Monday, December 11, 2017

I'm still around but barely!

I am so sorry I haven't blogged or replied or visited but evidently the planet Mercury is in retrograde and although I didn't know it at the time it explains a lot! I have been sick and it is the first time in 8 years!  So, how can I complain, right?  But I have so much to do and I am dragging around.  I keep thinking every day I will feel better but every night I have terrible sinus drainage that makes me gag and cough and not sleep until nigh onto morning.  I am eating chicken noodle soup, I have throat lozenges and I make myself hot honey and lemon tea to drink but it is not working as well as I would like.  It makes me feel a little better but once I lie down I'm toast again and I don't feel that great during the day either. 
I was going to make Andy Paulson's chicken soup but I don't feel well enough to expend the effort so Campbells has been my go to chicken noodle soup.
The reason I mentioned Mercury Retrograde is that this isn't the only thing going down around here.  My printer has been failing but at least it would print in gray scale but no more.....then my tablet stopped taking a charge so there went my books and patterns.  Then I got sick and I have a 6 month doctor appointment tomorrow.....timely probably so I thought I would take a nice hot bath and hit the sack early after some more chicken soup but alas there is no hot water!  I took a cold bath and decided NOT to wash my hair.  I then called the plumber to see how much a new water heater would cost (after all it is over 40 years old)  and he is out of town!  I've been trying to still work on presents but then today I ran out of some material needed to finish.  But I am going to Mountain Home tomorrow for blood work and doctor so I guess I will stop at Hobby Lobby (not really what I wanted to do but's Christmas!)  I hope your lead up to the season is going better than mine! LOL! 
Again, I apologize for being absent but I am just barely keeping my head above water here. 
Take care and Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

YOP Week #23

To say this has been a rough week would be an overstatement considering what is going on around the world but it hasn't been a walk in the park either.  Suffice it to say I have been physically and emotionally drained by a lot of it....nothing terrible just a buildup of tiny things that by the end of the week you want to tear your hair out....briefly...I burned myself twice, I had a doctor appointment where I had to argue with the doctor about my new glasses being too strong, ( I did end up getting  another exam and a no charge new prescription, finally), plus he told me I had cataracts and I said since when?  He said he told me last me, he did not!  I would have remembered that little tidbit!  And people wonder why I like staying to myself?  It seems every time I interact with society and I don't accept their 'trust me' comments (like I am old and senile...okay I am old) they want to argue with me.  BTW...who's the paying customer here?  Anyway, there were other things but I won't bore you with them. 
As for the making of the Christmas presents...I am still waiting for my pop pom Grayson's giraffe sits here waiting and waiting to get his spots and his pom poms attached.......
but on a brighter note.........he now has company...........Uriah's giraffe has a body and a head and as of this writing 2 1/2 of 4 legs!  Uriah's is gold with rust colored feet and spots...or will have.  After the legs I will knit the spots, the horns and the tail. 
I have finally realized something that you all have hinted at various's too much pressure to make gifts for people especially at Christmas and especially for people that do not make handmade gifts themselves.  If I was better organized maybe but that's not really the point...........I use my crafts to relax and it is my hobby and where I get my 'reward' at the end of the day or whenever I need one.  Doing any of it under the pressure of a deadline takes the joy out of making.....for me anyway.  I love making things for my grandchildren and others but not with a special date in mind.  From now on, I will purchase presents or send them at various times during the year when I finish them on my timeline.  I've always thought Christmas should be every day and that is how I am going to roll!  From now on, people on my gift list will get Christmas presents from me when I am done with them! LOL!  They will be wrapped in holiday paper, Christmas wishes will be included in a card and they will be more surprised than if it arrived on Christmas!  It might be July or March....just think of the anticipation! LOL!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it but for this year I will try and make the deadline.  Part of the reason I am not going to be 'making' gifts anymore other than when I 'feel' like it in a 'relaxed no-deadline' or special occasion mode, is because I am missing out and not doing what I want to do or even getting things done that I need to get done around here.  Plus, my Christmas joys get left by the wayside like decorating, playing Christmas music and watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas books....etc.  I haven't baked a Christmas cookie or planned my Christmas  at all.  I was going to make myself an Advent Calendar since I couldn't afford those yarny ones that are so awesome and I wanted to write out cards while sipping hot cocoa and so much more!  But instead, I am forced to knit and knit and hurry it up and forget that it's been in the 60's and I had wanted to be outside and even washing my windows etc. and taking walks by the lake....this is my summer in reality.  So, I rest my case and I thank you all for your input last week.  It became quite clear that although the sentiment is wonderful it just isn't working for me.  So, that's my first 2018 resolution and by gum, I'm sticking to it!  You are all my witnesses!  I am looking forward to wrapping up these giraffes and working on the projects I truly love with no pressure and no deadline.  I have no one to blame but myself!  My second resolution will be to open a Christmas Club account in 2018! LOL!  Becki, you helped make it so clear and also Stefanie.....I feel a great burden has been lifted even though I am still not done with those giraffes.  I will get them done and then it will be about my Christmas which I always spend alone anyway so it should be a priority to make it the best Christmas I can!  Who knows how many more I'll have! LOL!
Meanwhile, I did get my needles in the mail.............getting ready for some WIPs and some new cast ons!  Yay!!!!
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

