Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Creepy picture of the day!

How I spent my Monday........
got my flu shot (pneumonia shot next week)
went to the store and got softner salt, milk, a cabbage and a whole chicken for roasting today
cleaned the litter box
put salt in the water softner
put the Hoover Floormate back together and tested...it failed so now it is out by the street for garbage pickup today
tested bread machine and it worked!
defrosted kielbasa for supper
made cabbage slaw salad with peanut dressing
made turtle brownies
talked to my daughter
watched DWTS and Castle while knitting Christmas scarf for above daughter
did my daily Sodoku puzzle
read Mary Jane's Farm magazine (Oct/Nov 2014), Bible, Those of the Forest and Joyce of the North Woods
lights out!

This is "ye old" bread maker... I'm guessing 30 years old? But I tested it and lo and behold........

 it still makes a beautiful loaf of bread..............

I used a recipe from King Arthur Flours 
their "Easy As Can Be" recipe.  They have the most wonderful website with everything a baker could want and more!  Their recipes and their flour are excellent.  I highly recommend their site and all their products and recipes.
 I also made a super simple, super healthy slaw recipe......it came from Mark Bittman's 25 Favorite Minimalist Recipes
 Mark is the food editor for the New York Times and has wonderful cookbooks out there and plenty of wonderful articles and recipes you can get on the web.  He believes good food needn't be difficult.  My sentiments exactly!  Here is an example in a comment from one of his readers: (I'm making the chicken today)

1) Indoor beer can chicken. One can froof it up with all sorts of stuff, but really, all you have to do is this: a) Preheat oven to 350F. b) Open can of beer and pour off 3/4 thereof into a glass for later (or other) use. c) Grab a whole dressed chicken, minus innards, and grease inside and out with edible lubricant of your choice (olive oil, drawn butter, etc.). d) Shove open end of can up bird’s butt. e) Set bird, can and all, onto roasting pan and put on lowest oven rack for 75 to 90 minutes. f) Serve and enjoy.2) Peanut-vinegar cabbage salad. a) Chop one head of cabbage as you would for slaw (this takes thirty seconds). b) Heat 4 tbsp. peanut butter (creamy or chunky) in microwave until liquid (this also takes thirty seconds). c) Mix with equal amount of vinegar (style points if you use Japanese rice vinegar). d) Toss in bowl with chopped cabbage. Elegant, delicious, easy.

Here's the slaw she was talking about....delish!  (BTW I did have the rice vinegar so I scored the extra points!  YES!)
I had it with some kielbasa I had defrosted and it was a perfect combo.  Tonight I'll have it with my beer can chicken that I'm roasting except I don't drink beer out of cans so I will have to find a "work around" using my pumpkin ale in a bottle. LOL!
I also made turtle brownies....if you know me you know that I don't buy very much "processed" food;  I make almost everything from scratch and I rarely eat out but once in awhile even a puritan strays off the path and stray I did...but in a good way.......

and it came from this box...........and they taste wonderful but next time I will make my own adding walnuts and homemade Dulce De Leche or caramel ice cream topping.  These were good in a pinch though. (tee hee)
I've rambled enough for one blog post and I need to get to work if I want to have anything to blog about tomorrow...and there's that chicken waiting.
Happy Trails!


  1. I love King Arthur recipes! Love their flour too. Nothing like a warm loaf of bread on a windy fall day! Hmmmm.... maybe I need to bake bread today....

  2. Looks like a good and busy day.
    I love King Arthur flour too... such nice products, and delicious recipes.

    Glad the bread maker is working!! Yay!

    I made 2 loaves of no-knead bread today.... one is cinnamon and one is made with rosemary/orange cheddar cheese.

    Have a great afternoon!


  3. I think you can use any kind of pop can to put the beer in...I wonder if any old can will do? That beer can chicken is all the rage in the summertime, I have never had it...we are simple food folk. Tonight I am making a skillet dinner, browning hash browns then adding cooked sausages and scrambled eggs...perhaps a bit of cheese on top. Chance likes it too. The brownies look great...I rarely make anything baked BUT I have a whole slug of apples to use up. A crisp may be on my horizon:)

  4. I've had beer can chicken before but my hostess actually used Mountain Dew pop because they don't have any beer around. It was really good. Speaking of good. Those turtle brownies. Oh my! I am a confirmed chocoholic and those look so good. I'm so glad to have you as a friend out here in blogland. Never too many friends!

  5. looks like a fun baking day..
    hugs and love x

  6. What a busy day, but productive. The food looks good too.

  7. LOL, beer can up the chicken's butt. I've made bundt pan chicken which does the same thing. How does the beer work? Flavor?


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