Sunday, January 19, 2014

YOP Sunday

Not much handwork got done this week with my dog having surgery. She's doing great BTW! And have I mentioned she hates having her picture taken?
  But I did manage to get a few things frogged (my sock and a hat) unfortunately.  Not permanently though....I think I was just tired and not paying attention but they weren't that far along so it will be alright....more experience!  Or maybe it was that full moon?
Anyway.....I have the Dubliner to finish today while watching football..........
I did start some things in other arenas...a present for someone.........
A "hexie" travel kit which you can find tutorials over at The Zen Of Making   Be careful though as "hexies" are addictive!  She's also got an in depth one on how to oil and clean your scissors in case your interested.
Have you seen the new dolls from Susan Anderson that she made for Quince & Co.?  Too cute!  I know Kepanie saw them because she left a comment there.  Kepanie, do you think I could handle these or should I take her class on Itty Bitty Toys first?  Anyway.....I love them.......the pattern is on Ravelry for purchase.
One of my blogging friends, Melody 
who has links to fabulous free patterns daily and is the Queen of hexies, proclaimed the other day that in 2014 she was going to 1)make something for a gift then 2) make something for charity and 3)make something for herself and rotate that throughout the year.  I thought that was a great idea!  I am now looking for a charity to make for and there are quite a few groups right on Ravelry.  If anyone has one they are involved with and would recommend please let me know.  One I found interesting was a group that makes things for a charity in each state in the U.S. and then they start over again. 
Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can narrow my interests down that would probably help me too! LOL!
Happy Trails to you until we meet again.............


  1. What a great idea! Gift, Charity and Self rotation... May need to sit on that for a bit and work that into my goals. I would likely knit and crochet for the chemo and nicu units of our local hospital.

  2. Oh, those little dollies sure are sweet. I'm sure that would be too advanced for me but I love them. Enjoy your day and your pretty projects! Sweet hugs!

  3. That sounds like a great idea, to rotate! I love your dpns btw, are they stripey?

  4. I'm glad to hear the dog is getting better, I hope she'll recover fully soon!

    Those dolls are so cute! But they seem really fiddly?! I don't think I'm competent (or patient) enough to try them (yet), probably should wait a year or two :P

  5. I like the idea of gifting, giving charitably, and rewarding self! That's wonderful! I'm partial to making NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) quilts for a local hospital. Every baby who spends some time in the NICU receives a donated quilt... it lays on their isolete, and then it goes home with them when they are healthy.
    Waiting to see some hexies from you!

  6. Blame it all on the full moon!I did however have to put the knitting down during the Seahawk game today--too much jumping up and down and waving of arms! :) I hope you have a better crafting week which includes NO frogging. The dolls are adorable but I agree--too fiddly for me I think---Why don't you try them first and let us know how it goes. ;) I am glad your pup is getting better-she is lucky to have you.

  7. It was a very strong full moon this month so blame it, lots of things were out of sync with it. Love the mix of projects you have going on at the moment and the roatation idea sounds great, I can't help with the charity as I'm not sure what's close to your heart I guess that's what I'd go with. Hope you dog is better soon and those dolls are just too cute.

  8. Aw...dear Nitty. I'm so glad she's doing well. Not like Spencer then..who has to get in every photo possible!
    Great idea about the rotation. I'm meeting a lady about making quilts for Project Linus which is for sick and traumatised children. It started in America but now has a UK base too. Take care xx

  9. Ohw your dog looks so cute! Animals can be so brave, can't they.. I love hexies but I never started because I think I'd be hexie obsessed in no time! Love that you're thinking of doing more charity, wish I could help but I'm in the Netherlands so I haven't got a clue about US charities!

  10. Hi Sam, I am so glad to hear that Nitty is on the mend. Obviously I need to do some reading and catching up over here. Goodness, you are a busy bee. I love all the projects you have chosen. Might have to do a few of them myself. :)

    The little boy in the overalls is my husband's cousin's son. He is a cutie!

    Best wishes, Tammy


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