Friday, September 20, 2019

Imelda's here.........

Finally some rain and cooler temps!  Yay for Fall!  I don't want as much rain as Texas got though.  Those poor people!  It's been a rough week for my family with Tracy, my SIL, in intensive care.  He was finally moved to a regular floor yesterday but he is not doing well and they may transfer him to Iowa City.  Please say a prayer for him and his family.
Meanwhile, I try to stay busy to keep my mind off of all the sad things going on around me and in the world in general.  I got my garage steps finished...........I really like the dark gray!
 I also cleaned the door to the garage as it was filthy.  I used Krud Kutter (Walmart) full strength and it did the job!  I then used Restore (Walmart) on it which is for restoring the finish and covering scratches etc.  It worked great also.......                BEFORE:  (40  years of dirt and grime!)
 I received treasures today!!!  I got a beautiful handmade card from Connie (Far Side of Fifty) and a wonderful hand written note from made my day, Connie....thank you so much!  On top of that it is HER birthday today not mine.....please stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday....if anyone deserves it...she does!  Look at her beautiful art work.............
 I also got a treasure box from my daughter and the boys....they had it in the works before Tracy went in the hospital.......they are so thoughtful.........2 little catnip for Grace and one for Miss Peeps.........
 This from the boys........all the 'nut' candy that Grayson can't have and he knows Grandma loves Almond Joy and Reese's PB Cups.......  Plus, there were other things they put in there....a little stained 'glass' (plastic) window hangar.............

 a giant 'jewel'. some mini-sharpies and some lip balm...those boys are so generous....they would give you just about anything if you asked....except maybe their Legos!?!  LOL!
I also got this darling ceramic truck filled with pumpkins.......

 sorry for the lighting is rainy and dark out.......
This magnetized grocery list pad will come in handy...........
and some Penzey's spices and caramel hot cocoa.....I am set for Fall!
 I finally got the shower cleaned and Grace's new "high-walled" litter box installed.   I have a shower mat and drain plug underneath so no litter goes down the drain and I have 2 air fresheners on the soap holders.  Eventually there will be a curtain too.  I plan on sewing some green checked curtains for the window and shower....eventually.
Another goal this week was mow the lawn which I did, get groceries at Walmart, get gas for mower and truck and clean the west side of the family room..........which I did.......I've found if I break my goals down into smaller pieces I get more done otherwise some jobs seem overwhelming....I have more room on this bookcase now and those vintage cowgirl Tea Towels were a gift from my daughter at Christmas.  I just laid them there but I might make them into curtains at some point.  For now they're hiding my bill basket......

 and maybe some yarn so Miss Peeps can't get at it...........what I really need are doors on all my bookcases!
It's time to start supper and work on my knitting after that.  I hope you had a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Trails!!!  

Sunday, September 15, 2019

YOP Week #11

  My goals for YOP for this week were to finish the color tipped scarf, the Maybelle blanket and the dishcloth.  I also wanted to cast on the socks and do some cross stitch.  Well, the best laid plans.....
1) I did finish the washcloth.........

  and started another one.............for Halloween............
2)  The color tipped scarf did not get worked on at all but I am hoping today.......
3)   I did make another Victorian Square which isn't even on my list.......
4)  I did crochet on my rag rug and today I need to sew some more strips looks crooked in the picture but actually it isn't...the ends are even and it is fun to work on.........
5) I did finish attaching all the squares of the Maybelle blanket but.....I forgot about the edging.......duh!  I managed to get 3 rounds done of about 8, I think, before I ran out of yarn!  Dang it!  So, I need to place another yarn order for overseas but at least they're quicker than Amazon! LOL!
6)  I did manage to cast on for the socks......and did one row of the cuff.........can you see it? LOL!
This next week my goals are exciting!  I am starting this stash busting CAL which is by Annie's Design Crochet in Ireland.  Of course, I had to participate as I have Irish blood running through my veins.....I heard about it last week from Just Magic Maria in our YOP group.  I hope she's going to do it too.  I'll be using my Stylecraft DK.  It starts tomorrow!  Anyone else want to join in?  It's crochet.

Also, there's another one that Sandra Paul from Cherry Heart is starting on the 24th...Nature's Walk Blanket which is a free pattern on Ravelry.  There are also yarn packs available in 3 different colorways.  I'll be joining in on that one too!  I know....I'm nuts but it's fun to be me! LOL!

