Tuesday, November 5, 2019

NaBloPoMo Day #5

Another beautiful Fall day here and 60's F...perfect for outdoor work and painting............
the white is gone!  Like I said...more coats are needed but at least it's better than it was and I'll get done what I can as long as the weather holds.............
My oak trees in front are slow to lose their leaves....like the last ones in the neighborhood!
The Halloween decor is gone but the harvest/Thanksgiving  items are still going strong...........

Miss Grace wanted to come outside so badly..............
I came in and made my Raisin Bran Muffins.....a retro throwback to when my kids were little.......link to the recipe
These are called 6 week muffins because you make a huge bowl of batter and then it can stay in the frig for up to 6 weeks and you can bake as many or as few as you want.  They're great for breakfast, tea time and I like them with soup or anything! LOL!
I just made 6 muffins for me for today...........disclaimer........I have not tasted these yet so maker beware.....there are many recipes out there for these............

I managed to get a couple solid Blaithin squares done....the green one still needs a black row but it will get finished tonight most probably.........
I hope you had a good day......I have the windows open again.......heaven!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. Your temperatures sound ideal. I am jealous. The raisin muffins sound wonderful. I may need to give those a whirl. Miss Grace is gorgeous!

  2. Your weather sounds awesome! I am working on squares too...ran into anew stitch I have to learn dc2together and triple crochet together...hope I figure it out! Finally figured out the magic loop thing...that was a struggle too!
    I get most of my stamps at Hobby Lobby...or a big Crafts Direct Store in St Cloud MN...some came from Stampin Up also and online...I guess I am a stamp shopper:)

  3. Damp and chilly here in Northern Ohio. We are headed to New Orleans for a wedding this weekend and unfortunately we are taking our weather with us. Fridays forecast there is a high of 59 degrees!

  4. I do like the sound of your weather. We're having some beautiful temps early this week (in the 50's during the day), but Thursday morning we may have snow! It's too early for snow. But I guess I'd better just accept it, 'cuz we get what we get - whether or not I like it. Those muffins look (and sound really good). Be sure to give us a report after you've tasted them!

  5. Those muffins sound like a great idea. I make muffins for my hubby and then we share them with a neighbor. I guess she would rather I make extra! heehee! But I'll look at this recipe! Thanks! Enjoy your nice weather!

  6. The shed looks great! I'm impressed that all of the white is gone. The muffins look really good too. Did they taste as good as they look? That's a good idea that you can bake them anytime you want. You're moving right along on those squares. Your weather sounds like it is cooperating too. We've had beautiful blue skies too. I love fall days like this.

  7. Thanks for the muffin recipe Sam! I had to go back nearly a week, I forgot you were doing a post a day in November!!! :)

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