Sunday, March 18, 2018

YOP Week #38

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day whether you celebrate or not.  St. Patrick's Day is like Christmas here, well, almost.  I got cards and some little Irish charms my daughter sent me and some green silk ribbon.
Everyone called and we wished each other Happy St. Patty's Day.
 I  made corned beef and cabbage with turnips, potatoes, carrots, and was so good and there are lots of leftovers that I will savor all week!  I was going to make an Irish Lemon Tart and some Irish Potato Candy but ran out of time and energy.  I watched The Quiet Man last night with Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne and it was filmed in Ireland.  I rented it on Amazon.  I had never seen it and it was good but boy were they chauvinists in that day and time!  Whoa Nellie!  But it was a great day all around.
FO's (Finished Objects) -
FO #1 - The Star - I actually counted it finished last week but it really wasn't.  I did do the I-cords this week and attached to the back for tying onto the tree.  I think it looks more like a!


                                                   WIP's (Works in Progress)
WIP #1 -  Sleeve #2 is in progress but not very much progress.........I was distracted by another bright and shiny object..........hmmmmm

WIP #2 -  My felted slippers got quite a bit of attention (because so far they are easy and fun) but next are "wrap and turns" which I will have to study and take tutorials...she doesn't mention "picking up" the wraps...aren't you supposed to?  I had better study this technique really well as I have come too far to mess up now...yikes!  The foot is done and there is part of the sides.........
I have been making use of the beautiful stitch markers that Connie from The Far Side of Fifty sent me.  Jewelry for your knitting!  Thank you again, Connie!

Acquisitions and newly cast on:
#1 - Yes, I cast on a new project.  I couldn't resist when I saw Simply Summer Street's Hitch Hiker Shawl last week that has been on my to do list for years!  She did not use fingering weight but a skein of Lion Brand Mandala which I just so happened to have in the colorway Warlock.  Hers was Centaur and so pretty!
Of course the pattern calls for fingering weight which is probably why I  never cast on because I never have that much fingering weight yarn laying around.  She used a size 7 U.S/4.5 mm needle and the pattern called for a 32" cable.  The only size 7 I had was a cheapo Boye aluminum with a stiff cable that was 29"?  Huh?  Anyway, when a gal has to cast on she has to cast on!  So I did but under my breath I was already ordering a new circular needle!  I am enjoying it so much and it is almost all garter stitch (all knit stitch) except for an occasional purl and KFB for increasing.  What a fun knit!  It has an 8 row pattern repeat which is simple to memorize and you'll know when you're done when you have 41 of those little  'teeth' she (Martina Behm, the designer) calls them.  You can make it as big or as small as you want.  It is a 'pay for' pattern on Ravelry and she is a great designer.  I have many of her designs 'faved'.
 I just ran into the second color....the third color seems to be a gray and this one seems to be the transition color between the gold and the gray...almost a sage color.  You can just barely see it there on the cable.  If you're looking for a simple relaxing knit (although I still can't watch t.v. with this one....yet) this one is perfect.  I'm sure some of you have already made it as it was super popular several years back.  Anyway, thank you for the reminder Simply Summer Street....I'm enjoying the heck out of this pattern!
 #2 - While I was at Walmart the other day I picked up the Centaur color in the Mandala yarn as I really loved Simply Summer Street's. 
#3 - And I looked for the pattern that Lefty Crafter (Marsha) is using to sew her project bags...I got this one but I couldn't find the one she used which was Simplicity 1153.......I got this one  1709 as it was the only one they had.  Maybe Marsha and I can trade after awhile! LOL!  I want to make the vintage style one with the wooden handles and there are several needle holders and rolls too. Now I just need the motivation!

What's in the Queue -
#1 - Land of Sweets Cowl
I still have to get enough mini-skeins to do the different colors.  I'll be starting on this very soon and probably ordering some minis this week. 
#2 - Some Valentine's Day socks - I'll be on the look out for VD appropriate yarn.  I heard that Lolo Did It always dyes special yarns for the holidays so I need to take a look but it will have to be in next month's craft budget. 
#3 - Something for St. Patrick's Day...socks or cowl...not sure.  I think I found a cowl pattern with a Celtic design but I would like socks too!
#4 - Still more washcloths as I have plenty of Dishie and Peaches and Creme worsted cotton
What I'm "wishing upon a star" for -
#1 - My Valentine and St. Patrick's Day yarns for socks or cowls and mini's for cowl and Granny Stripe Blanket.
 #2 - Susan B. Anderson has her 2 kits back in stock..........The Loopy Sheep
and her Spring Chicken kits  just in time for Spring but where do I get the dough for all these great items?
#3 - my new over the top obsession I discovered from Little Bobbin's mother who does the most beautiful stitchery from Jesse Chorley
I'd like to do her Friendship Quilt  if I live long enough! LOL!  I may try just a little sampler on my own but check out her website for lots of other wonderful and unique items and projects.
 Podcasts: Still binge watching Yarn Hoarder and I think I am on #19 now.   I can't wait to catch up and enter her KALS/CALS and giveaways.
P.S.  To see other fabulous makes please visit our other YOP participants


