Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Musings...............

The other day I posted some of my kitchen cupboard cleaning pictures but I  think I posted the "before" and never the "after" so here we go.........
There's more room and I still have that empty cabinet over the frig.  I've since lined it with vinyl shelf paper also which I like a lot. Then I moved to the drawer beneath the counter.....there's no before as it really doesn't look any different other than it's been washed and the organizer trays cleaned and more vinyl liner installed.
I have 2 appliances that have been taking up valuable real estate and aren't functioning.  A Hoover Floor Mate (old) and a bread maker (also old).  I took the Hoover apart and washed it well and especially the seals.  I googled "trouble shooting Hoover Floor Mate" and found a wealth of information.  I'll try it out today and if it still doesn't work it is going out in the garbage tomorrow.  Same with the bread maker.
This took 3 hours or more by the time I researched it and took it apart and cleaned it all.  I'm beginning to think that the old simpler ways were much more efficient, less costly and low maintenance.  But when I first got RA and couldn't do much of anything, my sweet daughter bought this for me so I could do my floors.  I had done them on my hands and knees in the past.  Those days are gone! LOL!  Although every once in awhile I will but not on my knees....I just plop down on my "keister".  It's really the only way you can clean corners and around doorways etc.  
Now, I utilize an O'Cedar mop with a spray feature and a container I can fill with my own floor cleaner that I make and with removable, washable pads I can throw in the washer.
BTW, overnight the colors here have started turning!  I wonder if the acorns are still green?
Today is change sheets, laundry, iron, make a nice comfort meal, get Halloween gifts finished up and go for my flu shot.  There's lots more but I won't bore you! LOL!  What are you up to today?
It's all fun to me.  As long as I can go at my own pace I enjoy everything I do and when I get tired that's the end of the day for me.  I try to get my top priorities done first though in case I "poop out" early! LOL!  Have a great Monday!
Happy Trails!


  1. Sounds like you have a good philosophy. I certainly don't get as much done as I used to. Wish I had some of that energy back!

  2. I've also gotten rid of lots of so called "time savings" devices. They end up taking more of my time and energy than the older ways. I've also done laundry and washed and changed the sheets. Ironing this afternoon. Love your organizing pictures. They're very motivating.

  3. I always do the what is the most important today thing and hope I get to move ahead to the next projects...if not there is tomorrow!
    I got my flu shot today.
    That floor scrubber looks like lots of work...we have a Shark Steamer...I like it.
    I still do some floors on hands and knees and butt too when my knees get sore.
    You have a good week! :)


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