Sunday, December 4, 2016

YOP Week #23

I just realized I have not blogged since YOP Week #22!  But I do have my Christmas shopping done, doctor visits and blood work over until Spring and clean clothes and food made for the week!  I apologize that I have not been "present" in the blogging community this week...heck, I haven't even listened to a podcast!  Shopping, be it in person or online, is exhausting, both mentally and physically but it is a wonderful feeling to give to those you care about.  I also stopped trying to make all those gifts....why put that kind of pressure on myself?  I want to enjoy my Christmas too!  I could do it probably if I spent every moment until Christmas but then I wouldn't have decorated or baked cookies or gotten ready for my little Christmas, and since I spend it alone it is important that I make it special for myself.  So, let the holidays begin!
Be assured, I am still working on the presents but no pressure.....just steady progress.  For the giraffe.....I got the head done and need to sew on.....

The cross stitch is coming along especially since I recently purchased the right type and size of needle.  I'll be working on it this afternoon.......
I went to Hobby Lobby last week while I was in Mountain Home and picked up yarn for the 3rd giraffe and a few other skeins...........

Last night I was wanting to try the scarf pattern that Becki had shown a few YOP weeks ago crocheted in the linen stitch.  So, I grabbed my Lion Brand yarn that was similar to the Red Heart she used and checked the pattern for hook size and away I went!   I chained the required 400 and actually did 2 1/2 rows on it............
but it was a struggle and was not "flowing" like in relaxed crochet mode.  I had to quit as my hands were really hurting from it.  I checked the label and the pattern and realized that the yarn was worsted....not fingering weight like the pattern called for plus I was the using the size E hook (very small) that the pattern DID call for.........duh!  How long have I been doing this?  So......that's what I get for starting a project at the end of the day when I'm tired and not at the top of my game for sure! LOL!  No wonder my hands hurt!  So, I'll be starting over with the appropriate sized hook for the yarn weight and maybe I will go check out Becki's project notes that she recommended but which I did not read because....dontchaknow.....I wanted to "dive right in"!  But I did learn the stitch and with the right tools I think I will definitely enjoy it!  Sometimes I wonder how I am able to survive on my own! LOL!
As for future plans and know how I can't seem to stick to my original list....too many bright and shiny objects that catch my eye.  Here are a few in the works...........
This was mentioned by Breathing Life last week on her YOP post and I thought it was such a wonderful idea that I took her up on it.  It started December 1st and I just ordered my yarn and needles but what the's a wonderful sentiment especially with all that is going on around the world.  I do believe thoughts carry energy and if knitting by people thinking peaceful thoughts will help, I am all for it!  I had several "run-ins" with unhappy humans this week and just the news alone is enough to make one break down in tears so this came at a very good time. We all need a little bolstering at this time of year and a reminder of what this season is all about....peace and love.  So, thank you Breathing Life and Christina Campbell and the wonderful illustrator Lisa Orgler.  This is a free pattern on Ravelry and there is a group on Ravelry also, The Healthy Knitter.  Christina is at The Healthy Knitter and Lisa can be reached at where she blogs about garden design.  I will be late to the party by the time my supplies arrive but I will enjoy it regardless.
There was also something that caught my eye in an email I got from Deramores and I think it is so cute!  It is a kit with pattern and yarns to make these cars ............

and this playmat..........

I think it's a hoot and it's $28.50 before shipping but look at those chubby little knitted cars!  Too cute!  It is a Deramores exclusive so that is the only place you can get it.....adorable!
There's a striped hat pattern and yarn kit I want too, for myself but the budget is getting strained and I already ordered "stuff" so maybe my birthday in January?   It is this one at Woolyn which TammyG visited last week.  I went over to the link provided and that's when I saw it and fell in love!
Isn't it darling?  I emailed them to see if they had any kits left but if they don't I will try and replicate on my own.....I love it too much to let it go!LOL!  Great idea about the yarn on those cards too.  I have a bunch of those that I use for cross stitch floss.
I have treasures coming.....I got so many ideas from you all last week!  I ordered the Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball color Feng Shui to make a scarf for my daughter for next Christmas.....from the talented crocheting from MrsMcD918....I loved hers!  I've decided I'm not late on Christmas presents...I'm just early for next year! LOL!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

YOP Week #22

 I have a finish!!!!  Don't faint!   But in all fairness, I do work on some big projects....the Giant Granny Square blanket is finished!  Ta Da!
 This is the best I can do for a picture as you can see Miss Peeps has already claimed it and I must admit I used it last night as it is getting cold down here! Brrr....and it's a damp cold which goes right through you. 
 As you can see it is folded in half in the picture so it is pretty large.
 She was literally sitting there with her eyes closed.....I think we're all in hibernation mode around here.
The edging is 4 rows and I had to concentrate on it but I really like how it turned really takes the blanket "up a notch" as Emeril would say.  I will be putting a border on all my blankets from now on.
Santa's Workshop is in full swing now...........a giraffe body is finished and starting on the head.........
The bright yellow is the true color although I like the pale yellow in the photo but kids like bright colors so there you go..........
I am using Susan B. Anderson's pattern from her book and Craftsy Class.....The Not So Tiny Giraffe.
I am using acrylic I had on hand and that yarn does not stretch!  Plus, it makes my hands sore after working with it for awhile but I must forge ahead!  It's soft but doesn't have much give.
Here's the one I made for Sam last year...........

This one's for Grayson and now Uriah wants one too so I have my work cut out for me!

I was keeping up with my Cozy Memory blanket until Santa's Workshop it's on hold until after Christmas.
I did have an acquisition last week but haven't done anything with it yet...........some of you saw it in a previous post.  I want to make a crocheted linen stitch scarf or scarves like Becki made and showed in her post a few weeks ago.  LOVE that scarf but I need to know how you combined those 2 yarns, Becki?  Did you use 2 throughout or just one at a time but switched?  I may have to order the Red Heart as I loved yours in those colors so much!  These yarns below are Lion's Brand and not sure which to combine. 
Are you making presents this year and if so what?  The Knitting Pipeline Ravelry Group has several years worth of threads on Handmade gifts and it's not all knitting or handwork, some are crafts and soap and all kinds of things.  You should check it out as there are some really cool ideas and gifts on that thread.   

 I hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate it and got there safely and back home again!
Happy Trails!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

 I hope you have a wonderful one!

Happy Trails!