Monday, October 24, 2016

It's Monday.....what are you reading, watching, and/or listening to?

I have been working hard all day long and I am tuckered out but I have so much to blog about this week that I will need every day this week and next to tell you about it! 
Remember last week  when I said I was like  a squirrel gathering nuts except it is books?  Well, it hasn't stopped, so get ready!  Since I haven't finished any thing...par for the course for me....I will just show you my acquisitions that I had to start reading because I couldn't stop myself!  I'm still reading All Creatures Great and Small and I love it.  I'm on page 190 of 442.  Brideshead Revisited is 28 of 351.  I'm still reading the Oprah Magazine and listening to tape 3 of 6 of Code of the Woosters: Jeeves to the Rescue by P.G. Wodehouse.
I started several others though.......don't judge me!
The Girl With No Name by Marina Chapman is excellent and fascinating!  Here's what Amazon says "
The amazing story of a girl who overcomes unique hardship and deprivation―growing up with a troop of capuchin monkeys―to find ultimate redemption.- As seen on The Today Show
In 1954, in a remote mountain village in South America, a little girl was abducted. She was four years old. Marina Chapman was stolen from her home and then abandoned deep in the Colombian jungle. That she survived is a miracle. Two days later, half-drugged, terrified, and starving, she came upon a troop of capuchin monkeys. Acting entirely on instinct, she tried to do what they did: she ate what they ate and copied their actions, and little by little, learned to fend for herself.
So begins the story of her five years among the monkeys, during which time she gradually became feral; she lost the ability to speak, lost all inhibition, lost any real sense of being human, replacing the structure of human society with the social mores of her new simian family. But her harrowing adventure was only beginning . . .
In the vein of Slumdog Millionaire and City of God, this rousing story of a lost child who overcomes the dangers of the wild and the brutality of the streets to finally reclaim her life will astonish readers everywhere. "
I am 28% into it and it's hard to put it down!

I am 47% into The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to be perfect to be Beautiful by Myquillyn Smith
and Amazon states "
Perfection is overrated.
Popular blogger and self-taught decorator Myquillyn Smith (The Nester) is all about
embracing reality—especially when it comes to decorating a home bursting with boys, pets, and all the unpredictable messes of life.  In The Nesting Place, Myquillyn shares the secrets of decorating for real people—and it has nothing to do with creating a flawless look to wow your guests. It has everything to do with embracing the natural imperfection and chaos of daily living.  Drawing on her years of experience creating beauty in her 13 different homes, Myquillyn will show you how to think differently about the true purpose of your home and simply and creatively tailor it to reflect you and your unique style—without breaking the bank or stressing over comparisons. Full of easy tips, simple steps, and practical advice, The Nesting Place will give you the courage to take risks with your home and transform it into a place that’s inviting and warm for family and friends.  There is beauty in the lived-in and loved-on and just-about-used-up, Myquillyn says, and welcoming that imperfection wholeheartedly just might be the most freeing thing you’ll ever do."
This book is very heartwarming and inspirational and I am enjoying it.  I am 47% into the book.
 My next 'in progress' read is The Lost Art of House Cleaning by Jan M. Dougherty  Amazon states "The art of housecleaning has been all but lost. Until now.  Jan Dougherty has owned a residential cleaning company for six years and has come to the conclusion that the art of housecleaning has all but been lost. “I believe I may be the only survivor who knows how to clean and therefore I have a duty and responsibility to pass on my wisdom (and share the pain) before it’s too late. Most people don’t like cleaning their house because they simply don’t know how.”
Jan will show you that with three inexpensive products and a few tools how you too can clean your house and everything in it.
She will explain “The PATH”, which is a method to get in, get it clean and get out of a room. Whether you’re doing maintenance cleaning or deep cleaning; “The PATH” is always the same.
Her style is funny and entertaining. So even if you don’t want to clean your house you’ll have a good laugh.
This is not a book of helpful hints. There are enough books out there that will explain how to clean puke or coffee or puked up coffee. This is a book on how to clean the house and everything in it. After you’ve finished cleaning a room it will sparkle, after you’ve finished cleaning the whole house the shine will be seen from the space station.
Moms send copies to your children, if they read it you may not have to spend your next visit cleaning, like you always do. Kids send a copy to your mom, maybe on her next visit she’ll get more done before she leaves.
Read it for entertainment! Read it for inspiration! Read it because it really solves the mystery of “How to clean”.
“Follow me my child and I will show you The PATH”. Jan Dougherty “The Head Rag Dragger”

