Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's Tuesday and my books arrived!!!!

This was the sunrise coming up early this morning....clouds today but no rain until Thanksgiving which I am grateful for as I have to drive to Mountain Home tomorrow for my last doctor appointment before Winter. 

 "You're leaving me?  Alone?   With all these animals I have been harassing for months?  Uh oh....I might be in big trouble!"
 But on a brighter note...my books finally came yesterday....it was SO hard to chose which one to read first
 I might have to read this one on the sly too as I could use some miracles in the financial department! LOL!  I just found out I need new tires at $600-$800 for 4.  Last time I got them it was $400 for 4.  Everything's going up except my income!
 Isn't this the cutest cover?  I'm a sucker for a good cover.
 I finally narrowed it down to this one and the next one................
 and I chose to start this one........I couldn't wait either so I grabbed a water and went outside and sat in the sun and read for a bit......it doesn't wast time either....the story takes off immediately...quite a bit different than Kate Morton's long tales but I love her books too.  It is cold here at night and we've had several hard frosts now but during the day it heats up to the high 50's or low 60's...my perfect temps!
 I'm still reading these 2...not sure if I mentioned Extra Virgin last week?  It's my non-fiction of books I own and it's about 2 sisters who buy an old ruin of a house in Italy and fix it up but it's much more than that as she talks of the people and the regional differences and it's entertaining so far except the Italian words she throws in as if you know Italian.  It takes place in 1983...Annie Hawes is one of the sisters and I'm guessing that might actually be a picture of the house they fixed up.  I love the red metal roof but I'm curious about the rocks on it...hmmm.....I'll let you know if I find out.  
 Still slogging through this one and hardly touched it this week but I'm on page 289 now....
 I thought I'd be done with this audio by now and I'm close but "no cigar".....this is truly enjoyable and Richard Thomas does an excellent job!  It is a "performance" by Mr. Thomas...not a "reading"...big difference!
 Well, that's all for now!  Happy Trails!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy Days!!!!

I had a talk with my daughter and asked her not to read my blog until after Christmas as I couldn't blog about anything!  Every time I wanted to share something I couldn't because it had something to do with Christmas or so it seemed.  So, I am now at liberty to share everything!  Well, almost everything....LOL!
Remember this yarn...Lion Brand Homespun...the yarn from hell as I once described it?  3rd time is charm!  I finally found the perfect pattern for it and we are now working well together (although I still will never buy it again....nothing with those little squiggly fibers!).  The Corner-to-Corner blanket pattern is perfect!
It still won't be ready by Christmas but it will  get done eventually!  It's almost as wide as I want it to be and then I am going to follow Mickey's instructions (Crochet Crowd on You Tube) on how to make it a rectangle and I will probably make it the size of the top of my bed.  It is for my daughter and her family for their couch and her husband is a big guy!  6' 4" so a "throw" size just wouldn't make it.  
I can practically do this in my sleep and it has been great for t.v. watching...no problem!
 My daughter picked out the yarn and the pattern several years ago and they're still waiting! LOL!
Miss Peeps is a professional "photo bomber"!  She's slowly....very slowly learning to leave my yarn alone.  Grace never bothers it but Miss Peeps cannot be left alone in the room with yarn or any WIPs.
 As you can see this hat is almost done but it will get ear flaps and braids still.  There is a blue one that is finished that is for Sam and this one is for Grayson.  Uriah got his last year in tan.
 There's another project but I couldn't find it...imagine that! LOL!  I'll find it before next week.
Here's another Christmas present....a baker's dozen of plant markers for my son and daughter who are both gardeners.  They need another coat of paint but I ran out.  I used my wine corks that I've saved for years (no, I'm not a lush..one glass a day is all).  These are rubber but they worked fine and then they can write on them what the plant is with a permanent marker.  I used skewers you use for shish-kabobs.  A big package is really inexpensive and I already had all the supplies except now I need another can of spray paint.  I'm not sure if they'll last more than one season.  We'll find out!

