Friday, August 26, 2016

Sympatica Sciatica and pizza and a movie!

I'm sorry I've been gone the last few days from blogging but my sciatic nerve "attacked" me.  Have you ever had problems with yours?  This is a first for me and I have taken more Tylenol in the last 4 days than I have in my entire life!  It's not a sharp pain but it's continual and you can't get comfortable....especially at night.  I hate taking pills but I have been popping the Tylenol just so I could function.   It started about 2 inches below my waist in the back and has traveled around my leg and I'm hoping by Monday (or sooner) it will have exited out my foot! LOL!    Presently the front of my leg is numb.  I hope this is just because I moved wrong and not a chronic problem.  Anyway, I pushed through Tylenol and me.  This week was pretty much catch up since having company.
I finally got the laundry all done..sheets and towels and quilts and then did some ironing too......

 blouses and pillowcases mainly.
 I cleaned the frig and there are still a few "remnants" of their Gogurt and Capri Sun...I'll use will be a new experience for me! LOL!
Today I made a batch of pasta favorite general sauce using Mario Batali's recipe............
 So simple and so good!  I just print the recipes off and put them in a plastic sleeve and into my recipe "notebook".  So much easier than back in the day when we had to hand copy everything.
 My yarn order came today so I'm back in business!  I also have been working on my shawl and I cast on a new project beside that one!  I'll show it all on Sunday for the Year of Projects post.
 The leaves on my sugar maple are starting to turn color even though it was 97 yesterday!  Today we had storms and now the sun is out and so muggy!  Fall.....please come quickly!
  Tonight is pizza and a movie and the pizza is ready to go in the oven and the movie is cued up on Netflix.  I'll be watching Robin Hood,  Prince of Thieves (1991) starring Kevin Costner.  I want to watch it because my next Bakery Bears podcast they will be visiting the places in England where it was filmed!  That's my excitement for this week!  I hope you have fun this weekend and any movie recommendations are appreciated!  Happy Trails!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Moving right along.......

It is Garbage Day here and they have been and gone.  I've thrown out 3 items which count for my 52 pickup or throw out, I guess.  I've thrown out envelopes too since I made out bills...does that count?  I'm doing laundry as the rain (60% chance)  doesn't look like it's coming to us.  I put the clean dishes away that were in the dishwasher...I wonder if that counts? Well, I guess the object is to "tidy up" so I won't count those.
We've had a lot of rain here and my yard became a mushroom field...........they were beautiful and big...the biggest ones I've ever seen grow in a yard.  Plate size!
I received a lovely surprise in the mail from Tammy at T's Daily Treasures  and Tammy I thank you SO much!  Look at this lovely card she sent..........she knows me well!  I think I need to frame it.
and...she made me this lovely doily and boy do I love doilies!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I need to make some of these!  Perfect for a candle or under a lamp or a zillion different places I can think of! Tammy can I get the pattern?
My daughter also gave me some things when she came to visit.......some fireplace matches for this Winter in a cute container..........
and this little toy that is handmade from the Amana Colonies in Iowa.
They're chickens swirl it around and the ball beneath makes their heads go up and down and it looks like they're eating the grain!  Too cute! 
She also brought me this handmade (crocheted) scrubbie that I just love!  In fact, I already found the pattern on Ravelry and I'm going to order some netting fabric to make some for Christmas and more for me!  It is "the cats's pajamas" and is so much nicer than my Scotchbrite pads that are just about worn out now anyway.  Perfect timing!
This is the pizza I made Friday night...........delish if I do say so myself..
I start with these shells (2 in a package and they even give you a plastic bag to put the other in once you open them).  I get the crispy ones but there is deep dish too.  I brushed olive oil on the crust and then added my toppings of fresh tomatoes, fresh green pepper, black olives, pepperoni and red onion.  I put the cheese on top because it keeps the ingredients from falling off once it melts and it tends to keep the pizza warmer longer too.

I use a whole package of provolone cheese slices on top...........
and VOILA! delicious pizza!  I love pizza and when you make it yourself you can use fresh ingredients and also leftover items from your cooking week like onions or bacon or sausage etc.  You can clean out your frig! 
That's all for today!  Oh, BTW, I finally managed to get my shawl going and now it is very enjoyable to work on....whew!  I thought maybe I would have to give up on my career as a knitter! LOL!  I have a hard time thinking that 1 ball of yarn will make a shawl though....especially fingering yarn.  Oh well, time will tell!  Meanwhile it is a very pleasant knit.
Happy Trails!

