Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday - 03/20/2018

Happy Springtime everyone!!!  It started out raining and cold here but now it is sunny and warm!  But because they had predicted rain I already had my 'rain plans' in place.  There was laundry and I finished a book and did a little bit of knitting but mostly I finished my closet 'deep clean'!  Yay!!!!  About time!
Here are the "BEFORE" pictures ...................

This is a triangular walk-in closet.....with folding accordion style doors
Here is the "AFTER"....with every surface dusted and most washed, crevice tool used next to wall, baseboards cleaned and carpet vacuumed.  I went through everything and got rid of quite a bit that some will go to Threds and some to the Thrift Store.

So happy!  Especially with nothing on the floor!  
I was using clothes baskets for dirty laundry and they took up a lot of room.  I found these on Amazon that I think I will order............collapsible laundry hamper

I can't decide if I want the navy stripe or the rose floral?  I will get 2 for now.  One for darks and one for pastels as that is all I sort for but I could use another for rugs.  At $12.99 I thought they were reasonable and the ratings were good.
There are "angels among  us"!  The electric coop has been trimming trees behind my house so they won't fall on the power lines when we have our storms.  Very appreciative!  One of the young men working came to the door and assured me they were going to come back and clean up all the mess/limbs.  I told him thank you and I appreciated their hard work to keep our power on.  Later he came to the door and asked if while they were at it if I wanted them to cut down the weed trees in the back and I said YES!!!  Thank you so much!  Look at my yard now! This is the way it used to be when my parents lived here and they would burn back there but while the house was empty the trees grew up and blocked it.  I'll do some raking but I'll keep it mowed now....so pretty!  Thank you N.A.E.C. (North Arkansas Electric Cooperative)!
Happy Spring and Happy Trails!!!


  1. What a pretty view you have now with all the weed trees gone. You have quite a bit of property.

    Congrats on the closet declutter. It really looks nice and organized.

    Those hampers are really handy looking. Why gave a laundry baskey when those are so portable. I like both of the ones you like. Get both of them. One for darks and one for pastels. No way would you confuse them then.

  2. Those hampers look like just the thing:) Your closet looks really good! How nice of those guys to take out the weedy trees...good deal! :)

    1. I know! Just when I get "disappointed" in some people...a really nice one shows up and renews my faith! He was so nice to do that! I must admit, the young folk here are very nice to "the elderly" unless they're crabby...most of the ones in my neighborhood are bossy and demanding so I think they were surprised to find one that appreciated their hard work! LOL!

  3. That was so sweet of them to trim more branches for you. Your view is wonderful. Great job on the closet too. You inspire me to get busy cleaning. Those hampers look great. Ours is plastic with a lid. I like it but it needs relaxed and I can’t find one I like.

    1. If you want more inspiration go over to Rain's Garden (on my side bar)....she inspired me with her Spring Cleaning. She did her whole house top to bottom in about 10 days! She's a whiz! It took me 2 weeks to do the closet! LOL! Although, I had the sick pet interruptions so I'm not too hard on myself plus I'm about 20 years older than she is. Next is my bathroom which is inside my room...I guess they call it a Master Bathroom? I prefer Mistress! LOL!

  4. Can you come help me with my bedroom closet? Ugh. Lol. I am afraid to even begin that job. I can't do it until warmer weather. It's a walk-in, unheated, and it doubles for my crafting supplies, and totes of scrapbooks etc.

  5. How nice of the Electric guys to do that extra work! You just don't hear about things like that anymore. Love your nice neat closet. I need to work on that today! Hugs!

  6. Gosh, I am in awe of your closet!!!

  7. Hi Sam :)) What nice people! That was so great that they offered to help out with the extra cutting! That happens every so often and it feels great. Last year the village was redoing the roads and one of the workers just redid about half the driveway because he saw me struggling in the mud with my car. Didn't cost the landlord a dime and it helped me tremendously! Nice people. :)

    Your closet looks great! I would get the navy striped laundry hamper myself :)

  8. Hi Sandra. You are such a great organizer. I hope to do some but unfortunately I have to wait on the husband about some things. My mum is going to hint about it this weekend, LOL; he loves my mama.
    Thanks for finding my new address. When I alternate skeins, I do not cut. I just pick up the next skein and use it. There isn't a big jump every two rows.


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