Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A woman possessed....again!

 This was the view outside my kitchen window this morning........rainy and dark and so cozy I had to turn lights on and burn was perfect Hygge weather!

 I made breakfast while Miss Peeps messed up my rugs as she played with her 'twist ties' of her favorite toys!
 I made a simple (but there was some prepping) breakfast of an open face sandwich with a smashed avocado with lime juice, salt and pepper,  Some sliced radishes and cucumber (English with the skin on) and some hard boiled egg all on top of some whole grain toast.  It was good, healthy and filling.
 It was an Ellie Krueger recipe on her website.........
 Yesterday I got the guest room done with clean linens and dusted and vacuumed and some rearranging, more yarn for the drawers and cleaning out the 2 chests in the room for storing other items.

Every time I clean you will see my Windex bottle in the picture.  I have my own window cleaner that I make but Windex I use for spraying on my rag and cleaning knick-knacks, light bulbs, painted surfaces etc.  It works on so many things!  But I don't care for it on windows or mirrors....go figure.... 
 Today I hit the craft room and cleaned off a bookcase that was in the living room and dragged it into the crafts room.  I have those carpet mover things you place  under furniture so it slides and I even have a long handled pry bar that slides under the furniture so you can pry it up to enable you to slip the sliders under it.  It's a Godsend for those living alone!
 I got it in the crafts room, cleaned it and loaded it up.  It's not pretty but right now I'm just trying to get things off the floor and out of the way so I can find things plus there is a hide-a-bed in this room that needs to be ready depending on who all is coming for Turkey Day.
After I got it loaded up I remembered all those project/pattern notebooks I had removed to my bed!  Uh oh!  So, I had to rearrange and didn't have as much room as I thought I did but it is still better than it was! 
Like I's not pretty but it's clean and semi-organized.  What I also did was set up an empty container in the garage so when I found something for the Thrift store I immediately took it out there and put it in the container.  Of course, there were things that also went into the garbage.

After I finish this I am going to go empty the other bookcase and drag that in the craft room too!  I think I'm on a roll and I hope it keeps up!  I also made out my Thanksgiving Day menu and tomorrow I will make my list and go to the store.  There are some bills to pay tomorrow and a changing of my sheets.  I have leftovers for supper which is nice as I don't have to quit early on my organizing to make supper.  I am super happy about cleaning and clearing out and hopefully being more organized.
I hope you are enjoying the Fall.   What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
Happy Trails!!!  

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Yop Week #20

It's another YOP week again!?!?  It seems I just blogged about it but maybe it's because it doesn't seem like I've made much progress.  I have worked on things but as you'll see it was slow going and I really didn't work on the things I need to be working on!  Do I have a self-defeating issue or what and a non-finishing issue too evidently?  Oh well, I really enjoyed my week though and all things considered I made progress...just not always with my crafts. 
I got some more yarn to finish the granny stitch shawl......I thought it was a one skein project but after one skein you could not wrap it around your neck like I prefer to wear them.  I was making this for myself but the more I work on it I am thinking my daughter might like it?  I'm not sure....I could gift it with a return option if she doesn't care for it but I think it would keep her so warm too in those Iowa winters. 
The sweater got worked on but then the shawl took over.  I need to measure again as I am past where they said to knit but it still doesn't seem long enough to me. 
I did get another 4 squares done on my Cozy Memories Blanket.  It is almost across my bed in width.  I have a full size bed.  All the yarns are worsted but what a difference in many of them.  Some feel like worsted and some feel like DK and smaller but I will squeeze them all in regardless.
When I got the 2nd skein of Mandala from Lion Brand in the Chimera colorway, I picked up 2 other skeins in the Centaur colorway.............I think I want to make another shawl with it but after Christmas.  I'd been looking for this colorway so that's why I grabbed it when I saw it.
 I'm having company for Thanksgiving so I have been cleaning and also organizing my crafts as the plastic container method just wasn't working for me.....not sure if that counts for a YOP project but it should! LOL!  I posted some pics this past week but there is lots more to do!
As for other fiber adventures.......
I watched the following podcasts this week:
The Budget Knitter - a new one that only has 6 out so far and I like him
Stitched in Sweden (caught up)
The Wooden Nest - new and only has 2 so far
The Bakery Bears - on Episode 38 of how many???)
I also heard of a discount craft site called Blitsy and I have not used them but I looked and they had ChiaoGoo  needles for like $5 and I know they are more than check them out.  They have all kinds of craft supplies.  I'm not sure where I heard of  Maybe The Budget Knitter....but thank you to whoever it was!
 I hope you had a wonderfully creative and crafty week!
Happy Trails!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Craft day turned into cleaning day...........

Yesterday was a loss as I went to Walmart.  I get my daily chores done but not much else.  I was so tired after unloading the groceries that I put away the perishables and left the rest for this morning!  I had cheese, summer sausage and crackers for supper and to think I thought I would make supper when I came home! Ha!  Who was I kidding?  But in my defense, I had been up since 3:30 a.m. and it was going on 5:00 p.m.  I did get a few treasures..........this magazine has the cutest little wool Christmas ornaments that look like tags but if I want to make them I will have to get one of those metal eyelet punchers.....I've wanted one for other things but not sure how much they cost and there are different sizes....I'll have to see.............
  I had to refresh my candles and melties....tis the season!  Plus it is so Hygge
 and some yarn, of course................there's a shawl I want to make after gifts are done and it calls for 2 skeins of Mandala by Lion Brand...I can't remember the name of it now but this yarn disappears fast so I have to grab it when I can...............
and a new litter box for Grace.....the one she has is too shallow.......
This morning the sky was on fire and they usually say "pink sky at morning, sailor's warning' but it is a beautiful day....a bit chilly.....high 50's maybe low 60's now but it was 30 F when I got up....yes, at 3:30 a.m. and no, the sun was not up at all .....this picture was taken later...........
I spent the morning putting the groceries away, daily chores and I did a load of laundry.  Then instead of 'crafting' I was wanting to clean up and organize my crafts room.  You know it's time when you can't find your supplies or patterns and they are so 'all over the place'.  I am too embarassed to show you any 'before' pictures but take my word for can barely walk into the room for all the stacked plastic containers.   So.........I think the containers are not such a good idea as they take up room unless you can fit them on shelving somehow.  So, I decided to use an empty dresser in the guest room......for my acrylic that I am utilizing in the Cozy Memories Blanket.  I put all the variegated in one drawer and the solid colors in the other.  This is all worsted weight acrylic yarn.
 This alone will make my life so much easier as before they were in a giant, deep plastic container which I had to root around in whenever I needed a new they are easy to see and grab and I don't tangle them up by my 'rooting'!  The CMB is making a good dent in my acrylic stash too!
  I also finished cleaning the bookcase which needs a paint job and so do the red Dollar Tree baskets I got but that will be next summer....for now they seem to deter Miss Peeps and I have some odd and ends in them and also some quantity yarn (several skeins of the same color). 
I was able to clear some of the crafts room but I have "miles to go before I sleep" can see where some of the containers were sitting.  I'm hoping to move a bookcase in here to house more bins with yarn so I can see what is where when I need it along with books and patterns.
Not sure I'll have much to show for YOP this week but having a functional crafts room will be so worth it!  What were you up to today?  I'm off to make supper.....Hellman's Parmesan Chicken with broccoli and sweet potato.  It' s a great and tasty recipe and it's on their website.....easy to prepare too!
I hope you enjoy your Saturday night!
Happy Trails!!!