Saturday, February 17, 2018

Feeling better, treasures and a cozy Hygge day!

  "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein
 Remember this soup I made the other day but hadn't eaten yet?  Well, it was delicious and so good for you!  Here's the link
 It's from Skinny Ms and I may be trying more of her recipes!  There are instructions for stovetop and slow cooker.
I sent away for  a bag of fabric scraps from Little Skein in the Big Wool.  I have always wanted to try those scrap bags you see out there but I was leery.  But I love everything she sells so I decided to take a chance and boy am I glad I did!  I got the most beautiful fabrics and she delivered way more than she promised for sure!  There are fat quarters but there are also yardages!  All for $10.00...I kid you not!  I am so thrilled!  Her fabrics are specially commissioned for her kits and book related projects.  Take a look....
 Isn't that amazing?  I am going to subscribe to her subscription box come is $35 but only every other month for the mini box.  I'm going to give it a try as I love all her projects and products.  Take a look at her other offerings here
 I had a wonderful day today.........I slept great last night, no pain today and I got lots of chores done.  Looking forward to cuddling up in my bed with my knitting and some t.v. and maybe some sewing tomorrow!?!  We shall see.  Thank you for all your prayers, blessings, good wishes and tips!  I know it really helped!
Happy Trails!!!!


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Staying calm and carrying on!

What a busy week so far!  Yesterday the "roof boys" wanted to come over and work on the roof but I said we were done....I paid them their final bill for what I don't still leaks worse than ever  and I told them to take their trash that they left also.  They asked for a trash 13 gallon weren't big enough evidently so they said they'd be back.  They loaded up the trash and then later I looked out and they left it out by the street for my garbage pickup which had just happened so it will sit out there for a week before it gets picked up. 
I also got my Walmart grocery order which is so heavy with cat litter and cans of dog food that I have to unload it where ever they leave it.  They use so much paper I think it took a whole tree plus 4 boxes.  On top of that I never know when it's going to arrive so when it does I have to stop what I'm doing and unload it.  I'm lucky it wasn't raining.  It's been great with free shipping and not having to expose myself to the flu which is rampant down here.  Plus, there's no "impulse" buying at all.  But in the long run it wastes lots of paper and is actually inconvenient.  When I grocery shop, I plan my list and the day and allocate that time for it but this is one big interruption and it doesn't all come on the same day.   They really need to train their people on how to pack more efficiently but their boxes are made so cheaply that they can't put too much in them or they fall apart...ask me how I know.  So, we shall see but for now I think I will be going back to the hands on grocery shopping.
I've also been trying to find a doctor but can't get in until May to a gastroenterologist.  If it is pancreatic cancer I'm done for! LOL!  It still bothers me but it is not excruciating.  I have called my other doctors but they're not getting back to me either.  Maybe it's just as well as I really don't want to sit in a flu-infested environment like a doctor's waiting room! 
On the bright side, Grace has recovered!  Even her gums are getting pink again instead of yellow.  She's eating well and all seems good again. 
I have cleaned out my dresser #1 drawers and have 2 more boxes in the back of my car to take to the Thrift Store.  I only have one more corner to go and then it is either on to the bathroom or the closet for 'deep' cleaning.
Still working on my star tree topper ornament and the Cozy Memory Blanket which  will take years probably! LOL!  But I did place an order for some "special treasures" which I will share when I receive them.  I ordered 3 more books from Thrift Books;  The Handmaid's Tale, #3 book in the Aunt Dimity series and the #2 book in the Outlander series.  I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and it was excellent!
Today I ran uptown and picked up a prescription, some belated Valentine cards and more cat food.  This is really the first day I have felt decent in about a week.  I needed to make a meal so I made this soup which I will share the recipe if it's good.  It has black beans, celery, carrots, onion, sweet potato, diced tomatoes, garlic, vegetable broth, bay leaf, smoky paprika, salt and pepper.  You put it all in the pot and cook  until the veggies are tender and then add fresh spinach just before serving.  You can also use your slow cooker for it. Very healthy and good for you.  It smells wonderful cooking.  I just hope it tastes as good as it smells.  I hope you are all doing well and I will try and get around to everyone to visit soon.
Happy Trails!!!  

Monday, February 12, 2018

YOP Week #33

At least I hope it is week #33?  This has been a very strange and ill-fated week.....stressing the "ill" part!  I felt like I was swimming upstream all week!
 But like I always say, it could be worse.  Grace, my cat with the liver problem is eating again and getting back to her healthy self.  I, on the other hand have decided that I have pancreatitus...not bad except for one long, painful night but I am on the mend, I hope, and praying it was just a single event and not my "new normal".  It's funny because I was trying my Doc's new much for eating healthy.  I'm sure there's no connection but one wonders.
Anyway, it was so dark here yesterday I had to use the flash on the camera and they are not pretty pictures but I am still learning........taking care of a very sick cat and her sick Mama did not bode for lots of knitting or anything else for that matter.  Hopefully, this coming week will be more productive.
I did get part of the sleeve done on my sweater but I haven't finished it like I had thought I would by now.  I so enjoy working on this that there is definitely going to be another one!
  The Cozy Memories Blanket is coming along and quite the project to tussle with.  It's best working on it in bed as it is almost too big for the bag I store it in !  I did do my 4 squares and more from last you can see I am going across the width of it now and it is quite wide.  I think I could tuck it in if I wanted to.  What a great stash buster!  If you have a bunch of old acrylic you want to get rid of ...this is the way to go!
I am almost done with the 5 beaded star points on my Christmas Tree Topper and then there are the 5 unbeaded ones for the back of the star.  This is a very satisfying project and I love the yarn and pattern from Amber at Maker's Haven.  The pattern is free on Ravelry.
  I have no FO's (finished objects) but I do have some acquisitions coming in........namely a project bag, some progress keepers and some fabric.  I never got anything for myself for my birthday or Christmas so this is catch up!  I'm excited!
I've been watching Little Skein  and the Big Stash podcast this week which is Anne from Little Skein and the Big Wool and Stacie from Mustash Yarns.  It's a great podcast!  Anne also had a shop  update yesterday so check it out!  I love everything she does.  I'm going to update Ravelry this week and my YOP list and then next week I'm going to have a segment of what I plan to knit/crochet/sew/craft in the future.   Some pod casters do this and I find it interesting and motivating to see what projects they're planning.  Stitching The High Notes actually talks about "things" she wants to purchase too. 
The weather here has been up and down.....23 one morning and 51 the next......crazy winter everywhere it seems.  This week, if I feel up to it, I plan on picking up where I left off in my bedroom deep cleaning project, planning healthy meals that won't aggravate my pancreas and maybe look into a fitbit or pedometer and start walking again.  Nothing like a "health scare" to motivate you! LOL!  Actually, it was the pain that motivated me!  I hope you are all healthy and enjoying whatever projects you are working on!
Happy Trails!!!