Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shame on me...a few thrift store items!

Actually it was sort of an antique/consignment store and I didn't want to go BUT the gal I was with did and I knew if I went in that I WOULD buy something....and I did.  But in my defense I have wanted some of these old fashioned cookie cutters for years and never saw any.  They were just laying there on a table practically begging me to buy I did....just to shut them up!  Can I use these?  Can I wash them?  Will they rust if I wash them?  Are they sanitary?  Any and all advice appreciated.

This was just TOO CUTE to pass up!  And cheap!  $3.50......bargain of the day in my book!  I haven't cleaned it yet as you can see.  I haven't cleaned my kitchen floor either which I am hoping you can't see.

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! LOVE your thrift store finds. It's the best kind of shopping, isn't it? Also, love your book reading list..I saw a few in there I'm going to have to read. Intersting about the Sylvia Browne book. I like reading books by psychics but have always avoided hers because I thought she was too 'commercial'. I'll have to pick up that one. Love your blog!


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