Saturday, November 16, 2019

NaBloPoMo Day #16

 It was/is a beautiful day today!  I told myself I was going to be outside today and I was.  I had papers to burn.............

 and some vitamin d to get along with some sock knitting.......I had some hot apple cider and it was a perfect fall day with temps in the 50' kind of weather!
 At 3:00....which is NOW......the Iowa Hawkeyes are playing the Minnesota Golden Gophers!  Watch out Connie! LOL!  So, I'm making a taco dip that Pioneer Woman At Heart made last week and raved about (she's on my sidebar)  I even made my own refried black beans...that's a first!  Easy peasy!
 Now I just have to mix it up and pop in the oven for game day!
I hope you're enjoying your Saturday!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. I don't follow the Gophers unless they are playing Hockey! Hope it was a good game! We listen to/watch Hockey every weekend now. Hope you dip was great! :)

    1. It was a good game for Iowa. Your football team was unbeaten.....until yesterday. Iowa won 23-19 I think. It was a good game to watch and it was at home in Iowa old stomping grounds. I don't know if we are seeing hockey here yet....we must be...what channel is it on? Hockey moves fast and I like it but I have a hard time doing handwork during it. The dip was very good!

  2. I went and looked at the taco dip. It sounds pretty darn yummy. Have you ever eaten blue corn tortilla chips? Since hubs and I are trying to stay away from GMO products, it is the only corn they can not GMO. I love the flavor of them too. Looks we will finally have some cooler weather the end of next week. About darn time,huh. Was that a sock I see in one of the photos? Did you knit while you were burning your papers? Sounds heavenly.

    1. I have seen the blue chips but our local store carries nothing like that but Walmart might. I'll have to look...thanks for the tip! Yes, that was a sock you saw! I sat outside and knit and watched over the fire and kept adding more papers. I have a bit more to burn today as it is supposed to be nice and then wash some screens and put away and windows and curtains. We have about 4 days of nice weather before rain so I want to get stuff done outside if I can. I hope you get a cool down so you can enjoy the outdoors too!

  3. Your day sounds delightful. Mine was full of sneezing and now I've moved on to coughing too. Fun times. Poor Dennis. I really don't want him to get sick.
    Go Hawkeyes! I was born and raised in Iowa and moved to Nebraska when Dennnis and I married when I was 18. We moved to Washington when I was 32 but I'm still a Hawkeye in my heart. :-)
    We've had non-stop rain for days and days. It's getting old, but in my opinion it's much better than snow so....keep raining!
    Enjoy your sunshine Sam.


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