Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Finalists of my Valentine Projects

Yesterday was GORGEOUS here!  67 degrees and I was outside like a shot.  I got my car cleaned out and the garage swept up and the steps from the garage to the kitchen washed.  They were so dirty that when I washed them it looked like I'd put a fresh coat of paint on them.  Works for me!
I called the vet to see when the biopsy would be back and they said a good week.  I asked about walking her and they said okay but not the hikes we usually take so I decided to just work outside and let her bask in the sunshine. Although, she did run a little bit with the neighbor's dog (puppy) Missy who looks at Nitty like a mother and to Nitty it's the child she never had.
This morning was 24 degrees C and it hasn't gotten above 30 all day and windy as all get out.
But I did finalize my Valentine projects and here they are with one addition you haven't seen......

 Projects Picked:
1.       popcorn candy treat with vintage label on bags for all

  2.    giant Hershey Kiss of Rice Krispie Treats for the kids
3.       heart shaped rice krispie treats for adults
   4.  homemade cards but each will be different.........this is just a sample

  5. Mason jars with doilies on them for me

    6.   Crocheted granny square with heart in the middle for me for now anyway......maybe if I make enough they'll be for someone else next year...who knows...but I REALLY like them myself

  7.  Felt heart ornaments for my Valentine tree with lights too.........

8.  Painted Mason Jars for me
9.   Cross Stitched Bookmark for my daughter...below is not a bookmark but a little pillow that The Primitive Hare made.  (This is a free pattern that you can find on her website under"Freebies".  She has many wonderful patterns if you are a cross stitcher.)
I found some pre-made bookmarks at Walmart ready to cross stitch and VOILA....the design fits perfectly on it.  I'm pretty sure my daughter doesn't read my blog...she's a teacher with 2 little ones so...no, she's not reading my blog. LOL!  I'm thinking I might tea dye it after I'm all done...I'll see.
Now I need to make a supply list for all of it.  Mind you I considered the cost of supplies and the cost of shipping when I made my choices.  The planning is so fun but now I have to get to work!  What are your plans/projects for Valentine's Day?


  1. Catching up with you. So glad Nitty is home and doing okay even if she cannot go for a hike with you! I am hopeful that if the Vet said it looked clean then it will be!
    Look at all those wonderful heart projects. I keep my red lights up on my wreath by the door through Valentines day I hope that counts as a decoration!
    Take Good care of Nitty...I think she needs a treat! :)

  2. Hello Sam How lovely your blog is looking! I am just catching up with your posts and you have been busy! I really love your beautiful Valentine makes...they are so inspiring. So sorry that Nitty has been unwell, but glad to hear she is recovering now, and hope she continues to do well and can go hiking again soon. Enjoy your knitting and your stitching and have a happy week.
    Helen xox

  3. Love your projects. I'm not doing much for Valentine's Day. I've had a case of the joint achys so I'm just gliding. I'll buy cards for my kids and grandkids and maybe send a treat. I think your homemade card idea is so cute. Also glad Nitty is doing so well. Here's fingers crossed that the biopsy is fine! Hugs, Sharon

  4. do you have a pattern for the tan granny square with the red heart in the middle. I think you munbered it #6


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