Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday already?  This will be fast as I need to get out and mow before it gets too hot yet not too early or the grass is too wet...oh what a tangled web I weave!  In fact, yesterday was such a waste of time, gas, and effort.  I've been making this Bunny Buddy blanket for my grandson and told him I would be sending it right away with some other items (I should never open my mouth!).  Well, it was coming along just great until I had troubles with the head and finally got that figured out then I was on the home stretch....just the ears and I  was done....or so I thought.  I ran out of yarn!  I thought it only called for one skein...WRONG!  2 skeins but so close.  So, I hated to drive to Walmart but I did only to discover  they had no more of that type.  Well, I thought, they have another one that is close and it is the ears so it will be fine.  NOT, I got it home and realized it did not match in the color at, I tore out the ear and redid them half the size so I would have enough of the original yarn.  Whew!  Never again will I promise anyone to have something done at a certain time.   I still need to weave in the ends and embroider the face but it will suffice.  BTW, this is the crocheted version of the Bunny Blanket Buddy.
 I have a bunch of wash cloths to do for gifts and I have one almost halfway done.
    I've done a couple more rows on the scarf but not much progress on it this week.   Hopefully once the bunny is off in the mail I can focus on it again. 
I did manage to order some yarn and sticks though yesterday!  I love to have something to look forward too coming in the mail.  I ordered  DPN's in size 4 for my Rabbit Hole knitting and size 7 for socks (now I'm wondering if 7 was right?  I'll have to go check....see?  I do weave a tangled web!)
I also ordered 3 skeins of worsted weight for Rabbit Hole animals.  A denim blue for a little bird and a heathered gray and a heathered brown for little rabbits.  It's a start before I attempt any bigger animals.  I also spent some time (way too much!) on Pinterest like I need any more projects! LOL!  If you're on Pinterest let me know and I'll follow you there too!
Please be sure and click on the WIP Wednesday tab my right sidebar to see all the other WIP's people are working on!  It's so'll see!  Have a great "hump day" as the camel says!


  1. You sure are busy. I haven't been crafting all in the past couple of weeks since getting back to Kuwait and jumping right back into work. I haven't even cleaned. Just feel like vegging by the time I get home. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  2. You are always so good about getting your projects done.
    You're a real inspiration!


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