Friday, May 8, 2020

Another wonderful day!

I woke up to a nice little thunderstorm and made my coffee and crawled back in bed to enjoy it, journal, and write my list of tasks for the day.  I love my mornings!
Last night I made the delicious roasted vegetable dish from Sardinia.  This is going to be a regular on my dinner menu.  I had it with my homemade rustic bread which is exactly how they eat it.
 I made egg salad..........
I left 2 hardboiled eggs to put in my jar salads but I doubt if they will get made today. 
I called in prescriptions and picked them up later.  I went for my walk and it turned into a beautiful day after the storm this morning.  I was going to burn but it is too windy today.  The roofer stopped by but just to say he'll be by tomorrow.  He knocked on the door but I opened my window and talked to him that way.  He was not wearing a mask.
I worked on my Stitch Maynia project for Day #8.....
the last of the Halloween ornaments..........see the number 8 charm on the right side of the bag?  I wish I had nice bags for all my projects.  I guess I'll have to sew some!
 I hope you had a great Friday and have fun plans for Friday night!  Tomorrow I won't blog and I have some serious material cutting and dyeing to do!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. We like roasted veggies too:) Have a good Saturday busy as a bee!

  2. Ugh.....I still need to get my jar salads going. Your roasted veggies look very yummy. As does the egg salad. Are you going to cross stitch on your new project bags?

  3. Your veggies look delicious. We are at the lake and Dennis picked up pizza for the 6 of us as he does every Friday night in the summer. We put it on the table outside and everyone got a piece without touching anything else. Then we sat 8 feet apart, outside, and ate. Strange but still nice to actually see other people. I think we did everything right and didn't break any rules. We were very careful, but I really hate all of this and wish it were over. I know there are a lot of people worse off and I feel bad for even saying I'm tired of it, but there it is anyway.
    Have a great Friday night San and enjoy your Saturday off from blogging. :-)

  4. Mmmm... roasted veggies are the best. And I realize I forgot to mention in an earlier post -- I really like those project bags. When I saw one cross stitched onto, I thought that was the most clever thing!

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