Monday, August 22, 2016

It's Monday...what are you reading, listening to and watching?

How many ways do I have to read, listen to and watch?  Let me count the ways!  With all the different media today there are multiple ways to read, listen and watch.  My current ways are audible via tape or cd, the printed book, Kindle app on my pc and on my Acer Android tablet. For watching I use a Roku interface to my T.V. and I watch Netflix, You Tube and the Feeln channel mostly. As for the categories I read, listen to and watch currently they are the following:
1. a non-fiction
2. a fiction
3. a library book
4. a book I own
5. magazines I own
6. tapes or books on cd
7. cookbooks
8. Podcasts
9. alternative media for news and what's going on in the world
10. Friday night "pizza and a movie"
11.  television series 
Some of these categories can overlap such as a fiction library book and a non-fiction that I own.  You get the gist.  So, what am I reading this Monday, you ask? I shall now share it with you.
I have one finished non-fiction book but while I had company I was so exhausted I rarely read at all while they were here! LOL!  This was from the library and it was excellent.  They didn't have Women's History in any classes I ever took in my day so I love reading these books now.  This is a current book but it has a lot of history about single and married women in society both in the past and now.  Well researched, easy to read and I recommend it to everyone.  It is a real gem of a book!
I'm reading this one still.  It's good per usual and has some information about gypsies back in the day and I find it fascinating.  When I was a child living in a small northern Illinois town, the gypsies would come to town about once a year with their horse-drawn caravans.  I was fascinated and would follow them around until a relative would drag me off and give me the warning that they stole children.  At that time, I didn't think that would be a bad life so it didn't really scare me.  Their wagons were beautifully painted and I loved their horses!  So, the gypsy part of this book is a real "extra" and dispenses with the myths of stealing that so often was associated with them.
  I even have a Pinterest Board with gypsy caravans....gorgeous!
This week I got caught reading 2 fiction books at the same time....for shame! LOL!  But it replaces the library book I just finished and it too is a library book.............
I've read Anne Tyler before and I know I like her but it was years ago and I can't remember what the name of the book was.   This is about a family and the things that tie us together regardless of our differences.  I'll let you know more later as I just started it.
Another area is my cookbooks...I have many and so I am going to read them and cook maybe one dish a week from the one I am reading.  This is a wonderful one to start with and this is her 2nd cookbook.  She tells her families story and hers at the beginning and it is heart warming.  What a great lady!  She came from extremely humble beginnings as her Mother died when she was 2 and her father raised all 7 children.  She learned to cook and loved it and started her own restaurant in North Carolina and became so famous she's been on GMA, The Food Network, QVC and many other people have interviewed her.  Her story is truly a wonderful one.  I have not tried the recipes yet but I'm getting ready to!  Simple home cooked southern recipes.

The magazine I am reading is a Yankee magazine from August 1993.  I always wanted to live in New Hampshire, don't ask me why but I did and so to that end I subscribed for a while to Yankee Magazine and I still have some to read! LOL!  I know they are old but at least I tried to pick the current season.

  On my Kindle/Acer Android tablet, I am reading this...a bestseller and I hope it works! LOL!  My home could use some "tidying up" at least in certain parts of it. I can't wait!
One of my blogging friends, Connie, at  Far Side of Fifty  mentioned today about playing 52 Pickup but not the card game.  In this one you go around the house and pickup 52 items and put them back where they belong!  I will be playing that game for sure!  Thanks, Connie!
As for watching, this week I caught up with  Stitched in Sweden, Little Bobbins Knits and Inside Number 23 podcasts.  Now I will be trying to catch up with The Bakery Bears podcasts and I have about a year's worth to catch up on.  These are knitting podcasts with some sewing and other crafts tossed in also which I really like.  In fact, Stitched in Sweden is making her own bread, jams and sewing her own bras!  They're gorgeous!  Did you know there are kits for bra making and it is much cheaper to get a good fitting bra.  Who knew?
Friday night at the movies I was going to watch Fargo but it wasn't on Netflix so I watched Pleasantville instead which was recommended by Inside number 23 but I didn't care for it much.  She likes sci-fi and horror so I don' t think I'll follow her movie recommendations.  I thought I'd watch the first Harry Potter movie but Netflix doesn't have that either....none of them!  I like cozy, old, good stories so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.  As for t.v. in the evenings, I've been watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix and Heartland Ranch series on Feeln. Both excellent!  That's all for this week!
I hope you are all having a great start to your week.  Happy Trails!