  1. Irish Potato Candy! That sounds.... interesting. lol The Quiet Man is one of my favorite old movies. Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne played their parts perfectly.

    Re: the star. Now, I didn't see a starfish until you mentioned it. lol Regardless, it's cute and will be pretty on your Christmas tree.

    The slippers look complicated to me. But most things knitted do. I'm just going to admire them and wish you well, and look forward to seeing the finished project. And what fun stitch markers you received. How nice!

    Will enjoy watching your Hitchhiker shawl grow. I like the idea of doing it in the LB Mandala yarn as opposed to a fingering weight yarn.

    And you and Marcia may soon inspire us all to start making project bags. The zipper kind of intimidates me. I've sewn zippers in pants and skirts, but for some reason the idea of sewing a zipper into the top of bag mystifies me. I know following the pattern it will probably all make sense. Inspire me, Sandra (and others). I'd love to get my sewing machine out again and make something with fabric. Of course, I need to get my house back together first, so don't expect anything sewn by me for a while. A LONG while at this rate. Have a great week, friend!

  2. Your star does look a bit like a starfish, but that might be in no small part because of the sandy gold colour :)

    I know exactly the shawl you mean from Simply Summer Street - I was blown away too by how nicely it worked up in the Mandala yarn. Your first shawl looks great already. Hurray for fun and easy knitting!

    I had a look at your bag pattern as well as the one Lefty Crafter used on the Simplicity website. Who knew you could buy the patterns online and print on letter sized paper? Almost fell down another rabbit hole there! I'm finishing up a bag from called the Natalie Bucket bag. It's working out great so far, and that's saying something because I am NOT a good sewer. I bought way too much fabric so I'm thinking I might attempt a little clutch wallet too. Of course, after buying all my fabric I realized I could have bought a couple of cotton shirts at the thrift store for about 1/10th of the price, LOL! Next time! I'd also prefer to give my money to the Thrift Store that is supporting community programs rather than the fabric store :) I think knitting has made me a better sewer. I found that I was totally okay with ripping out seams and redoing them if I wasn't happy with my first attempt. And I've slowed down and can top-stitch straight (mostly). Fun!

    I can't say for sure with the slippers, but it might be true that you needn't bother with the wraps. I'm guessing that it all becomes one felted fabric at the end no matter what you do. Please don't take my word for it though, because I haven't made felted slipper in ages!

    We've been listening to oldies radio and I've been very struck by the chauvinism in those old songs. Good grief!

  3. I originally wanted the pattern you got but.,,,,..they were out at my JoAnns lol.

    I really like the hitchhiker shawl. You and Simply Summer Street are really tempting me to do that shawl next. I have some of the cake yarn that needs a pattern to go into.

    You star is so pretty. I like starfish so it makes me smile.

    Good luck with the wrap and turns on the slipper. They totally confuse me.

    You will have some yummy meals this week with your corn beef and veggies. We had Italian was very good though.

    Have a good week. Hope your critters are doing better.

  4. Ooh, I love that Centaur yarn. I haven't bought yarn at Walmart in awhile. I need to check that out. Your star is beautiful. I know I said that last week too, but I really mean it.

    I've done wraps and turns and haven't always needed to pick up the wraps. It depends on the pattern. I really need to check out the Hitchhiker Shawl. I've looked at it in the past but always end up with something else.

    I never thought of looking for bag patterns at the store. I think I'll check those out too. You, my friend, are an enabler! HA!

    How are Nitty and Grace doing? And what about you? Did you get some answers?

  5. I have seen that hitchhiker shawl in fingerling yarn and it is a beauty! Hope you are having a good week and Grace and Nitty are doing okay:)

  6. Wraps don't need to be picked up in garter stitch so if the pattern is garter then you won't need to pick them up. They don't show and once felted you won't be able to tell anyway.

  7. I'm so glad you had a great st Patrick's day. We don't really celebrate over here so much as go out for drinks! I made Miss Winkle by Martina a few years back and loved it.


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