Sunday, October 26, 2014

YOP Week #17

 Creepy picture of the day...........getting you in the mood for the big night!  Halloween!
 For those of you who follow my blog regularly there is an update to the new neighbor.  I went out to get the mail and there she was!  I told her to "wait please" as I had something for her.  I ran into the house and grabbed the bread and dishcloth and ran back out before she could disappear!  Whew!  She said she had been gone all week entertaining some out-of-town guests and hadn't been home much.  I had met her before and really liked her.  She appreciated the bread and cloth and gave me a big hug.  I think she will be a great addition to this neighborhood and I'm very grateful to have another single gal around.
Also, I am repeating this for my YOP visitors as I had posted it earlier this week.  I finished my little ghosts and I think they turned out so cute!  I hope the grand boys like them.  The Halloween packages will be getting wrapped up today and mailed out tomorrow hopefully.
It's been so beautiful and cooler here that I haven't spent a lot of time inside but today is in the 80's so not a problem....too hot for me especially since my work is on the Southern side of the house.
 I got 2 of the 5 preemie hats done for October.  There will a set of 4 for a boy and one more for a girl.  I alternate sets of 4 for a boy and a girl.
 I didn't quite finish Sam's hat but I did get one ear flap done.  When the other ear flap is finished then I will make 2 tassels that go on the end of the i-cord that you see there.
 I've been working fairly steadily on my daughter's scarf but had a terrible scare the other night.  I was turning it to do the next row and there was a big hole!  How? Why?  What happened?  On further inspection, the yarn had broken!  I quickly tied the 2 ends meanwhile thinking it was probably a goner and who knows how many stitches got dropped as it was quite a few rows down from where I was working.  Well, the knitting angels must have been with me that night because so far so good and I see no dropped stitches....nothing's unraveling!  I am blessed!  I'll be done when the skein is done.  Scarves are funny.....when you're working on them they seem so long but when you try them on they're not.   One skein will make a perfect length and that's exactly what the label stated!  This skein was a gift from my friend Sue, the book fairy.  Thank you again, Sue, as this will make a lovely present.
 I mentioned last week I had picked up a size 7 circular at Walmart but the cable was too long.  What was I thinking?  They only had one size 7 and I just grabbed it. was 29" long.  I needed a 16" but once again the knitting angels were helping me and the next morning I found my size 7 16" circular!  I still need more though.  You know, for casting on a zillion more projects!  LOL!
This is my SIL's Kinnick Jersey #24 Iowa Hawkeye hat to be.  The pattern is loosely based on the Fibonacci sequence.  I love me some math! ( I'm a retired computer scientist/systems programmer so I really do love math.)
 That's all for this week.  Happy Trails!
I'll be around later after I get those packages wrapped up! And some pumpkin bread made and.....LOL! 


  1. So pleased about your new neighbour, she does sound really nice! Your little ghosties look very cute displayed like that. Love your description of how knitting a scarf feels.....long when you are knitting it and yet short when you try it true!!
    Wishing you a very happy week.
    Helen xox

  2. Such wonderful colours - I love the ghosts and the scarf. Glad you have caught up with your new neighbour, it's always nice to have an ally at hand!

  3. Oh those ghosts are adorable! Makes me want to do up a bunch of them to decorate the trees in y front yard for Halloween!

  4. So many projects! Glad you were able to catch the neighbor...the ghosts are adorable! And yeah scarves seem to take forever! I made a Dr. who one last year and it did...

  5. So glad you aught up with your neighbour. You have some lovely projects on the go.

  6. You are such a good friend and neighbor. I love the ghosties! Hugs, Diane

  7. You are a busy lady. You've gotten so many projects done. It's amazing! I'm so glad you finally connected with your neighbor. There really was a good reason you couldn't meet up with her earlier. :-) I'm glad to learn that!

  8. Oh I do love those Ghosts, how cute are they! Glad to hear you have such a nice new neighbour and I love all the projects you have on the go, a busy bee you are as usual :)

  9. so pretty and lovely colors x

  10. Thats so true about making scarves...seeming so long until you try them on... I'm gald you didn't have to frog that scarf for your daughter... I love the yarn you are using x

  11. Glad to hear your neighbor finally got the bread and the cloth! That scarf is very colorful I am certain your daughter will love it:)

  12. Happy for you to have a new neighbor/friend!

    Love the projects that you have finished, and the ones that you're working on!

    Have a great day!


  13. Oh, I'm so happy you caught your neighbor. And I love how she gave you a big. She is a winner. Who could resist a package from Grandma?! Your grandsons will jump up for joy and whoop in delight.

  14. Glad you managed to catch your neighbour. She sounds nice. :)

    Great projects, and I love the ghosts!!


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