Sunday, January 25, 2015

YOP Week #30

I'm having a great weekend and I hope you are too!  Last night I was "flipping" channels waiting for Lawrence Welk to be over so I could watch Father Brown and the Saturday night PBS shows and what to my wondering eyes should appear but my all-time favorite movie...Green Fried Tomatoes but that's not all!  After that it was Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, another favorite!  I laughed, I cried and never did turn the channel to PBS.
I actually have made quite a bit of progress this week too.  I'm knitting a basket weave cloth as my "stash" of wash cloths is gone!  I'm loving this pattern!
 Over the holidays I fell behind in my 'preemie" hats so........I'm back at it.  The bag has July, August, September and October.  I'm almost finished with November so as you can see, I have some catching up to do!
I finally got all the bookmarks blocked too...........I tried using my cutting mat as I thought I saw someone do that but the pins would not stay in very well so I gave up on that method and went back to my old stand by....towels

I also decided to use Mary Ellen's Best Press instead of water as it's scented and it also has "flake-free" starch in it.  It worked great!  It's expensive so I only use it when I'm quilting.
I usually don't take a "day off"; my schedule is pretty much the same regardless of weekends as I'm retired.  But I can be a tireless taskmaster with myself and yesterday it seemed like God was calling me to relax and enjoy so I did!  The girls and I took a hike as it was a beautiful day here and when I came home I "kicked back" and watched all the Saturday gardening and cooking shows on PBS and crocheted a YOP that has been on my list since year #2....a cowl.  I didn't like the original pattern I had chosen but I found another on You Tube by Love 4 Nails.  She has lots of patterns out there and this one is so easy and enjoyable!  I'm already half way done doing the 10 row but you can also do a 20 row one too.  I know these will be on the 2015 Christmas Gift list for sure!  Are cowls for guys too?  I definitely want to make more of these.  I'll search for "guy" patterns but if any of you have any suggestions I would appreciate it!
 My blogging friend Betsy sent me a lovely baby blanket crochet pattern that I had commented on that she had made and in the package she included a Scentsy!  Thank you so much Betsy for the pattern and the Scentsy.  I love them...they have the best "smells"!  Now, I need to clean my car so I can hang it in there. LOL!
I'm trying to use up my old acrylic yarn and wanted to do a solid granny square blanket with all different colors.  I tried a few free patterns but they were not written very well but finally I found a winner that worked for me.  I think they may need to be blocked though or not.  Do any of you block your granny squares?
I didn't blog my Friday Night Sew-In yesterday as my daughter called and people always come before projects and we tend to talk quite a while (if the kids will let  I am making place mats for my son, Benjamin....yes a very belated birthday present.  I did manage to get the material ironed and was getting ready to cut when she called.
Oh well, they'll get done eventually!  Hopefully before his next birthday! LOL!
I've been trying to find things cleaning and organizing my craft supplies and ran across this old cross stitch project that is almost done! What is it with me that I get to the end and not finish things?  No more!  I will be finishing it if I can find the pattern now.....hmmmm...maybe that's the reason I didn't finish in the first place?
This year is different though....I can feel it.  I'm healthier and feel more energetic than I have in quite awhile and I don't want to waste that energy or motivation! BTW, it was the bookmarks that did my wrist's all better now so no more filet crochet for me for awhile! :)
I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Happy Trails......

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fun Friday!!!

Fun Friday is going to be where I share new websites, blogs, products, "pins" that I have come upon in the past week that I think you might enjoy.  So here we go.........

#1 - Decorating and so much more by Priscilla
She is decorator extraordinaire.  Many of you probably already follow her but I am always late to the party.  She had such beautiful Christmas decor and ideas and she's also been stitching up some gorgeous cross stitch patterns...take a look and please stop by her blog and she's on Pinterest too.  I want to do her seasonal cross stitch displays.  Great idea using magnets and she just switches things out depending on the season.
           #2 - Crochet Pattern compliments of Love 4 Nails
 I also ran across a crocheted cowl pattern on someone's blog (can't remember now) but the pattern was on Love 4 Nails on You Tube and she is just darling!  She's great at tutorials and I now know why it's called Love 4 Nails....she has some gorgeous ones!  The link will take you right to the tutorial.  I couldn't post a picture but the link will and she has 2 versions;  a wider one and a narrower one.  They are fast and easy from what I've heard and I've been wanting to make a cowl.

#3 - Sedef of Down Grapevine Lane  She lives with her husband and 2 beautiful children in South Australia.  She is so talented and her latest creation is this darling bookmark and she gives full instructions and a material list on how to make one.  She has been featured in Homespun magazine which is a great magazine published "down under".   If you're lucky enough to be near a Barnes & Noble, I have been known to pick them up there occasionally.  The Aussies have great magazines for sewing and crafting.  I definitely plan on making some of these!  The only thing I need though are eyelets and an eyelet punch.  It's already on my Amazon Craft Wish List! LOL!  Thank you Sedef!  Please visit her blog and she's on Pinterest.  She has so many cute crocheted items too that are just precious....what a talent!

DSC_0509-2collage 600px

 #4 - Is Jessica over at Cutesy Crafts  She has over 3,000 followers so she must be pretty good!  She has quite a variety of interests too.  I thought this was cute.......this was how she told her audience she was pregnant.........darn straight!
#5 - Last, but in no way least, are 2 sites for prizes and giveaways! One is Maureen Cracknell who quilts beautiful quilts and other fabric related items and has a fabric giveaway every Friday! 
Maureen Cracknell Handmade
and one of my "favs" for a long time now, Susan B. Anderson 
She's a wonderful knitter, teacher and pattern designer who is having a Shawl KAL (knit along) and if you sign up you get a discount on her shawl patterns PLUS there will be prizes throughout and at the end if you finish by the deadline which is March 1, I think there is another prize.  There's a Ravelry Group for it and I can't decide plus I don't really have the yarn for it but I want to so badly....I must make a decision tonight!  She just posted it yesterday and there is no starting date but you must use one of her posted patterns.  Read the rules!

If I join I will make this was a hard choice though! 

Let me know if you do any of the above activities and whether or not you are having fun on Fun Friday!!!!
Oh and let us not forget it's        
Handmade by Heidi
I think there may be multiples of these but this is the one I am participating in at Heidi's and there are prizes there too.  Please go to her site to read the rules and please join us!  I have to go get my supplies ready for me. there's nothing on t.v. anyway! LOL!
Happy Trails!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lovely weather the other day...snow tomorrow!

It was just gorgeous for several days here (67 F) but no more...they are predicting snow tomorrow but from what I can see it will probably go South of here.  Whatever happens it won't last as Monday is supposed to 56 F. But on these gorgeous days, the girls and I have been walking...........
Some things never freeze here.......
like mosses..........

and there are some birds here that don't go South that I wish would..............
vultures........they're huge and you have to be careful when they fly over you for obvious reasons........
I'm not sure what the difference is between the red beaked and the not red beaked....male/female? 

Oh! A baby long needle pine!  We have lots of cedars here so it's nice to see a different variety..........

It was really nice to have the sun shining down on us as we walked..........

And sparkling off the water...........there were people out in their boats too which was nice to see.
Now tomorrow is supposed to be cold and snowy which is fine with me.  I like variety! LOL!
Happy Trails!