Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Today I am bringing you a look and link to a very talented lady whose creativity and love for Halloween I just have to share with you.  Her name is Isabella Abbiati and she is the owner of The Primitive Hare, a blog and online shop featuring her primitive cross stitch designs and so much more!
 I admit I have not ordered any of her patterns......yet but she is pushing me over the edge! LOL!  Especially with her latest SAL below...........

 She not only has original designs which you can purchase and download but all the neat accessories to go with them; charms, frames, aged linen, and stitching accessories.
even Casper.............

Here are just a few of her unique designs.........

Today she has a free Halloween design on her blog that you can download and while you're there take a look at all her other designs in addition to her "witchy" ones.  If you plan on joining her SAL "On Wednesdays We Stitch Black" please let me know as we could start a regular group that I could feature on my blog for showing all your black stitches!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I was doing so good until.............

I blogged every single day last week until Monday.........I was trying to get the grand children's Halloween presents in the mail and if anything could have gone wrong yesterday it did!  First, I forgot to take pictures, then I had made pumpkin bread to mail......not a good idea!  Do you have any idea how heavy pumpkin bread is?  I swear it drove the cost of shipping right out the window!  Then I was out of boxes so I had to go to the next town to get boxes and stand there in the post office trying to put them together and get everything in the right size box.  At least I brought "filler" and tape and had the labels all made out already.  From now on they'll be getting light weight cookies! LOL!     
So, I broke my perfect record of blogging..........I was exhausted but they're in the mail!  I did some more decorating............
See the lights?   They look better at night........
It rained this morning and the colors are really changing fast now.........
 Not sure it's going to be the prettiest though....we'll see
This cloud looked just like a witch flying on her'll have to trust me as it faded when I ran for the you see things in clouds?  I'm always looking at them...I've seen many things over the years.
I finished the 2nd Christmas present today of I can't remember how's too frightening to think about! LOL!  
Of course Grace had to be there for the photo session..............
Other that, I changed sheets, did laundry, bread is being made in the bread maker and I ironed.  that's all for now folks!  I'll be
catching up with you all tomorrow hopefully!  Happy Trails!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

YOP Week #17

 Creepy picture of the day...........getting you in the mood for the big night!  Halloween!
 For those of you who follow my blog regularly there is an update to the new neighbor.  I went out to get the mail and there she was!  I told her to "wait please" as I had something for her.  I ran into the house and grabbed the bread and dishcloth and ran back out before she could disappear!  Whew!  She said she had been gone all week entertaining some out-of-town guests and hadn't been home much.  I had met her before and really liked her.  She appreciated the bread and cloth and gave me a big hug.  I think she will be a great addition to this neighborhood and I'm very grateful to have another single gal around.
Also, I am repeating this for my YOP visitors as I had posted it earlier this week.  I finished my little ghosts and I think they turned out so cute!  I hope the grand boys like them.  The Halloween packages will be getting wrapped up today and mailed out tomorrow hopefully.
It's been so beautiful and cooler here that I haven't spent a lot of time inside but today is in the 80's so not a problem....too hot for me especially since my work is on the Southern side of the house.
 I got 2 of the 5 preemie hats done for October.  There will a set of 4 for a boy and one more for a girl.  I alternate sets of 4 for a boy and a girl.
 I didn't quite finish Sam's hat but I did get one ear flap done.  When the other ear flap is finished then I will make 2 tassels that go on the end of the i-cord that you see there.
 I've been working fairly steadily on my daughter's scarf but had a terrible scare the other night.  I was turning it to do the next row and there was a big hole!  How? Why?  What happened?  On further inspection, the yarn had broken!  I quickly tied the 2 ends meanwhile thinking it was probably a goner and who knows how many stitches got dropped as it was quite a few rows down from where I was working.  Well, the knitting angels must have been with me that night because so far so good and I see no dropped stitches....nothing's unraveling!  I am blessed!  I'll be done when the skein is done.  Scarves are funny.....when you're working on them they seem so long but when you try them on they're not.   One skein will make a perfect length and that's exactly what the label stated!  This skein was a gift from my friend Sue, the book fairy.  Thank you again, Sue, as this will make a lovely present.
 I mentioned last week I had picked up a size 7 circular at Walmart but the cable was too long.  What was I thinking?  They only had one size 7 and I just grabbed it. was 29" long.  I needed a 16" but once again the knitting angels were helping me and the next morning I found my size 7 16" circular!  I still need more though.  You know, for casting on a zillion more projects!  LOL!
This is my SIL's Kinnick Jersey #24 Iowa Hawkeye hat to be.  The pattern is loosely based on the Fibonacci sequence.  I love me some math! ( I'm a retired computer scientist/systems programmer so I really do love math.)
 That's all for this week.  Happy Trails!
I'll be around later after I get those packages wrapped up! And some pumpkin bread made and.....LOL! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Down the rabbit hole....