The girls and I picked these up on one of our hikes this week and I'll show you what I'm going to do with them next week.  It's not your usual pine cone craft so stay tuned!  First I have to "bake" the bugs out of them.
Oatmeal cookies were baked last night as I was needing something for my sweet tooth.  I used this recipe

 from King Arthur Flour's website.  Another fun website to visit this time of year is Williams Sonoma
They both have lots of great recipes and baking goodies for the holidays.
I feel so free now that I don't have to keep things a secret! LOL! Whew!  
Oh, I almost forgot..........I sent for a free (postage paid) ThredUp  bag that I will be filling with some items I hope to get paid for.  I'm not expecting much but anything is better than nothing so I am sending them my very best....some of which has only been worn once for special occasions and then I gained weight so adios to those sizes!  I'l let you know how I fare and I will take photos and post of exactly what I send them and what I get in return....cash wise.  Have any of you used this site before to buy or sell?  They have free shipping from now until Christmas Eve and I have a 40% off coupon for first time user.  

I hope you  had a good week and enjoyed your weekend.  The Iowa Hawkeyes won again!  10-0 record so far!!!!  The Bears lost...per usual when I get to watch them....and to a backup quarterback on the Denver Broncos!  Geez....Bears!  Oh well, at least one of my teams is doing well! LOL!
I'll be by this week to check on everyone.  I'm still busy packing and cleaning and tossing!
Happy Trails!

Monday, November 16, 2015

It's Monday......what are you reading?

Well, I finally finished 2 books!  Ta Da!  No, it wasn't Anna Karenina....I'm still only on page 259 of 800...me and my big ideas!  But I made a decision that I will now read..a non-fiction  book that I already have in my library, a fiction book that I already have in my library, an audio book and a "new to me" book that is something I currently want to read which could be non-fiction or fiction. 
So, to show you what I finished in my "old books I own category"......here they are..........
 This was interesting and I learned from it.  It was well written and flowed smoothly along and kept my interest .  RATING 3of 5 stars
This one was an audio book and I mistakenly said it was read by the author....it was not but the reader was the best part of the whole thing!  It stunk...to high heaven...it was the craziest book and I just did not "get it".  I am not one to beat around the bush and that's all this book did.  I can't believe they made it into a movie!  Crazy!  Did any of you read this or see the movie?  Am I missing something here? RATING 1 of 5 stars
It goes without saying that this monstrosity  is still on my nightstand........I just read pages and pages of a descriptive narrative about mowing with a scythe with the peasants in a meadow.......YAWN!  
My new audio book is Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls and read expertly by Richard Thomas.  It is very good so far!
 Here's my cheap trusty little tape player that I listen to my audio tapes on.  It plays cd's too and it has a radio but you can't get NPR on it so what good is it?  I can listen to NPR in the car but who wants to go sit in their car in the garage to listen to the radio?  That could be dangerous too.
I did go to the library on Saturday to search for the books on my list from last week.....first of all their search of the card catalog has been hacked or it has a virus and is broke and there is no card catalog anymore so you just have to go "searching" which I did for over an hour and they had 1 book of 17 on my list and by then I was so disgusted I walked out.  Kindle wants $10.00 per book and these are not new books at all!  So, I went to my trusty Thrift Books site where they say "read more, spend less" and I do and I did!  Here's what's coming in the mail to me!!!!  I can't wait!
I got 5 books for $19.07 and it's free shipping over $10.00 (never a problem for me and book buying).
you can read a synopsis here of The Fixer Upper

you can read a synopsis of Foxgloves and Hedgehog Days here
Is it just me or is it not interesting that their last name is ECONOmides?  Like the old names of Shoemaker denoting the family business and/or skill I wonder if they come from a long line of skilled budgeteers? LOL!
 And last but not least the first book by an author I have been wanting to read for quite a while now......
 you can read a synopsis of The Violets of March here
Well, that's all for now folks.....which one will I chose to read first when they arrive????  All of them at once???????????  What treasures!  I am one lucky gal!
Happy Trails!  And happy reading too!