Sunday, January 20, 2019

YOP Week #30

Finishes: none this week

WIPs (works in progress):  There are more than this but these are the only 2 I worked on besides a heart dishcloth for the Our Happy Place CAL which I gave up on as I could not figure it out...I tried like 4 times....evidently I cannot follow directions well because it seemed I was the only one that had trouble with the pattern!
1)  I did work on the monthly Our Happy CAL place shawl...I took these pictures before the sun was up so they aren't the best............I'm using a skein of Lion Brand Mandala yarn
2)  Ben's Bear's hat........his birthday was Friday so per usual, I am late.........but it should get finished maybe even today.........I only have an inch more before the this pattern except the brim gets old after 3 inches of it..............also.....I changed colors right after the brim which goes right into the hat pattern portion.   I recommend that you do a couple rows of plain knitting in between your color change and the brim because if you don't you end up with a definite mixing of the blue and the orange which doesn't look good.  It's okay and I'm not going back but just a little lesson learned.
The pattern is done in a single color so you wouldn't run into that predicament.

TOP 10 WIP's:

1)  Falling Leaves scarf - needs blocking
2)  Pickle Dish
3)  America x-stitch - done but needs finishing
4)  Amy's Frido Kahlo basket (July birthday) - done but needs to be sewn together
5)  Pin's embroidery
6)  Heart bookmark for V-Day - done but needs backing
7)  Toe-up socks
8)  Ben's hat
9)  Multnomah shawl
10. C2C blanket for Grayson (July birthday) 
11. (breaking the rules already!) Granny Triangle shawl for Our Happy CAL Place January CAL

NEW STARTS: none this week

 Finishes so far in 2018-19: 
1.  4th of July cross stitch pillow/ornie
2.  Hitchhiker shawl
3.  Felici Hibiscus self-striping socks
4.  Felted wool loafer slippers with leather soles for me Sam
5.  washcloth (extra large) and back scrubber for Christmas or birthday for SIL
6.   Iowa Hawkeye hats for Sam and Grayson
7.  Techniques learned so far this year: a) knit cast on, b) reading a knitting chart, c) lace work, d) inserting and using a lifeline e) charting a graphghan
8.   dishcloth(s)...I need to count them
9. Cubs hat for Uriah
10. 12 days of Christmas Advent gifts
11. Cowl for Ben
12. Cowl for Tracy
13. Cowl for Natalie
14.  # 2018 Collectible ornaments for the grands
15.  Cowl for me or gift basket
16.  11 scrubbies for gift basket
17.  1 pot handle cover for gift basket

Based on my research for how to care for a wool blanket.....I think I will not make one out of wool.  Too hard to clean as it would be so big and heavy when wet.
We had snow yesterday!  I was so excited but going from 60's to 16 last night seems to mess with my system....I am very tired today.  This past week did not see much crafting as I was finishing up Konmari Step #1 - Clothes which is done.  Tomorrow I start with books!  Friday which is my usual craft day I was out of town and yesterday the kids kept calling and Skyping and I got little done except to try and catch up with dishes and laundry.  Just one day out of town and you'd think I'd been gone a week! LOL!  Now today I'm exhausted....from what?  I do need to make a meal today and make some bread plus I want to start my sourdough rest for the weary!  Happy Crafting this week.  I hope I'll have more to show you next week!
Oh, here's the beautiful snow today..........before the sun was up.............
and then when the sun came no attention to the dates on my pictures....they are never accurate.........don't ask me why but I'm constantly having to reset it........

 Please stop by and see all the other fantastic projects that other  YOP'ers are working on.
Happy Trails!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Home safe and sound...........

