Sunday, November 17, 2019

YOP Week #20

I got my hands in quite a bit of stuff this past week!  It's been gorgeous here so I am back outside trying to enjoy the fall and get those fall chores done. I was doing some burning yesterday outside so I took my knitting with while keeping an eye on the's my one sock of West Yorkshire Spinner's yarn and I am on the heel flap............
I'm up to 9 of 14 rows for the Granny Scrap Box quilt............these are all from scraps I have but I did have to order some 'shirtings' as I didn't  have enough light fabrics...........
I worked on my Monthly Monday cross stitch..........mostly the tree on the left........
I finally finished my Button Eyed cat although I skipped a border as I was truly sick of working on this project.  It was 40 count and never again!  No fun for me.  I need to put the button eyes in and do a complete finish on him/her..........if anyone wants the rest of this 40 count linen when I'm done just let me know....I would be happy to get rid of it! LOL!

For the Blaithin CAL I have finished 8 solid squares and 12 flower is missing in the picture but it is done and all ends are woven in...........

I was going to print off the directions for the next flower but now Outlook isn't working (MS did an update one night and now that I had gotten my email all straightened out I can't get to it!  I'll call my "geeks" Monday.....I did not want to mess with it this weekend........)
I did some work on this xs and I'll be glad to add another color or 2 to it but it is great for watching t.v. because I outlined and now just have to fill it in......... the yellow is some camera light issue I guess?

and last but not least...........I worked on my rag much fun but wait until I have to cut more strips and roll into balls............that might take more time and you won't see as much progress as fast....not that I could ever be considered 'fast' at anything! LOL!

 I got a beautiful handmade card in the mail from Connie at Far Side of Fifty (on my side bar).....thank you Connie!  It was a real "picker upper" which I are such a kind friend.
Oh, BTW......the dip I made yesterday from Katrina over at Pioneer Woman At Heart (on my sidebar) was delicious!  It's hard to stop  eating it!  Thank you,'s a keeper for sure!

That's all for this week..........I'm still working outside today.  I finished burning and washed some containers to bring inside.  Brought paint inside and need to wash some screens and windows....we'll see how far I get.  I'd really like to sew on that little quilt....I'll probably do both!  Plus, The Chicago Bears play tonight starting at 7:30 p.m............that's almost my bedtime!  I did get to watch the Iowa/Minnesota game yesterday and Iowa won at home.  I love it when they play at home because it makes me feel like I am almost home.  I lived out in the country but I worked in Iowa City.  Go Hawks!
Please stop by and visit all the other YOP'ers and their projects
Happy Trails!!!


  1. I don’t know how you can even see the holes on 40 count, I’m not surprised you’d rather keep with the better count. The cat looks great though and your wee January one is lovely. Sounds like you’ve had such a busy week.

  2. So much progress you make on your pretty stitching projects, and outside work too! We're supposed to warm up to 50 by mid week and I'm hoping to do some outside jobs yet before the temps start to go down again. I've found myself chilled off and on already this fall. I'm thinking winter might be harder on me than it's been in recent years. I wonder if I'm starting to shed this internal furnace I've been toting around for the last decade. =/

  3. I love to watch the progress on all your projects.

  4. I am glad to read of your busy week with good food and good friends in the mix. That cat made me laugh. He looks a little evil, or mischievous, or perhaps both?

  5. Sam, how do you accomplish so much in a week? You amaze me. I am so happy that the cat is almost completed. How exciting. Your progress on your quilt is fabulous. I admire you working on that rag rug. That seems like a lot o work but it is turning out great.

  6. I would throw that 40 count away! Glad you got the card! I am envious of your warmer weather! :)

  7. I could never see well enough to use 40 count! I'm not surprised that you said you won't be using it anymore. What a pretty card from Connie. This is such a great community. Have a great week Sam!

  8. So many projects as always and all so lovely. It must have been nice sitting outside with your knitting, it's a bit chilly here to do that now!


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