Sunday, September 25, 2016

YOP Week #13

Moving right along....I think these are my first "finishes" this year........the 3 Halloween cloths for the "grands".....the ghost for Grayson......
the witch for Uriah..........
and the SPOOKY spider for Sam...........
I haven't blocked them but really?  Why?  They're washcloths and they're going to get wet and used and any blocking will not remain right?  Or should I be blocking everything?
My yarns came.........from Love Knitting
and yes, they are in the U.K. so I might as well just order from Deramores who I ordered from previously unless there is something one or the other doesn't have that I need/want.  The yarns did come in reusable organza bags with a silk ribbon drawstring but their prices might be higher too so we'll see. 

So now I can continue with my other projects and I have...........the Giant Granny Square blanket is getting bigger and bigger and each round takes longer and longer but it is THE perfect t.v. watching project!
My most recent rounds....I should use a "progress keeper" of some sort as I really don't have any official ones.  Really, I think I ran out with the soft peach, and then the yarn came so I finished that round.  Now I'm working on the meadow color round which is round 52 of 68 not counting the border.
I worked on it last night and started watching The Gilmore Girls....there's 36 episodes on Netflix.  I think I was working full-time,  going to school full-time in Computer Science and had the 4 children and the husband at the time this series came on the t.v.  That just might have been why I missed!  But I'm loving it now!  I watched the first 3 episodes last night.  It just seems like the perfect Fall series to watch.  There will be more "giant grannies" in my future as it has so few ends to weave in yet you still get a variety of colors....LOVE!
I also started joining my Maybelle Flower squares and that is when I noticed that the cream/off-white colors did not match yet they are the same yarn but different skeins.....glaringly different!  Oh well, I am not going to back out now but it definitely will be staying with gifting of that one!  I still love it though and I was able to learn the JAYG (join as you go method).  I'm not sure if the JAYG is the same for all patterns but they must be the same general idea.  So happy I learned this...finally!
There are 5 squares across and 6 down for a total of 30 squares for a baby size blanket but now that I have the pattern down and the JAYG there is no stopping me! LOL!  
I started a "stash busting" project that I have been wanting to start for awhile and it seems every podcast I watch they are making one if not more!  Usually they are made from leftover sock yarn but since I don't have much of that I decided I would use up my old worsted weight's my progress so far on my version of the famous Cozy Memory Blanket.....this will probably get set aside now that my yarn has arrived but it's nice to have something to turn to when other projects get stymied or to have a backup 'mindless' project for watching t.v. and this one is a winner for that!  I can see why everyone is making them.....another really fun project.
I also acquired a few more 'maybe' future projects (like I need!).  This is a free pattern from Riley Blake and can be found on Lori Holt's blog  too, I think?  I may have grabbed it off FB but it is a Quilt-Along for Christmas.  I've always wanted to make something for each holiday that comes along but that is way easier said than done! LOL!  But some of you may be faster than I am and I like to share freebies and other "treasures" that I come across. 
These next patterns I purchased from Wild Olive who has a blog and an Etsy shop and I needed these for some ornaments and embellishments on items that I am sewing or will be sewing (ahem...)....big plans for someone who's energy level resembles that of a slug.  These patterns are small doable simple embroidery projects and I am all about small, doable, and simple right now.  She has the cutest patterns and they are very reasonable (until you figure in the printer ink as all the ones I got were pdf's).  It is nice to not have to wait for the post though.  There are multiple designs in each packet and I mean multiple!  Also, full instructions and color coded with DMC floss colors.  This is I Like Autumn....
This one is the Autumn Stitching Club........
and this one is The Winter Stitching Club....these "clubs" ran in the past and are done so you get all the patterns without having to wait.  I can think of a zillion uses for these little patterns. Please take a look at her blog and shop as I am certain you will not be disappointed and you can see her patterns.  I did not feel comfortable showing them as they are for purchase but you can see what you are buying in her Etsy shop.  There are also ideas for how to use them and some really cute EPP (English Paper Piecing) projects. 
Sadly, I  did no work on my socks or my Multnomah shawl and my other hundreds of WIPs but there are only so many hours in a day and days in a week.  Progress was made though albeit slow but I do love the process and seeing things take shape and working with colors and thinking about next projects and learning new techniques so it's all good!  I watched a new podcast that only has 4 episodes so far and I love it.  It is Sew Sweet Violet and her name is Jules.  She knits, sews and quilts and also has an online shop.  She is in the U.K. and works on  some lovely projects.   I will be watching her from now on.  I hope you had a great week and I wish you the same for the coming week!
Happy Trails to you until we meet again.......Happy Fall!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall!!!

It's finally here officially!  My favorite season! I wish I could say this was the view out my window but is still air conditioning weather here but it will come eventually....meanwhile...I pretend

A poem by George Cooper............
I wish my front porch looked like this!  Isn't it just the cutest and coziest?  I did have a porch very similar to this on my farm and it was screened in.  My screen door was almost exactly like that one too.  I'm homesick!
Here's a cute wreath for Fall.....
And guess what comes next in the Fall............
I hope you had a great "first day of Fall".  I'm going to go out tomorrow and check out some garage sales, maybe the thrift store and get my ingredients for some Fall drinks like pumpkin latte and hot spiced cider...oh yeah!
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mama Dip's Family Cookbook

Remember when I posted about Mama Dip and her cookbook and how I was going to make her Grits Casserole?
Well....I did.....
prepped, put together and baked..........
It was delicious!  I had it last night for supper with a couple pieces of my organic whole wheat sprouted bread toasted.....yummo! 
Here's the recipe from Mama Dip's (Mildred Council) Family Cookbook.  Her story alone is worth the price of the book!

Grits Casserole
This is good served with fruit and muffins.

4 1/2 cups water
1 cup yellow grits (I couldn't find yellow so I used white)
1 teaspoon garlic salt
1 pound cheddar cheese, grated  (I used 2-8 oz packages of shredded sharp cheddar)
1 stick butter or margarine  (I used butter)
4 eggs beaten
1/2 cup milk
4 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled  (I would use more next time 1/2 pound)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.  Put the water in a pot and bring to a boil.  Stir in the grits and cook for 4 to 5 minutes until thick, stirring frequently.  Add the garlic salt, cheese, and butter and mix well.  In a small bowl, beat the eggs together with the milk and add slowly to the grits.  (Stir while you are adding the eggs slowly else you will have scrambled eggs).  Pour the mixture into a greased baking dish and bake for 30 minutes.  Remove from the oven and sprinkle the bacon over the top.  Serve hot.

Serves 8

Bon Appetite and Happy Trails!