Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I thought you would all be happy to see this....especially my friends in the North!  Although it's been a truly mild winter for most of us everywhere.
Actually, I wonder why I can't keep up with weeds and it's because nothing ever freezes or dies out down here!  Those daffodils have been up for awhile....the greens were up in January.
The Robins are still here though.  We only get them in the winter....they go North in the Spring so I'll let you know when they leave! LOL!
I finally finished those mitts I was working on.  I'm not thrilled with them as they're a bit stiff being a single crochet stitch so any more I make will probably be knitted although they are nice and "tough" for my son if he needs to work outside on a car.
I've been using my bread machine more for making bread as I've been busy doing other priorities.  I've switched to a recipe for French bread and I like it better for sandwiches and toasting.
In going through all my belongings with a fine tooth comb, I found this little gem that my daughter gave me several years ago.  It's a travel bag for toiletries and cosmetics from Mary Kay. 
It is great for travel but I don't travel much so I wanted to find another use for it for when I wasn't traveling and I found it.  This picture is without the bags attached with velcro.
  It has a hanger that allows you to hang it also.
Here it is with the bags attached.............there are 4 of them.  So, can you guess what I am going to be using it for when I'm not traveling? 

Sewing and needlework tools!  Great idea, huh?  I can hang it nearby and I can also grab an individual bag if I want to go sit down and do some handwork.  Meanwhile it can "hang" out in my crafts room closet  Brilliant, I say, brilliant!  Although  "made in China" it is very nice and well designed.  I'm not sure if they still offer this through Mary Kay but if they do I would grab one as I've never seen anything similar to this.  But then I don't get out much either! LOL! 
Last but not least, Miss Peeps.  I swear she was a model or movie star in her last life as that girl LOVES the here she is..........
Happy Trails!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Goals..........with deadlines!

I said when I retired I wasn't going to be a slave to deadlines anymore but I think if I am ever going to accomplish my dreams I am going to have to give myself some deadlines!
I have lots of goals but the main ones right now are:
1. Move 
2. Finances
3. Cleaning and organizing

I have made some inroads and each day gets me closer but I start lagging also when I have no "fun" or reward so I have to include that and some "finishes" so I feel good about my progress.
I also know that I need to break down those goals into manageable steps so I have a way to gauge my progress.
I will start setting my alarm for 5:00 a.m. so I don't waste a minute and I know I get more done if I get an early start.  But the weekends are going to be for fun and maintenance and each day there will be some reward at the end of the day regardless of how small.
This week I took a carload to the auction which was last night and which I did not attend.  I'll see on Monday how I did.  I didn't take anything too valuable in case it doesn't pay well.
But for today, I thought I would share some great things from this past week.............
I made this salad from the blog at Keeping It Cozy
She had a great post about salad making and dressings and I made this Citrus Salad with a mustard and orange juice vinaigrette.   It was delicious and I would definitely make it again and again and again! LOL!  It was easy and although I left out a few of her ingredients, as I don't care for raisins or poppy seeds, it was still simply scrumptious and it did go great with my goulash I had made.  It will be on my Pinterest board "Food I have actually tried and liked".
While my camera is acting up or rather "the cloud" that deleted all the pictures I had taken for this post I will share some great websites and blogs I visited this past week.  (I only visited when I was taking a break, mind you.)
I read the entire archive of Temecula Quilt Co.
 from 2008 when they opened up until the present.  I pinned many tutorials and quilt ideas and so much inspiration!
They give many patterns away for free on their blog which you must read if you are a quilter!  You will love it!
In 2009 they were featured in quilt Sampler with a beautiful quilt they designed and which you can still get the pattern on their website.
I read interesting blog archives like some people read books! 
Here was their post for today........another little quilt pattern for free.........
I also (through The House on the Side of the Hill) was directed to this great site.............Cypress Textiles 
which is hosting this VVCAL (vibrant vintage crochet along).  There is a group on Ravelry for it and I think they are on week 5 or 6 now but all the instructions are out there and photos to go with.  It is very detailed and wonderful tutorials for each step.  I would love to participate but not right now!
I made homemade bread today and hard boiled some eggs to make egg salad for supper tonight.  I'm working on my porch right now and cleaning, organizing and gathering more items for auction, Thrift Store and some are just getting "pitched".  I watched the Democratic debate the other night and I will watch the Republican one tonight and tomorrow is the Super Bowl!  Before you know it it will be Spring! 
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Day is coming up!

I can't believe it....wasn't it just Christmas?  But I can't help it....I've been browsing the internet for cute ideas for Valentine's Day themed projects.  Here's just a few and they can all be found on my Valentine's Day board on Pinterest
I doubt if I would get this done as I am still doing "moving" tasks but someday after I 'm moved for sure!  I think she used French General fabrics for this.

 This is a cute idea if you can find berry baskets this time of year?
 Okay.....for sure I am making these for myself from me to me! LOL!
 I might be able to manage this little sweetie.....
 This was for sale on Etsy for $60.00.....really?  I better start making and selling things as I think she sold out on this one and it is a very small wall hanging!  Garage sales move over!
 Now this is a nifty trick to get heart shaped cupcakes......some people are so smart!  You just put a marble in there!
 This wouldn't be too hard and very could use any kind of fabric if you didn't want white.
 I liked this as it is small and maybe doable and cute too!
 I love this but there is a lot of work involved I'm thinking.  All those red dots are beads!  Precious though............
 And who couldn't use a heart tree for decoration?  Definitely easy and budget friendly..........
But my favorite of all is this little number...........made with Barbara Brackman fabrics........
Now, instead of dreaming I need to get doing!
Do you have any projects in the works for Valentine's Day?  Please share!
Happy Trails!