Yesterday was a big long day!  I left about 8:30 a.m. and didn't get home until about 4:00 p.m. but it never stormed while I was out which it looked like it would any minute but not a drop of rain fell.
I went to the bank then got the car filled up and then it was off to Mountain Home.  I went to Walmart first and picked up a dust buster I had been wanting. 
 I charged it last night so it would be ready to 'rock and roll' today and it did!  Awesome!  Just what I needed so I don't always have to pull the big vacuum out with the cord and all.....slick!
 Then I saw this..........a little story.....I saw this last fall at my local Walmart and didn't buy it.  I thought I would go home and think about it first.  I decided I wanted it but when I went back it was gone and they had no more.  Yesterday in the Walmart in Mountain Home....there it was!  So I snatched it up this time!  And yes, I got the turquoise one!  I'll show you again after I put it together.
Look at this which I didn't even know existed......Pioneer Woman shelf paper....I got one of each width for the kitchen when I de-clutter and clean it in the coming weeks/months.  Doesn't it go well with my vintage looking canisters?
I also picked up some coffee beans as I am going to get a French Press for coffee making...they say it beats the Keurig for flavor.  I looked at some 1/2 gallon Mason Jars and they have tinted ones now besides clear....purple and amber.  I need 2 for making sauerkraut but when I saw them I knew I had some that size so I didn't buy them.  I went to the doctor and I have 3 separate tests with time in the waiting room in between.  I passed them all with flying colors thank goodness because if not I would have to stop the medicine I take for RA as it can affect your eyes.....thus the exam and dilation every 6 months.    I have no trouble with the dilation although I do make sure I do my shopping before my appointment.  I did stop afterwards and got a Starbuck's Peppermint Latte for the way home though!
 It was pouring rain when I got up this morning and I had to run to the pharmacy and pick up my meds now that I had the 'all clear' and by the time I headed home it was sleeting.  Then it started snowing fast and hard with huge flakes the size of wafers!  I was in 7th heaven!  Look.......

I am one blessed girl!
Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Rabbit holes!!!

I worked around here today but not too hard as I have to go to the eye doctor tomorrow and it will be an all day trip there and back plus they will dilate my eyes.  I'll be tuckered!
But I did rustle up some 'stuff' and found some outfits I'm getting rid of but thought I would show you first..........this is the outfit I wore to my daughter's wedding with that 'killer' hat I showed you! LOL!
 I never ever wore the slacks..........such a shame...but I got fact I was sick at the time of her wedding.....thyroid storm and then radiation to kill off my thyroid.....after they were done with me I was 'fat and sassy' but could no longer fit into any of my I was taking steroids for the RA.....I started looking more like the incredible bulk!
 This was the blouse........
 and the skirt to match...oh, how I loved that outfit and I only got to wear it once....oh well, maybe some one will be as thrilled with it as I was.............
Now, take a look at this happy, happy rain coat that I LOVED..........

See the polka dots on the inside?  It was totally reversible!!!  Oh what joy that coat gave me!
So, they're all bagged up and I will take them next week.  I also ran across my briefcase.....Italian gorgeous but what do I need with a briefcase?  A yarn basket is more my style now a days! LOL!  I am truly feeling so good and it is energizing!  I can't wait for the next Konmari chapter...starting Monday!  Meanwhile I caught up on a few things.  I vacuumed, scrubbed some 'pet spots', washed Annies bed and blanket.  I was going to wash Nitty's but she was using it.  I also used those Unstoppables...........I have been curious and although they are probably all chemicals...if I like it I will order the Method brand version which is safe for the environment and us too.  I love me some good smells! I am going to be getting some supplies from The Grove Collaborative which are all about non-chemical cleaning etc.
The other rabbit holes I went down today were a blog from a pod caster I truly admire....Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone.  That girl is something else.....she knows how to do everything and I'm sure she comes from pioneer stock!  She has a blog too with recipes, tutorials and you name it she does it! I got a free ebook from her...........

  plus she directed me to a sourdough starter site..........when I was a young stay-at-home Mom I used starter all the time but now I'm so old I have to relearn everything all over again.....but I'm having so much's like going back to that joyful time of my life when my kids were little...............
She also has a tutorial on how to make sauerkraut and you don't need one of those huge can do it in a mason jar.  I have wanted to do that for years!  I can't wait to try it and so much more!
This was another rabbit hole site I ran across.....and then there's this Hash recipe that Lisa makes....I could go on and on!  I want to stay home and play tomorrow! LOL! How was your day....any more rabbit holes I should know about?
Happy Trails!!!