Monday, July 1, 2019

Jolly July 1st.....

This is the first day of the SAL for Fat Quarter Shop for 31 days of ornaments sort of like Stitch Maynia.  It' s not so jolly for my Annie girl though.  She threw up 3 times yesterday.   I withheld food then and I had my Spotbot going all day.  I gave her water but no meds on her tender tummy.  In the evening I crushed up some saltines and poured some vegetable broth over it.  She ate a little and kept it down.  This morning when she went to get up out of her bed she fell over and couldn't seem to get back up again.  I helped her but she was definitely unsteady and went back to sleep for most of the morning.  I'm not sure if she's had a stroke or what but she doesn't bark anymore either and she is a barker.  She barks when she wants in all the time but I found her just sitting outside.  She also seems disoriented like she's not sure where she is but this afternoon she seemed to come around a bit and walked around the house like she knew where she was.  Who knows what's going on as they can't tell you.  She has an appointment the 9th.  I did feed her breakfast of her regular food and she kept it down so I pray she is on the mend but at 14 you never know.  I don't think she can see  or hear well but she manages.
I did manage to kit up most of my Jolly July starts and got off to a great start with Prairie Schooler Santa pattern....they come out with a new one each year.  I forget what year this one is 2005?  It was gifted to me by a friend along with 2 other Santa patterns and many more.
I'm making homemade pizza's on it's 2nd rise for 2 hours...should be ready to bake off about 6:30
 I'll be using my fresh basil and the last of my organic cherry tomatoes.......I have a feeling I will be having some of my own pretty soon!
I need to find a way to preserve my basil as I have lots and I need to cut more.
I hope you had a nice weekend.
Happy Trails!!!


  1. Tell Annie I hope she snaps out of this. Gosh Sam, you don't need this. But in a happy note, your stitching looks very interesting. Glad you got your Jolly July together. That pizza looks yummy.

  2. awesome article.
    thanks for sharing :)

  3. Aww Annie, I hope she is on the mend. I hope the pizza was worth the wait - I love pizza.

  4. Oh, sweet Annie. I hope she is well and truly on the mend and just had a bit of a tummy bug. That happens. All of our animals are getting older aren't they? Our Chloe is 14 too.
    Your cross stitch looks like you made a good start and that pizza sounds yummy. We haven't had homemade pizza in awhile. I may need to make some soon.

  5. I'm sorry for Annie, Sam. You know, my pug Spencer lost his sight and hearing when he was about 13. He was also a bit disoriented and got sick often from being dizzy. I hope that's all it is for Annie. He lived to 19!!! :) I used to gently blow in his direction so he could find me.

  6. What time is
    Looks yummy...xox

  7. Hi Sam, So sorry to hear that Annie is struggling. Boiled hamburger and rice is easy on their tummy also. Poor old dogs can never tell you what is wrong...pat her on the head for me.
    Take care of you too! Can you freeze basil? about dehydrate it? :)

  8. Sam, I'm so sorry to read about Annie. Hugs to you as you love on her and take care of her. I hope to hear soon that she's feeling better. I totally forgot that I was going to start some kind of Christmas cross stitch come July. I was also going to dye some fabric for it - have had the dye sitting on my kitchen table for several weeks now. Sigh. I could use some of your motivation if you have some to spare. ;^)


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