Friday, October 24, 2014

Casper the friendly ghost.............

Creepy (beautiful) picture of the day.........
Yesterday I finally finished the financials and the ghosts!  Ta Da!  Here's Casper and his friends......

accompanied by my Wicked Witch sign in the background......
and of course her majesty herself.....the wicked witch!
These will be packed up and "flying through the night" to the grandboy's houses along with some Halloween books, treats and fun and games.  If I have any energy left I might make something for their parents too. LOL!
I also made a loaf of bread and a dish cloth as a "welcome" for my new neighbor but when I took it over (still warm) she never came to the door.  The dogs barked but no sign of her so I'll try again tomorrow.
I watched Grey's Anatomy last night and crocheted the first of a boy's preemie set for October....4 more to go before the end of the month.  I've misplaced my #7 circular and looked everywhere as I was going to start the hat for Grayson but to no avail.  I guess I'll order one as I use it for so many projects.  I also worked on the scarf and found a hole!!!!  I thought I dropped a stitch but I didn't....the yarn broke!  I found the 2 ends and tied them up good and tight and miraculously it looks okay.  I thought for sure it would start unraveling at  any moment but so far so good!  Say a prayer, please.
Today is supposed to be nice out so I think I'll go "early vote", try taking the gift to the new neighbor again and maybe get some work done outside plus so much more! LOL!
I hope you're having a great Friday and have great plans for the weekend!  Happy Trails! 


  1. You've had a busy day. I'm sure the boys will love your package of goodies. The ghosts turned out really cute. It is so sweet of you to bake bread for your neighbor. I hope you catch up to her soon.

  2. I love Casper and friends! You are so smart to crochet cute things like this. I get pumpkins...but then run out of time to make them! Enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. What a lovely neighbor you are. This hat is so cute. I like your Halloween niche there. The ghosts are adorable. My little one told me she wants one now.


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