Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sunshine and blue sky but not for long! LOL!

What are your plans for the Memorial Day Weekend?  It's supposed to be nice today and tomorrow so I need to 'make hay while the sun shines'!  I'll be hanging clothes out on the line, mowing tomorrow and Nitty goes to the vet today so I guess I will stop by Walmart while  I'm in the neighborhood.  Terminix was supposed to be here yesterday but never showed up....what a mismanaged company!  It was supposed to rain yesterday and looked like it would but it never did but I washed a load and hung it in the basement.  It's supposed to storm over the weekend but be nice on Memorial Day.
Still gathering up my tools........the weed whacker.........cordless from Workx.......
I did find the battery but not the charger...............woe is me..................
I did log onto to the website to see how much it would cost to replace it and it would be about $50.00 so I continue to search and the weeds continue to grow!
I love this tool!  It is by Black and Decker and it is like a giant pair  of scissors with a chain saw as the blades.  It is cordless and is great for cutting back 'the woods' that keep trying to encroach on my property.  I have cut a lot of brush and tree limbs with this baby and if you are hesitant of chain saws like me this is the perfect solution.  Is it going to fell a big tree?  No, but it will get saplings or brush or limbs that get in your way.  I love it!  I can't remember how much it cost but it couldn't have been too much as I bought it! LOL!

I have yet to identify this bird....I just haven't gotten the books out again but I need to.......
I've been making some smoothies with fresh fruit...yummy...this one had raspberries and blueberries with some maple syrup!  
 I made a great chicken salad with the rest of the roast chicken I had leftover and I froze the carcass and bones for broth at a later date.  It came from All Recipes here 
I also made these pecan butter cookies from the Apples for Jam cookbook.....they were so simple...just flour, very little powdered sugar and some butter and they were to be frosted which I was not going to do because I do not like frosting but they really needed it!  So, I made it and instead of the vanilla I used brandy extract and they are mighty tasty!
  I just finished this book which I gave 5 stars.....I didn't want to read anything else and so I didn't until I was finished with it!  I read it on my Kindle...........I highly recommend this non-fiction book.
Amazon stated: "Tired of the pace and noise of life near London and longing for a better place to raise their young children, Mary J. MacLeod (known to all as Julia) and her husband encountered their dream while vacationing on a remote island in the Scottish Hebrides. Enthralled by its windswept beauty, they soon were the proud owners of a near-derelict croft house—a farmer’s stone cottage—on “a small acre” of land. Mary assumed duties as the island’s district nurse. Call the Nurse is her account of the first enchanted years she and her family spent there, coming to know its folk as both patients and friends.
Gaelic fortitude meets a nurse’s compassion in these wonderful true stories from rural Scotland. The remarkable debut of an author now in her eighties, Call the Nurse is a treasure of sweet nostalgia."

I also watched the first episode of a new series on Netflix called...."Anne of Green Gables"!!!!
It is excellent and I like the gal who plays Anne much better than the one in the original movie....this one also has Anne having flashbacks to her original life before Green Gables.  I also encourage you to watch this one!  I'm off to plan and get supplies for my Memorial Day weekend.....rain or shine!  Have a great day!  Happy Trails! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

