Saturday, February 9, 2019

I think I "jinxed" us!

Well, it never got out of the 30's today and about midnight we're supposed to get freezing rain.....there are 2 warnings out......freezing rain and flooding.  I don't worry about the flooding here as
we have a huge spillway on the other side of the lake but freezing rain?  Well, that's another story! 
 I've got candles and battery powered lights and I'll spread some ice melt tonight so when the girls go out in the morning they don't break a leg.  They're already arthritic.  See why I prefer snow?  LOL!
 My basil has sprouted already in my Ball Jar Herb Garden...I must admit I have been misting it on top just to ensure.............that's not dirt you see, it is deactivated charcoal which, I think, keeps it from getting moldy or what they call "damping off".  I used to have that problem when I started seeds I know what do to prevent that from happening!
 I froze some of my sourdough bread as 2 loaves are more than I can eat quickly.  I have a vacuum sealer but wasn't sure if it would crush them so I just double wrapped in saran wrap and then put inside a zip lock freezer bag.  I  googled freezing bread using a vacuum sealer and you're supposed to freeze it on a cookie sheet first for a couple hours and then vacuum seal it so it doesn't get crushed.....same with all soft items evidently.  Learn something every day!

I finished the machine quilting this afternoon and I'll clip all the threads tonight while watching t.v.
Last night I watched a free movie on You Tube called Bountiful or Return to was good but sad and sort of reminded me of my desire to move home......maybe it was a sign that I had better hurry it up!  I'm not getting any younger...or am I?  I sure feel like it lately. I feel strong and energetic and healthy.  But that could go at any moment! LOL! Tomorrow, hopefully I'll get the binding cut and sewed on one side by machine and then hand sew the other side in the evening.
No, it's not Halloween but I make toasted seeds out of any squash so in making spaghetti squash tonight I saved the seeds..........
I also learned an easier way to cut a squash and safer too!  You cut similar to a dotted line just stabbing into the squash gently so you don't hurt yourself and then microwave for about 5-6 minutes.  Let it cool off and then you can slice it in half much easier and hopefully won't stab yourself in the process! 
Well, I guess I'd better go fix my dinner.  The girls have been fed but still need their 'meds'.  I cut plenty of greens from my 'mini'greenhouse' so I'll have enough for a salad tonight and tomorrow in case everything is iced over outside.  I still have to fix garlic bread and heat up my homemade pasta sauce for the 'spaghetti'.  I'm looking forward to a healthy and tasty meal!  What are you having tonight?
Happy Trails!!!


  1. We went out today for a late lunch...a burger and fries:)

    1. That sounds good! Every once in awhile I have to have a good bacon cheeseburger and fries and a chocolate malt id I can find one! LOL!

  2. Oh, I do hope that this storm passes over you quickly.
    We are getting more snow tonight and into tomorrow.
    There better not be anyone that complains about drought this summer, around here!!!

    Love the candle.

    We are having spaghetti tonight. Good tip about the squash..thanks!

    Warm wishes.

    1. So far it is raining but not freezing this morning. The temp is right on the cusp! Yes, when it comes to weather it seems we're never happy but I do like a variety just not mayhem or destruction nor anyone harmed.

  3. Your dinner sounds delish.. we had crispy bacon sandwiches with a fried egg on top.. from our own hens. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I wish we could have chickens here but no....we have no curbs and no street lights but can't even have hens! I need to move back to the country...too many rules here.

  4. Hope you dodged the freezing rain. You were well-prepared for any outages, it's good to know. (Have you ever noticed that when we're prepared for something, it never happens? It's when we don't think ahead or take the necessary precautions that we get bit in the tush!)

    I've been hungry for spaghetti for a while. You've maybe given me the push to make a big pot of sauce so we can enjoy a spaghetti dinner tonight and I'll freeze the remainder for another few meals.

    1. I'm sure you already have a favorite sauce but my favorite is Mario Batali's sauce that he makes to go with his eggplant parmesan. (Both are very good). It is so easy and I can't believe how good it is with just veggies in meat and I always have the ingredients on hand.
      No ice so far this morning...I think you're right....hope for the best but prepare for the worst and then it won't happen. Enjoy your spaghetti!

  5. Hoping that you didn’t get the freezing rain that was predicted. We are sure getting snow dumped on us this week. 12 inches Friday and Saturday, a bit of a break last night and now it’s snowing again with another 10 inches predicted by tomorrow. Snow is on the forecast every day next week. Yuck! That’s what I get for mentioning what a good winter we’ve had. I’m being punished. Thanks for the advice about the bread. I had not thought about it crushing soft items. I’ll have to watch that. I hope you stay warm, dry and safe my friend. Blessings,

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