I ran out of "creepy" pictures so thought I would go cheerier for your Halloween picture of the day.

I love learning and to that end I heard about a fantastic opportunity for all who are lifelong learners like me.  No, it's not those expensive "Great Courses" that you get the catalog in the mail for.  These are free and offered by one of the premier institutions of learning.  It is MIT   Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  There is no cost although you can donate and you don't get any credit just the joy of learning and keeping your mind active and engaged.  I'm still trying to decide what to sign up for.  I love science and technology and math and I have always wanted to study women's history as none of that was offered when I went to college and maybe religions of the much to choose from!

Yesterday was not too productive....I went to "early vote" and realized it isn't until the 30th.  Then I once again tried to deliver a "welcome" gift to my new neighbor...........a loaf of fresh bread and a knitted dish cloth but to no avail.  I knock and knock but no one comes to the door.  I thought maybe she had gone somewhere with someone else since her car was in the drive but later the dogs were out so I have no idea.  I don't have her phone number although she has mine and she told me her number isn't listed and she didn't offer it.  So, I tried but fresh bread doesn't last as mine has no preservatives.
 Nitty kept staring at me and through E.S.P. I deduced that she really, really wanted to go for a walk and so we did.  It was a perfect day! 

 Thanks for going on our walk with was over 3 miles and up some steep hills!  But you made it!
Happy Trails!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Casper the friendly ghost.............

Creepy (beautiful) picture of the day.........
Yesterday I finally finished the financials and the ghosts!  Ta Da!  Here's Casper and his friends......

accompanied by my Wicked Witch sign in the background......
and of course her majesty herself.....the wicked witch!
These will be packed up and "flying through the night" to the grandboy's houses along with some Halloween books, treats and fun and games.  If I have any energy left I might make something for their parents too. LOL!
I also made a loaf of bread and a dish cloth as a "welcome" for my new neighbor but when I took it over (still warm) she never came to the door.  The dogs barked but no sign of her so I'll try again tomorrow.
I watched Grey's Anatomy last night and crocheted the first of a boy's preemie set for October....4 more to go before the end of the month.  I've misplaced my #7 circular and looked everywhere as I was going to start the hat for Grayson but to no avail.  I guess I'll order one as I use it for so many projects.  I also worked on the scarf and found a hole!!!!  I thought I dropped a stitch but I didn't....the yarn broke!  I found the 2 ends and tied them up good and tight and miraculously it looks okay.  I thought for sure it would start unraveling at  any moment but so far so good!  Say a prayer, please.
Today is supposed to be nice out so I think I'll go "early vote", try taking the gift to the new neighbor again and maybe get some work done outside plus so much more! LOL!
I hope you're having a great Friday and have great plans for the weekend!  Happy Trails! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday already?

 Creepy Picture of the day............
Yesterday I finally got around to changing my sheets. I usually do it on Sunday or Monday.  I did a load of laundry and took recycling. I went out and collected acorns and yes, they're finally turning brown although I did grab a few green ones. I'll post pictures tomorrow of them and "the tiniest acorns you have ever seen"...they are so cute.  They're about as big as the tip of my little finger.
I'll send some to the grand boys so they can see them.
I worked on financials all afternoon and went through more paperwork.  I'm behind and I am determined to stay on top of it this time! (Yeah right.).  In the evening I watched the news and then Nashville while I crocheted a #1 (the smallest) preemie hat for a boy and then knitted on my daughter's scarf for a bit. The colors are finally starting to change here......yippee!
Here's my Sugar Maple I planted about 10 years ago.
and in the woods.........
The majority is still pretty green though. I think our "peak" is around the end of October.  The lake is through the trees there............
 There's still a few flowers blooming..........
 these are "weeds" but I think they're's a bush full of tiny daisies
and lots of green tomatoes still on the vine............

and occasionally a ripe one....
Today I'm finishing up the financials and paperwork, I have to get the ghosts done, make some pumpkin bread and some regular bread for my new neighbor to welcome her, along with one of my crocheted dish cloths, more laundry, shake some rugs, vacuum, iron and that is what they call "wishful thinking"! LOL!  I hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy Trails!