YOP Week #48

What a week this has's been that way for the last month actually.....5 steps forward and 10 steps backward!  But I am still progressing...just much slower than I would like!
I finished the legs on Grayson's there's just tail, spots, face embroidery and stuffing and attaching.  This is a knitting pattern from Susan B. Anderson and is a Craftsy class.  This is my 2nd giraffe and then there is one more to make for Uriah............
Since they all have birthdays in July.....I decided to start on Uriah's for a change of pace and color...........his is  more gold and a rust colored orange.  Grayson and Sam's giraffe were  made with old acrylic yarn I had and this new acrylic I got at Hobby Lobby and it is so soft! 
The Hotel of Bees shawl is coming along......I'm on Row 43 of 134 and the KAL ends May 31st so not sure if I'll make is a strange shape and unusual instructions but I  seem to be doing alright.  You have to count each and every stitch or it will not turn out so it is not T.V. watching material....for me anyway..........
I moved my progress keeper up after I blogged last Sunday so you can see how far I've come this past week...I absolutely love the design of it all but my hand gets sore from working on it.  I think it's the cotton yarn as my hand never got sore when I crocheted in the past with non-cotton yarn.  It is a very nice yarn though but cotton just doesn't 'give' very much.
We had several storms this week and it seems the roof is getting worse not better.  This last round of storms had me dashing around with bowls everywhere!  I am feeling like I am moving backwards not forwards lately.
I had a visitor this week.............this cute little gal came though the yard on her way to lay some eggs....I've never seen this coloring on one before................
This was one plant last year and it has spread into about 3 or 4.....nice as I can transplant them to other areas............
Since I am always talking about Miss Peeps, Miss Grace gets sort of left out of the picture so I thought I would give her a spot on this post.....she is is so good compared to Miss Peeps and never bothers my yarn or disturbs anything or climbs up on anything except bed or chair which is perfectly alright....... she's such a sweetheart.................
That's all for this week.........I'm trying to stick to one or 2 projects so maybe I can make more progress.  It's time to start planning for YOP Year 7?  Really?  Where has the time gone?  Plus, there's Christmas to start making for!  I have been de-cluttering and trying to maintain at least minimum standards on the house and still searching for my chargers for several of my tools.....what a tangled web I weave!  I hope you had a good week and that your roof is not leaking but at least I have one!  Some  people lost their entire homes and all the contents with some of those storms so I am very fortunate!
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Crazy Monday yesterday!

Sunday...yes, even on Mother's Day, I had to wash up my produce and I had a lot of it!  I wash everything when I get back from grocery shopping (usually) so it is ready to go when I want to use it except for berries.  I don't use any fancy 'wash' that they now sell just my regular Dawn.......
I wash the potatoes last as they are  usually the dirtiest............I  use an old vegetable brush that my Mother must be at least 60 years old as I remember it as a child............I scrub all the potatoes whether I'm going to peel them or not...........
 then a rinse and they are laid out on an old towel to dry............
this is the water after I washed everything............pretty dirty!!!
Yesterday, a crane showed up at my neighbors early to unload roof shingles onto her roof.....the dogs were pretty upset about it! LOL!  Then the roofer came and started in, then my roofers called and said they were on their way much for my  plans!  They had to go in the attic/crawlspace and what a mess when they came down, from all the insulation.  Then they went on the porch and tore down some drywall and hopefully after all that mess they have found the problem.  I am grateful for them though and their persistence!  But today I need to do some serious vacuuming!
I did manage to make some bread though!  I used Apples for Jam's Milk Bread Recipe which turned out fantastic!  Best looking and tasting bread ever!  I love my rustic bread but it is pretty hard to chew and bite and I think I need to be considerate of my teeth and jaw at my age!  So this will be my new bread recipe.  Next, I'll try some wheat and so many more bread recipes!  This is definitely a keeper!
 Mother's Day I did not get my chicken roasted....I just ran out of time and energy so I had a bowl of organic minestrone soup with my pie for dessert.  I got the chicken roasted yesterday (another recipe from Apples for Jam) and it was scrumptious....even better than Ina Garten and her recipes are usually top notch but Tessa's recipe beat her out! LOL!  It's not a great picture but the flavors were delicious and the chicken was tender and moist.....another favorite!  At this point, I would highly recommend her cookbook!  I'll be cooking more from her book this week.  I got my copy on Thrift Books for about $3.59?  Plus, free shipping if you order 4 and there was a coupon code for May with a discount.  How can you go wrong?  
 I'm now on row 29 of 134 of my Hotel of Bees Shawl.  I watched Inside Number 23 in the evening and checked IG for Joyce of Ruby Moss that gal and want to do everything she makes!  Check out her podcast...she's a hoot and a darn good knitter and gardener!
I'm off to do some laundry, weeding, landscaping and so much more!  Have a great day!
Happy Trails!