bite-size treats ought to be made year-round. Store leftovers in the freezer, and enjoy them cold with your cup ...

This description was taken from the blog Pop Sugar
where you can find the recipe.  I've never had Biscoff cookies and I haven't seen Frozen but these cookies are delicious!  A few tips....
I used parchment paper on my cookie sheets and tried "rolling" but that did not work for me so I just pressed them out on my parchment paper covered cookie sheets with my hands and that worked fine.  This is definitely going in my vault of  treasured recipes!  Enjoy!  Let me know if you make will not regret it one bit!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

YOP Sunday

What a difference a day makes!  Thank you all for your kind words of support.  I felt so much better just reading your comments and Connie, thank you for trying to help my long lost posts!  Tomorrow, I will share what I have learned about backing up and saving your posts but I want to experiment and make sure it works before I pass on the info to you.  So, check back here tomorrow for blogging backup, restore and printing!
Meanwhile, I have turned my self-pity into productivity!  I vegged out and did what I wanted and threw self-discipline out the window for this weekend!  Well, I did feed all of us and I did change the sheets this morning....okay, I have a hard time ignoring things around here even though it looks like I do all the time! LOL!
Remember these?  My Canadiana socks?  This is the first sock and when I last worked on it, I had turned the heel and was ready to work on the foot.  I found them this week and was able to finish the first sock!  I have definitely become a faster knitter and without making mistakes every 2 stitches it's amazing how much progress one can make! LOL! 
 Instead of starting on the 2nd Canadiana, I decided to work on sock #2 of this pair...........I've finished the ribbing at the top and have actually started knitting the cuff.  Now I understand why it's nice to have several socks cast on...or more.  It gives the knitter a nice break in monotony from working on the same yarn.
 Another washcloth waiting for edging.............
And this week I learned crochet intarsia!  I am obsessed with it!  It took me a bit of time and tearouts and start overs but I get it now and I can't stop!  I got a free pattern for this cute pillow from Little Doolally
 which is still available over on her blog.....I have other projects to do using intarsia but wanted to do something simple to learn on and this pattern fit the bill!  When it's finished it will say "Happy Hooky".  I'm just using some old Red Heart acrylic worsted weight but I am loving how it's turning out!  The words are done with a variegated yarn while the background is cream.  Amy (Little Doolally) has a great tutorial for doing the intarsia work and the pattern for the pillow includes the back also.  Thank you, Amy!  
 I made bread yesterday too and although it is "fiber"....I'm not sure it counts for a YOP!
I slice it all up and put it in my Lock n' Lock for safe keeping!
I haven't planted my lilac bush yet but it couldn't wait to bloom! What a little trooper!  I love lilacs.
Happy Trails!
P.S.  I saw my first hummer the other day and I had the feeder out already...just waiting for their arrival!
P.S.P.S  This week I have been watching Susan B. Anderson knitting podcasts.....LOVE that woman!