This book is a godsend!  Not only did she 'turn me on" to a great cleaning product....Krud Kutter but she uses natural and very few products.  In fact, I ran to Walmart on a weekend (which I never do) just to get the supplies and get going!  When I was at the checkout counter the gal asked me if I had ever used Krud Kutter and I said  "no" and she said "Oh, you're going to love it!"   She's right....I do love it and I am loving this book as she tells you exactly how to clean and how to take things apart to clean them...and I mean REALLY clean them!  I hope I make her proud and my home shows it...eventually!  I have a long road to hoe!  I am about 36% done with this book but I jump around a lot as it is more like a training manual for me! LOL!

 The last book I am actually 'reading'....(I won't tell you how many I've purchased....ha! ha!) is The Simple Life by Rhonda Hetzel    Amazon states "Rhonda Hetzel feels passionately that living simply leads to a richer, more fulfilling existence. Having made the decision to live frugally, embrace sustainability and opt out of the capitalist consumerist mindset, she set about working out how to achieve her goal, learning traditional skills, reducing her spending and environmental impact and focusing on the simple things that make life worth living: family, friends, and a home-cooked meal.
This is the story of her journey and the lessons she has learned along the way. Rhonda relates why she wanted to change her lifestyle, what simple living means to her, and offers guidance to those thinking about taking the same path."
This gal has or had a blog and I read it several times and then it got lost in the shuffle somehow.  I need to find her again.  This is a very well written book and I am enjoying it.  I am 69% done with it.
It makes me wish I had my farm again or at least a little plot of land up North where I could actually grow things! LOL!
As for listening to.  I am still listening to Paula's podcasts of The Knitting Pipeline and as for watching, I have been switching between The Hart of Dixie and The Gilmore Girls both on Netflix.
To be honest, I have been working so hard around here I have been getting up early and falling into bed early too!  Great sleeping weather is upon us!  Have a great week!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

YOP Week #17

It's been a non-fiber related week here on the homestead.  I was gone for one day and I have a zillion projects going to get done 'before the snow flies'...well, at least before I can no longer paint outside but it's been a wonderful week!  My RA (rheumatoid arthritis) is in remission and I have no need to see the rheumatologist unless I have a flair up.  It's been in remission for almost a year now!  Yippee Kayay!
I've also had many inspirational moments this week regarding cleaning and organizing and I will share this coming week but today is all about my Year of Projects which just about came to a dead stop this week but I will show you what I have.  Really, the only thing I worked on was my Cozy Memory blanket as it is so addictive and easy to pick up and put down in between chores.
I realized last week that I had not accomplished my intended goal of 3 squares a week so I did get that done.  These are the 3 from last week that I did this week.
and here is 1 1/2 squares from this week but tomorrow I will be faced with another 3 squares! LOL!
I am waiting patiently for a brand new project to arrive and in case you didn't see it the other day when I posted (because I couldn't wait to share) it is again.  The Intrepid Fox bu Elia Austin in a kit.  One of my goals this YOP year was to learn color work and by golly I better get practicing before this sweetie pie arrives!  Color work heaven in a fox!  Elia has an Etsy shop that I linked to in my blog the other day.  She's in the U.K. but even still I thought it was reasonably priced.  This is my Halloween present to myself instead of some Halloween sock yarn I was going to order.  As I used to tell my can have anything you want, you just can't have everything.  So, I could have the fox or the socks but not both.
The weather here couldn't get more perfect or beautiful so I'm not promising much for next week either.  LOL!  But maybe it will rain one day...ha! ha!  Have a great Fall week!
Oh, I checked out the winners of Britain's Knitting & Crochet awards these 3 books won:
The Knitter's Knowledge by Debbie Bliss
Edward's Menagerie by Kerry Lord
Super Socks by Chris Perry
I'm not even sure if we can get them in the U.S. but you can check if you're interested.  
I'll be by later...or's still light out!
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Miscellaneous with a great finish!

