Tuesday, August 16, 2016

They came, they saw, they conquered............

but I survived!  Just barely! LOL!  These are my sons, Ben in the orange and Jim in the gray shirt working on repairing my porch.  They worked hard on the roof, in the heat.  They also rebuilt 2 outside staircases for me and built me 2 clothes poles right outside my laundry room!  Plus, my daughter burned brush in a pile by the road and papers in my fire pit.  They weed whacked and got my lawn under control again.  Jim mowed twice and they sheet rocked and primed while I cooked and tried to keep up with laundry! LOL!  I have no drier so eventually my daughter and I went to the laundromat.  Jim even gave Nitty and Annie baths.

 They also installed a new light fixture on the porch.  Here's Ben's son, Uriah who just turned 8...the lover of the the 3 grands.
 The girls were ecstatic to have company and took their jobs seriously.  They followed the boys where ever they went....in and out, out and in.  You couldn't tell the lawn from my kitchen floor and vice-versa.  
 The cat girls hid in the basement the whole time they were here! 
 This is Grayson who just turned 5 and makes me laugh more than anyone...he's a hoot and 1/2!
 He reminds me of myself and looks like me when I was little....curls and all!
 Here he is wrapped up in his favorite blankie and he sucks his thumb too just like I did.
Here's my daughter, the art teacher and mother to Sam and Grayson.
This is Sam who just turned 9 and he's the serious intellectual one.
I could not keep these kids fed!  They went through food like construction workers!  Their Uncle Jim made his famous homemade guacamole twice and it went like gangbusters! 
 Here's Sam chowing down!
They had fun in the pools........and in the afternoon when the boys were done working they either went to the lake or Amy took them to the public pool here.
There were water balloon fights and even the "adults" got in on that!
They loved their birthday gifts too and they all shared and got along amazingly well.

 We had a ball laughing while working on a jigsaw puzzle.  Who knew jigsaw puzzles could be so much fun? LOL!  I can't believe how old I look in pictures.  I never look that old in my bathroom mirror! LOL!
Mother and daughter and what a precious one she is! My first "selfie"! LOL!
This is all that's left of their visit and even that is gone now as we had lots of rain after they left.
 I must admit, I shed a few tears as they drove away.  
Happy Trails!
I'll try and catch up with all of you this week!  I hope you are all well! TTYL!