Friday, September 6, 2013

FO Friday

Yesterday was a special day.....Football started!!!!  I love doing handwork and listening/watching football games.
My day was productive too and the weather is so beautiful here right now...NO HUMIDITY!  Yay!!!
So, I got out and mowed or rather "hayed" the lawn.  
  The flowers are doing so great with the rain we've had and the lower temps........
My garlic chive is flowering now too..........

I went to the store for a few items.........these apples remind me of Fall.......
did some laundry........
took a nice bath (no pictures of that thank goodness for your sake!) and got my jammies on.  The girls and I were getting ready for our first Tailgate Party of the season (get it? football and the girls, my 2 dogs and cat, and tails? ) LOL!
I made Rotel with Velveeta's white con queso cheese instead of the regular Velveeta....took our little tailgate party to bed, turned on the game and look what I got done...........

My grandson's Bunny Buddy!  After fooling with this silly project and running out of yarn and going to the store and they didn't have any more and coming home and tearing off the ears and remaking smaller so I would have enough yarn.....the dang thing is done! LOL!  The embroidery was really the most difficult...that and me trying to figure out what the designer meant...we were definitely not on the same page!

I also finished the wash cloth for someone......I have several gifts to make for people
I still love Knit Picks dishie yarn and especially this color.  I have yet to make one for myself but I actually have plenty of dish cloths I just like this one best.  I hope the recipient(s) does too.
I also ordered some more DPN's in size 7 and 4 and 3 colors of worsted from Knit Picks.  I want to start doing some of Rabbit Hole's stuffie patterns and she uses size 4 DPN's almost exclusively so I  can't wait until they come in the mail!  Rabbit Hole is a designer on Ravelry....check her out and her patterns are FREE!  The colors I got were a denim blue for a bluebird and a heathered gray and a heathered brown for some bunnies (what else?  I have a thing for rabbits AND little mice...not the real ones though just the stuffies).   
That's all for today....I'm off to go plant some mums and Happy Fall!!!!! 


  1. You had a very busy and productive day! I have gotten on the dish cloth bandwagon lately myself. :-)

  2. Sounds like you have been a busy lady. Your flowers are beautiful. Love your little dish clothes, my Mom used to make them for us. Take care and have a great weekend :)

  3. The flowers in your garden are very pretty. The bunny buddie is very cute! Xx


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