It was a gorgeous day to hang outside and I did 2 loads of laundry as there is supposed to be rain coming tonight and tomorrow.  I wanted to show you my clothesline that my son Jim built for me.....LOVE!!!  It's right outside my laundry room and no 'tick' trees near it.....nary a tick on my clean clothes!

I've been working hard around the old homestead.......trying to get the porch back in working order although there is still a leak problem.....I should have just torn the whole porch off the side of the house as it has cost me an arm and a leg over the years!  But I am making the best of it.....I washed the west windows and put up some curtains and moved the bookcase back.  I plan on putting my cookbooks on it.  I brought in a few herbs too.
 Yesterday I shampooed the carpet but it is old and it had drywall 'droppings' which I had to scrape first with a knife and then after much shampooing they came out.  I was so happy but when I woke up this morning and went in there it smelled like cat urine!  OMG!  I sprayed some neutralizing spray on it but it didn't help so I put a fan on it and finally it stopped smelling as it dried but my cats have never peed out there so it must have been old?  I'd love to rip up the carpeting and replace the plywood underneath but I can't afford it right now so this will be as good as it gets....for now.  But after all that work and thinking you are cleaning and really you're not.  I did find a spray for neutralizing extreme cat urine smell and you can add it to your rug shampooer.  You can get a 32 oz bottle for $11.00 on Amazon here 
and you use 4 oz in your machine.  
I think I will order some...........have any of you had this problem or used this product or one similar?
I still have the brick to clean and some quarter round to put up.
  There's also painting but I'm not going there right now.
On a lighter and better smelling grandson Sam sells Yankee Candles every school year and you can order online and he and his school still get the credit which is really nice.  Last year I ordered this pumpkin warmer...... so cute and I have it in my bedroom with pumpkin spice 'melties' in it.
This year I bought this one.....and it's by my front door with Autumn Splendor 'melties'......
When I went to the Dollar store to get dog treats they had these Glade solids on sale for $1.00 each so I loaded up!  Some will be going on the porch for sure! There's a rich pumpkin dream, sparkling spruce and apple cinnamon.  I may have to go back and get more! LOL!
Yesterday when I was a Wally World I spotted these 2 cotton yarns by Peaches and Cream in Halloween colors so I grabbed one of each.
On my Year of Projects post this past week, if you noticed, I did not post anything about my Cozy Memory Blanket....because I had not done my goal of 3 squares per week!  So, since this picture was taken I have finished last week's 3 squares but now need to work on this weeks. 
These are the 3 I did this week...........the top 3 in the picture.
And now for the great finish.........I saw this kit a while back in an Etsy shop but she had sold out.  I asked her if she would notify me if she ever made more kits and she did!  And I bought one!  I always get myself something for Halloween and I thought I would get myself some Halloween colored sock yarn but this is even better!  I ordered the kit this morning!  Isn't he darling?  There is color work involved which I said I wanted to learn this year so I guess I will be learning color work this year! LOL!  But what a motivator The Intrepid Fox is!  I can't wait!  I'm so excited!  Happy Halloween to me!  Elia still has some kits on her site if you're interested and she has an owl too which I will do after Mr. Fox.  I thought it was quite reasonably priced too considering it is coming from the U.K.  including shipping it was $36.00 which includes the pattern and all the hand dyed yarn and buttons to make it.  Here's the link to her Etsy shop
What a talent she is! 

So, that's enough excitement for one day! LOL!  This has been a great week so far!  I hope you're having a great one too!  Happy Trails!