Sunday, January 27, 2013

YOP Update

 I have spent a lot of time this week trying to get a handle on yarn weight, needle size and gauge and also shopping around the internet yarn shops and Ravelry to get just the right needles and supplies in one order....not easy!  I still haven't placed an order but I'm getting there! LOL!
Meanwhile, I worked a bit on my Blackberry Salad blanket/throw....a few more colors since last week.

 I also decided to start READING some of the books I have instead of just browsing through them or skimming the parts I need at the moment..........I could definitely stand to learn everything I can about knitting...........SOCKS!  I've met this years YOP for socks....1 pair but I can't stop there!  I've joined  the sock KAL and need to learn more and stay in practice.  Trust year there will LOTS of socks on my YOP list!
I was able to straighten out one of my "curly"cords which I hope will help........I hung it on a hook with the needles attached for a few  months and it seems to have worked!
I also have this gorgeous yarn that I have been saving for when I am good at sock may stay in that skein for awhile.....LOL!
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and relaxing a bit. TTYS!


  1. Pretty yarn for your socks!
    Your Blanket /Throw is looking really good..very colorful!
    Have a good week! :)

  2. Great yarn! I thought about making the blackberry salad, but it is a bit above my skill level...that's why I'm doing the sherbert surprise (which I must not frog) *keep repeating* mary

  3. The yarn colours are gorgeous, and I think your blackberry salad is both a charming name and a lovely piece of knitting too!
    Have a happy week!
    Helen x

  4. Blackberry Salad is looking so gorgeous, I've added it to my favourites and I'm going to work up to it maybe for next year!. I really love the look of your yarn and that really is a great book! I like to make one order also and will spend quite awhile working up yarns with needles and patterns etc etc and then I order.

  5. So pleased to have found your blog after a little blog hopping at the weekend. I have a bit of a thing for yarns too - well actually I am a yarnaholic, but I can't knit.

  6. Blackberry Salad is looking yummy! I adore your colors. :) I hope you get your yarn order placed soon--not much more thrilling mail than a yarn shipment--except maybe that of some books! I hope to get my socks cast on this week--need to get off the internet and first finish the little project which is holding me up.
    Have a lovely week---

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  8. I love that blackberry salad. Amazing colors. And that sock yarn should be illegal it is so nice lol


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