YOP Week #22

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.  My company couldn't come so I made good use of the time although I still cooked my traditional Thanksgiving feast.  The thought of company coming got me cleaning and organizing which I am still doing.....on a roll here!  But what's great is the balance I seem to have achieved (and I hope it lasts) in taking care of maintaining the regular chores plus cleaning and going through things and clearing out.  On top of that I have the strongest urge to finish things.  All of a sudden it bothers me to have so much on the needles but despite that fact I managed to cast on another and ordered supplies for more!  LOL!
First, I am STILL working on giraffe....I took a few You Tube video's on pom pom making and I made one decent one but it was too large so then I tried the fork method for smaller ones but it fell apart so after messing around for way too much time I ordered a small pom pom maker which should be here this coming week.  This method worked good but it was too large for my project.
 Meanwhile I knitted the ears and linings and sewed them together and attached the horns and the tail..............

I had literally forgotten these socks!  I finished them finally..............
In going through things I also discovered the 2 kits I bought for myself last year for my birthday and Christmas which I never worked on!  So, I decided to get started.............these are the yarns for the hat below............I gathered everything together but realized I needed some needles I didn't have for several projects including my I placed an order for those..........the hat cannot be started yet for that reason..........
 This is the pattern....I may have shown it to you when I got it last year..............
 The other kit was this cutie pie...........and I was able to get started on it.........
One of the reasons I bought it was 1) I fell in love with it and 2) I thought it was a good foray into color work which is a goal this year in learning new techniques and increasing my skills..........
 I had the needles for this part which was simple................

 I knit the top and underneath of the head and then the ears and their linings.............
Now comes the challenging part...........the color work and there's a chart!  I have never read a chart nor have I done any color work in knitting.  I think I will be looking at some You Tube videos before starting this section!  Feel free to give me any tips or techniques if you have done this before as I think I may need them! LOL!
What I am loving about both these projects is that they use really nice acrylics here! 
I still haven't found the other 50 gram ball of this sock yarn....I know it's here somewhere as I remember buying them.  Do I dare start them with just one ball and pray I find the other?  Or maybe I should just wait as I also ordered a 'bare' skein of sock yarn to dye myself and I know once I dye it I will want to cast on socks with it right away!

  The CMB (Cozy Memory Blanket) did not get much attention this week.........but it got a little........
and I found more yarn for it in organizing my 'crafts room'..........I probably have enough for several of these CMB's!  Excuse the lighting as the sun was shining brightly and the weather has been gorgeous here which is great for putting up outside Christmas decorations which I have yet to do plus I still have windows to wash too!  But Christmas presents first! 
Are you making presents this year?  If so how is it going?  Every year I swear I won't do as much handmade but each year I must forget and I do it all over again!  I think that is the definition of insanity if I'm not mistaken! LOL!  But it will all work out and with all the Thanksgiving leftovers I haven't had to cook so things are getting done slowly but surely!
Please stop by our Year of Projects group on Ravelry
and see what these talented friends are doing!  Plus, feel free to join us and show us your creations if you so desire.  We'd love to have you!
Happy Trails!!!
P.S. I did try on my sweater again and I'm going for a few more inches in length before I do the bottom edging.  Which reminds me I still need to weave ends in my daughter's shawl!  There's so much to remember at this time of year!  And only a few more weeks before I need to get it all in the mail!  YIKES BATMAN!!!