Saturday, October 25, 2014

Down the rabbit hole....

I ran out of "creepy" pictures so thought I would go cheerier for your Halloween picture of the day.

I love learning and to that end I heard about a fantastic opportunity for all who are lifelong learners like me.  No, it's not those expensive "Great Courses" that you get the catalog in the mail for.  These are free and offered by one of the premier institutions of learning.  It is MIT   Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  There is no cost although you can donate and you don't get any credit just the joy of learning and keeping your mind active and engaged.  I'm still trying to decide what to sign up for.  I love science and technology and math and I have always wanted to study women's history as none of that was offered when I went to college and maybe religions of the much to choose from!

Yesterday was not too productive....I went to "early vote" and realized it isn't until the 30th.  Then I once again tried to deliver a "welcome" gift to my new neighbor...........a loaf of fresh bread and a knitted dish cloth but to no avail.  I knock and knock but no one comes to the door.  I thought maybe she had gone somewhere with someone else since her car was in the drive but later the dogs were out so I have no idea.  I don't have her phone number although she has mine and she told me her number isn't listed and she didn't offer it.  So, I tried but fresh bread doesn't last as mine has no preservatives.
 Nitty kept staring at me and through E.S.P. I deduced that she really, really wanted to go for a walk and so we did.  It was a perfect day! 

 Thanks for going on our walk with was over 3 miles and up some steep hills!  But you made it!
Happy Trails!


  1. What a pretty walk! You still have some pretty flowers too! I woulda left the bread and the cloth in a bag on the door knob...funny that she doesn't answer her door. I guess not everyone answers their door?? :(

  2. Geez. What is up with that neighbor? I hope you're efforts will be able to get to her soon.

  3. You are one busy lady. Maybe your neighbor is very shy? It was really nice of you to try though.


  4. Beautiful pics of your walk. What stunning countryside you have around you especially with all the autumnal colours. That's so kind if you. I would be thrilled if I was your new neighbour! X

  5. Lovely pictures of your walk
    Love and hugs x

  6. I love your neighbor gift idea. Love the pictures too.

  7. How beautiful! It's such a perfect time of year to get outside and taking your camera is always smart! Hugs, Diane


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