Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday - 03/22/2018

My Nitty had another seizure this morning.  She lost all control of her muscles and was shaking and emptied her bladder and bowel without even realizing it.  Yes, it happened in the house right when she was getting ready to go out this morning.  The one good thing was it happened on a rug I had by the front door.    I know that one of these seizures will take her but every time she recovers I feel so blessed to spend another day with her.  She regains her senses and her muscles but it takes awhile and then she realizes she went in the house and is so ashamed.  I try to tell her it's okay but like all of us as we age and lose 'control' of a lot of isn't easy to cope with.  We spent the morning outside as it was beautiful and she sat in the sun and then later under the tree in the front yard.  I burned more brush, weeded more and dragged some old metal stuff out to the street for pickup.  I knitted outside on breaks and it was just the most beautiful day to be outdoors.
I planted the bulbs I bought last week and mulched around the container but there is LOTS more to do............. supposedly this mulch won't fade!  Awesome!

I trimmed the roses and then in the afternoon took the Tahoe up to the highway and filled her with gas while Nitty lounged in the front yard.  I didn't want to force her in the house until she was ready as I know she's unsure of her strength once she has a seizure.  She never goes outside the yard so I wasn't concerned and most people are scared of Rotts so I didn't think anyone would steal her.
She was right there when I got home and she eventually made it up to the porch at her usual time of 3:00 p.m. as supper is now at 4:00 p.m. for the girls. 
I've put down my Hitchhiker shawl and am trying to finish the 2nd sleeve on my sweater to have it done by Sunday's YOP post.  I'm on round 56 of 80 not counting the cuff.  I'll work on it more tonight. 
We had some guests stop by to taste the new grass that's coming up.................last year's babies I think.....yearlings..............
We call them our "deer" friends! LOL!
I hope you had a wonderful day...........
Happy Trails!!!


  1. Oh poor Nitty! I’m sure she’s just so embarrassed. Breaks my heart. You are such a good mama to your animals. My tooth is out! It’s still bleeding and I have some pain but at least it’s behind me now. I read your comment on my post. We would like nothing better than for Dennis to retire and hit the road, the problem is I would have no health insurance because I am four years younger than him. I think we’ve decided to stay at the lake at least this year and see what happens with all of their new “rules”! We definitely won’t be able to pay these prices after retirement. Hope you have a good evening and your babies do well tonight.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Poor Nitty. You are so good to your babies. It will be hard when she does leave this world. Hugs to you both.

    Sounds like a lovely day for you. And your deer friends are quite brave.

  3. I LOVE your deer friends Sam! My heart goes out to Nitty and to you...that is so sad. I feel blessed every moment we have our furbabes too. They have such short lives, but she looks so beautifully calm in that photo. :)

  4. Poor Nitty...poor you. I know those seizures are awfully hard on them...give her a pat on the head from me:)


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