Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tuesday : Books, Decorating and bug bites!

I finished 3 books this past week........one I'd been reading for quite awhile.  Some books are so full of information as in non-fiction, that you can't digest it very fast and in fact some evenings just a few pages were all I could handle.  Such was this book.....
 But it was a wealth of information and I have already put some of it to use....I figure the more financial books I read maybe the better I will get in that area...hopefully?
I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I have all the previous Agatha Raisin books.............her mysteries are great.
I also read this one....it made me laugh more than once!
 For my Good Reads Challenge I have read 49 of 75 books.  I have 26 books left to read until the end of this year.  I am trying to read 'smaller' books to reach my goal.  I was reading the 2nd book in the Outlander series but they are huge books also I want to read more of Kate Morton but again...huge amount of pages....we're talking 600 range.  Maybe I'll go back to my 50 books a year which is about 1 per week.  I don't want to read to make my goal...I want to read for the love of reading!  Maybe no challenge at all? LOL!  That sounds like a great idea!
I did some decorating outside as 'the rains' are coming......I had 2 'volunteer' pumpkins this year from the ones that I shoved off the steps last year....they rot and there is no way to 'pick them up'......

I cut the stems but one was already rotted on one side so I took it out back to start a new place to grow 'volunteers'.  The other one was just right!  I never have to buy pumpkins but I won't eat these as there has been weed killer sprayed out there for poison ivy.
I took down my solar butterfly lights and strung some orange halloweenie lights instead..........
The flowers are just now starting to perk up...it's been a long hot summer!
I hung my ghosts in the trees............
and the wreath on the door............
Stay tuned for more inside Halloween decorating coming this week!
This happened awhile ago and thank goodness it hasn't happened again but I'm pretty sure it happened at night and there was some spider or something in my bed because I got 3 bites...I just couldn't get them all in the picture.  I checked my bed the next morning and saw nothing but they were scary looking bites and they turned purple and I was hoping it wasn't  a brown recluse and my skin was going to start falling off!   Do any of you recognize this bite and what could have caused it?  I looked online and nothing really looked like it. P.S.  I do not have bed bugs or fleas...lol!

The garbage is out and back in, I went to the store and got a few items as there are storms in the forecast for this afternoon and the next few days.   My de-cluttering is going wonderfully and I have thrown out lots of junk stuff!  Yippee!  I've pulled out my Falling Leaves scarf again.  I'm trying to finish things and I had forgotten about that one.  I'm going to try and make some cinnamon rolls this afternoon.  Things are good on the homestead!  I hope all is going well for you too!
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

YOP Week #15

 YOP 2018-2019

Finishes so far:
1.  4th of July xs pillow
2.  Hitchhiker shawl
3.  Felici Hibiscus self-striping socks
4.  Felted wool loafer slippers with leather soles
5.  washcloth (extra large) and back scrubber for Christmas or birthday for SIL

This is a new finish for this week....the beginning of the Christmas "making"...this is an Iowa Hawkeye hat for Sam (my grandson)

WIP's (works in progress) for this week):

1.  I worked on the Pumpkin Spice Farm XS and finished the words......

 2.  I worked on the God Bless America XS and just need to finish the right side border and make into a small pillow....
3.  I finally cut the binding for my quilt.......
4.  I cut the material for the next pickle dish.........

That's it for this week!  Oh, I did do a couple squares on my Cozy Memories blanket but I will probably only show when I have an entire row done.
I hope you had a wonderful week and enjoyed working on your projects.  Please stop by and see all the other fantastic projects that other  YOP'ers are working on.
Happy Trails!!!