So the goals for this coming week for YOP are 1) finish Halloween washcloth, 2) finish cuff on sock 3) get yarns ordered for Maybelle and maybe some for the CALs too 4) finish color tipped scarf  5) sew more strips for rag rug and 6) start the Blaithin CAL.  I did work on Witchy Wednesday cross stitch but that was about all I did in cross stitch.

As for news around the home's been a rough end of the week.  My SIL is in the hospital in intensive care with pneumonia and a possible blood clot on/in his lung.  Also, my daughter had to run Grayson to the emergency care center with a bad ear infection and pink eye.  That poor girl!  I wish I was there to help her out.  I worry about her health too with all that's gone on.  Also, I called my other grandson, Uriah, and he's having a hard time adjusting to his uncle's death...they were very close.  Amy said she had a hard time being at the hospital last night as it brought everything back from when we were with Jim at the hospital.  Rough weekend!
I did get some gray paint on those garage steps though and this time it stuck!  They will need another coat but they look good.  I need to mow but I refuse to go out when it is so hot!  I water but that's about it!  I'll wait until it cools off next week. 
I hope you had a good week and that Fall is making an appearance in your neck of the woods!  I can't wait!
 Please stop by and see all the other fantastic projects that other YOP'ers are working on.

I made my list for 2019-2020 finally minus the pictures and links.  If you want to see those you can click on the right hand side link "YOP2019-2020".

1.  Color Tipped Scarf by Purl Soho - in progress
2.  WIP
1.  The Dainty Dollie finished  July 2019
2. WIP
1.  Purl Soho Pullover
2.  WIP
1.  Helix Hat- finished August 2019
2.  WIP
1.  Crocheted Rag Rug - in progress
2.  WIP
1.  Little Hearts
2.  WIP
1.  DIY Lip Balm
2.  WIP
1.  Square Knitted Scrubbies
2.  Halloween dishcloth 
3.  Orange washcloth for Amy's Advent present - finished 9/13
1.  Easy Fingerless Mitts
2.  WIP
1.  The Prohibition Shawl Recipe
2.  Multnomah shawl but must do Feather and Fan cowl first for practice
1. Hibernate Crochet Blanket
2. Maybelle
*addtional*  3. Blaithin CAL 
*additional* 4.  Victorian Squares
1.  Fan and Feather Cowl
2.  Gradient Cowl on Line Weight
1.  Simple House Slippers
2.  Felted Loafer Slippers
*additional* 3.  WYS Goldfinch socks- in progress
1.  Christmas  Pixies
2.  Frida Kahlo Basket - in progress
1.  Japanese Gardening Slacks
2.  WIP
1.  Whole Cloth Quilted Journal Cover
2.  WIP

Friday, September 13, 2019

It was Wally World yesterday.........

I also went to the Dollar Tree and got a few items but not much of what was on my list.  I had looked at a Pinterest "hack" posting of 50 things you could get at the dollar store to organize especially in the kitchen....well....they had none of those items!  Maybe the wrong dollar store?  I'll try Dollar General later this week.  I did get this cute sign for Halloween though...........for $1.............

   I found more primer in the basement that was "fresher" and I put a coat of it on the steps this tomorrow I will try the gray porch paint again

My other books arrived today which is great because I finished this one last good these books...just gentle and relaxing  reads...........
I already started book #2 of Joanna Fluke's Hannah Swenson mysteries.......I was itching to read her reminds me of home in the midwest and snow and small town living........and she's single!  They are great mysteries too and a bit humorous at times plus she has a cat.....of course!  P.S. It comes with great recipes also!
I got this first book in the Poldark series which was a PBS Masterpiece Theater series that I only saw about 2 of.  A friend of mine said the books are great and she couldn't put them down.....I'll let you know.  BTW , did I ever get back to you on that monkey butt powder?  It's awesome and I love it!  The calamine lotion makes all the difference!
I got out my pumpkin cross stitch from last year...I'm going for a totally handmade house as much as possible...........sorry for the crooked angle......

I also started a "halloweenie" washcloth.........tis getting to be the season...although evidently not in the Ozarks........still hot and dry.......but it's supposed to change right on the first day of Fall....I can't wait!  
Are you decorating for Fall?  Any color changes where you are?  Any leaves falling? 
I hope you have a great weekend planned!
Happy Trails!!!