Saturday, September 22, 2018

It's here!!! Finally, Fall is here!

 This is what it looks like here today except our trees haven't changed color that much yet.  It's a very cozy day and it's only 62 F!  Yippee!!!

I have been doing some decorating............
The pink lights of Summer have been replaced by orange and the fireplace is all set to be lit....maybe tonight? 
If I remember correctly this came off the stovepipe in my kitchen on the farm......F  for Farm and Fall
The 2 gourds are dried by me years ago....I used to grow gourds in my garden.....the big one is an 'apple' gourd.....

I've had this little triptych for years...I think I got it at a college art auction my daughter was helping with....I still love it..........
My Dollar store scarecrow and my pumpkin warmer that is filled with those scent beads in the apple fragrance.....those beads are so nice compared to the wax muss and no fuss!
I have a thing for fiber optics and I love this scarecrow who turns different colors..........he's been around for awhile too..............
It wouldn't be Autumn without Susan Branch and her wonderful illustrations and recipes.....I'll be looking at this tonight for some Fall inspiration..........
I added one new item this year so far...........I was at the dollar store and they had these 2 pumpkin doilies for $1 for 2...........I couldn't resist!  BTW....they're on a bench/table in front of my armchairs but it looks like it's on the!
I will be posting more as I am missing some items like my big pumpkin candle, my hand crocheted gourds and leaves banner.  I keep some things back for Halloween so those will come out later.
I'm having a great day decorating and listening to the Iowa State game and now I am off to  make my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and do some handwork.  I hope you are enjoying your first day of Fall!
Happy Trails!!!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall!!! Are you ready?

I dragged up my Fall decorations (not Halloween....that's a whole separate decorating adventure) from the basement for tomorrow's festivities.....I have my Pumpkin Spice Latte ingredients all set and candles for the celebration...........
There will be more pictures tomorrow!  The rains are coming...thunderstorms and flash flood warnings in some parts but I'll stay in and have a cozy time of it.....perfect Hygge weather and then the AC will go off after the cold front comes through and hopefully we can say good riddance to Summer 2018!
I went to the library hunting down books for some of  the series I'm reading and made lists in a notebook of what I've read and all the books in each series in I anal or what? LOL!
But I do lose track.  I got one book for one series and then a few others that looked interesting......
this is the next one in the Agatha Raisin series by these books! They're light hearted mysteries.
  and then I saw this one that looked interesting............
This was a new one and I'm not sure I can or should read it but I must prepare myself for the eventuality of my girls future and mine too!

This was also a new book and it might help with my landscaping issues..........I can only pray it does!
I made a nice comfort meal for myself for the next several days.......meatballs and old favorite of mine............I should have taken a picture of the recipe card but I forgot....I'll do that tomorrow or else copy it right onto the blog's a long recipe and it takes awhile to make but it is so good!
The meatballs could be made ahead of time and they are good with spaghetti and sauce too.......
The spaetzle gave me fits this time.....I must have used a different collander as it would not go through the holes or else I had a pan that would hold the collander above the water...anyway I ended up scooping a bit of the batter on a whisk and stirring it into the boiling water.....much easier and not so's like homemade noodles.  I would say that the whole dish is like a poor man's beef stroganoff but it does have caraway seed which gives it a distinct flavor that I happen to love.
I also made some gingersnap cookies...these are all Fall favorites of mine...........
In addition earlier in the week I made a Marguerite pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and my fresh didn't last long at all!
I am onto the gusset of my toe up sock (1 of 2)....Sockmatician's instructions (which are free if I remember) are the best!  His video of Judy's Magic Cast On is also the best.....he's a great teacher whether written with pictures or video....I highly recommend!
That's all for now folks!  So excited and grateful for all my blessings of my girls, great food, great books and handwork for my hands and my blogging friends of course!  I hope you have a cozy evening and a Hygge weekend doing what makes you most grateful and joyful.
Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Thifty Tuesday

 Yes, Fall is coming and it is arriving this coming Saturday!  We're supposed to get rain Thursday and Friday here in the Ozarks with a cold front dropping the temps into the 70's as opposed to the 90's.  So excited!  I can't wait!
Aside from that great news, I have been trying to be aware of waste and trying to re-purpose and reuse when appropriate.  For example, I had 1/2 of a lemon left from a recipe and usually I put it in a container and find it weeks later covered in mold...wasted!  So, this time I took the 1/2 lemon and made myself some homemade 7-Up!  I had accidentally bought some little bottles of what I thought were water but ended up to be club soda.  I  squeezed out the lemon juice added some sugar, the club soda and ice and Voila!  7-Up!  Maybe not exactly but it was tasty and that 1/2 lemon did not go to waste this time!
 I also do the same with egg yolks or whites when I have a recipe that calls for one or the other but not both.  This time I had whites left over.  Not enough for meringue but I made scrambled eggs the next  morning and threw the whites in and whisked them in with a few whole eggs.....light and fluffy and they did not go to waste like they usually would.
The next item you've heard me mention...mending my fitted sheet.  Well, I kept putting it off because I really didn't know how to do it.  I had looked on You Tube but they took the old elastic out of the casing.  I tried but it was so old and 'baked' onto the sheet itself that I put it up for several weeks. But I needed that sheet so today was the day!  I decided to sew the elastic on top of the casing and having never worked with elastic (except 40 years + ago when I made clothes for my kids) I figured I must have to stretch it and use a zigzag stitch..that much I knew.  So, my bobbin ran out, the light bulbs in my kitchen light had to be replaced and I threaded the machine wrong but after I got that all straightened out I dove in...........and it worked!  Now next time, I think I would get a heavier duty elastic but considering I used what I had I was super pleased!  I only did the corners and then I had 2 strips about 12 inches long each left over so I sewed some on the long sides of the sheet too.  Woo Hoo!  These sheets were all stretched out but there was nothing else wrong with them so that saved some serious money....have you priced sheets lately?
    That's all for my Thrifty Tuesday.  The next picture is for my daughter...she wanted to see my Falling Leaves it is Amy....well, half of it anyway.  I'm working on the 2nd half and then you sew them together with a Kitchener Stitch.  Meanwhile it is hanging out on waste yarn...the red.
 Happy Trails!!!