Monday, March 25, 2019

My treasures arrived!!!

I was so happy!  I got the Knit Pick's crochet book which I already love and will make all the things!  I was going to wait until July for the new YOP but heck no!  I went right in and got some worsted cotton and started on the first pattern...a dishcloth.  I couldn't wait. 
I also got my sock yarn to make my Blueberry Waffle socks but when I printed off the pattern it calls  for DK weight  yarn not fingering.........dang it!  Oh well....maybe generic is best for me.  I'll probably use my Cherry Heart sock pattern which is my favorite.  But here's the gorgeous yarn!
My floss also arrived........all the pretty colors..........there is DMC, Weeks Dye Works and Gentle I have some "fancy floss"!  That's what they call the hand-dyed floss.
  And look at baby tomato plants were born..........amazing!  I only put one seed in each little hexie pot and it looks like the germination is very successful............
I finished The Last Midwife last night and it was very good.  I was surprised because it started off a little slow but then it picked up speed. 
Today I went to the pharmacy and then took the boxes full of automotive stuff to B&J's and they took it all and I didn't have to pay anything.  Now, some of it they can use but some of it was old and probably of no use to them but they will dispose of it for me at no charge.  They are so nice!  It made me feel good to get rid of it all!  Yay Me!
I did laundry, changed sheets and that was about it besides regular daily chores.  It spit rain off and on and was cool and overcast all day.  My corned beef dinner turned out great last night and I will be having more of the same tonight!
Happy Trails!!! 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

YOP Week #39

1) a dishcloth, although I need to weave in the ends.  I plan on making a loaf of bread and delivering it and the dishcloth to my new neighbors as a welcome gift.
 2)  I finished stitching my Primitive Santa but now I have to deal with the tear on the left side....I'm thinking I will zigzag it closed and then make a little wool 'present' to place over it or a charm....we shall see.......I also need to put a bell on his technically I guess I'm not really 'finished'

WIPs (works in progress): 
1) I worked on Hawk Run Hollow January.  Just some more of the white fill in on the skirt.
 3)  I managed to get my fabrics cut for my Pickle Dish and made a few hexies......
6)  I worked on my new patriotic 'Bless Our Home' but I'm waiting for some floss to arrive....really enjoying working on the's stiff which makes it much easier to stitch in hand.........
6)  I worked on my Turkey Tuesday project.........
7) and my new Seasonal Sunday project "Spring".  I'm enjoying working on something for Spring and this one is easy and cute and it was FREE from Glory Bee Designs.  I put a link to it in one of my recent posts and it is also on my Spring Pinterest board..........
It's supposed to rain so it is very 'dark' outside.....I apologize for the bad lighting.........loving the bright Spring colors!

8)  I finally dragged out my Fall Friday Pumpkin Spice's almost finished!!!  Just need to finish the bottom border.....maybe this week?

9)  The Button-Eyed cat for Witchy Wednesday even got some attention..........

I ordered floss and a crochet pattern book and sock yarn but none has arrived yet but I did get some beautiful sea glass progress markers from Liz over at the Highland Heffalump blog.  I love them Liz, and to think they are from 'your side of the pond'!  They are so light and they will be used for my new socks when the yarn gets here!
It's time to start thinking,planning and purchasing for YOP 2019-2020 and for me Stitchmania too which starts in May......I love this part!  Have you started planning or 'kitting up' for the next YOP season?

TOP 10 (or more) WIP's:

1)  Pickle Dish
2)  Stars and Stripes Saturday - America x-stitch - done but needs finishing
3)  Amy's Frido Kahlo basket (July birthday) - done but needs to be sewn together
4)  Pin's embroidery
5)  socks
6)  C2C blanket for Grayson (July birthday) 
7)  Monthly Monday - HRH January
8)  Witchy Wednesday - Button-Eyed Cat
9)  Fall Friday - Pumpkin Spice Farm
10)  Santa Sunday -Old St. Nick
11.  Turkey Thursday
12.  Seasonal Sunday - Spring

 Finishes so far in 2018-19: 
1.  4th of July cross stitch pillow/ornie
2.  Hitchhiker shawl
3.  Felici Hibiscus self-striping socks
4.  Felted wool loafer slippers with leather soles for me Sam
5.  washcloth (extra large) and back scrubber for Christmas or birthday for SIL
6.   Iowa Hawkeye hats for Sam and Grayson
7.  Techniques learned so far this year: a) knit cast on, b) reading a knitting chart, c) lace work, d) inserting and using a lifeline e) charting a graphghan
8.   dishcloth(s)...I need to count them
9. Cubs hat for Uriah
10. 12 days of Christmas Advent gifts
11. Cowl for Ben
12. Cowl for Tracy
13. Cowl for Natalie
14.  # 2018 Collectible ornaments for the grands
15.  Cowl for me or gift basket
16.  11 scrubbies for gift basket
17.  1 pot handle cover for gift basket
18.  Ben's Bear's hat
19.  Falling Leaves Scarf
20.  Tissue Box Cover - 5 of them!
21.  Granny Square Shawl

Please stop by and see all the other fantastic projects that other  YOP'ers are working on.
Happy Trails!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Saturday Summary.......

Yesterday was errands so I went to the vet to pick up the girls Vetprofin.  While there I asked to speak to Dr. Mills and I asked her if there was anything I needed to look out for when it comes to the girls.  I don't want them suffering at all but animals can be so stoic that you don't know until it's really bad.  I wanted a 'heads up' as they are both 14 1/2 years old now.  I told her I monitor their drinking, eating and the peeing and pooping too!  She said they sound fine but that the biggest thing is they will just stop eating and then you know.  I was glad I talked to her. 
Then I went on to Walmart.  I got some more seeds, a black oil paint marker for my plant markers and another corned beef! I had only cooked half the vegetables so I thought.....I'll just fix it again.  The vegetables taste so wonderful when cooked with the corned beef or at least in it's juice.  There's nothing like it so I'll be making that tomorrow.
I worked on my Fall Friday but you can see that and my Stars and Stripes Saturday cross stitch tomorrow on the YOP post.
Mostly today I mulched and cleaned a bit of the sons moved these rocks over here and I can't move them so I guess I will make a little rock plants just mulch and maybe a statue or yard decoration.   I have more mulch to 'deliver' but I'm making it deep to crowd out the weeds.  This mulch is Scott's Best and it is not supposed to bleach out in the sun!  Wouldn't that be great?  I'll keep an eye on it!  I got it at Lowes so unless Walmart carries it I will have to go to Mountain Home to get it.
   In the garage I filled 3 little boxes full of car 'stuff' I will never, oil, engine lubricant etc.  all my step-father's things.  I'll take them to B&J's Monday and see if they want any of it and if not if I could pay them to dispose of it as they have that license or pickup service.  I hope I can get rid of it.
In the morning, in order to fuel myself, I made a frittata.  I have been wanting to make one ever since I got my cast iron skillet....actually it was one of the reasons I wanted a cast iron skillet.  For the frittata you have to have a pan that can go from the burner to the oven.

 I found a neat's pinned on my Breakfast board on Pinterest.  You follow the basics and then can add other items depending on what type you want.  I basically wanted a 'leftover' frittata so I added red onion, some fresh organic spinach I wilted with the onion, some leftover already fried bacon broken up into small pieces and some feta cheese.  It was fantastic and I have enough for 3 more breakfasts!
It was a good day!  Now, for a chicken salad sandwich and some slice and bake cookies and I'm off to Podcast Land for the evening along with some hexies! 
Happy Trails!!!