Saturday, September 30, 2017

Thursday - Cooking and baking just 2 days late!!!

What a week this has been...all good but fell behind again.  I worked really hard cleaning, painting and doing laundry and cooking on Thursday so I thought I could blog on Friday but at 7:30 p.m. (right before my bedtime) my neighbor called and asked if I would drive her to Mountain Home the next morning to a doctor appointment. (Needless to say Fun Friday was put on hold.)  Of course, I said yes so we left at 10:30 a.m Friday and didn't get back until around 4:30 so I was so tired that I didn't blog last night either.  But I owe you some recipes! 
Remember the flour tortillas I made this's the link to that recipe
Best Ever Homemade Tortillas

Another AWESOME recipe I made this week that I am now addicted to are salads in a jar.......I gathered 5 jars about pint size...........yes, I save jars so it was no problem for me! LOL!

then I made fillings...........whatever salad fixings you like....I used onions, hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and baby spinach.............
you put your dressing in the bottom and layer your other ingredients in...I did 2 layers and then the lid and refrigerate.....5 salads ready to go!  When I get hungry in the middle of the day I don't want to stop and fix something as I am usually 'on a roll' by then doing something.   These are so easy to grab and you turn them upside down and shake them really good and the dressing disperses throughout the entire salad!  I love it.  I've already made a second batch! 
I also made tortilla pizzas with my homemade tortillas........from this recipe
unfortunately that is a picture before I put it under the broiler and my batteries went dead when I went to take the 'after' picture but trust was crispy and delicious and just right with one of my 'jar' salads!  I just used some pepperoni, basil and provolone cheese drizzled with some olive oil.  It was what I had on hand but you could put anything you wanted on it.
 I also made this for Sunday breakfast..........a Dutch Baby pancake in my iron skillet......the recipe is on All Recipes but I could not get into the site...evidently it is very busy right's supper time! LOL!  But you can find it easily enough on their website............
I had mine with some delicious pork and bacon sausage that Farmland makes...who knew?  It is wonderful and I will be buying it again!  I had my pancake with lingon berries and powdered sugar with some grapes on the side.   I'll be making this breakfast again for sure and the pancake is very simple to make.
Another recipe (that I used to have but cannot find my original) is Butterscotch Snackin' Cake.  I found a similar recipe on All Recipes but it wasn't the was drier....the one I used to make was very moist but I will keep looking!  I ate it though! LOL!
That' s all the 'cooking and baking' I did this week...I hope you find some recipes you like or might want to try!  Happy Trails!!!


  1. I love making tortillas and the recipe you yave is exactly the way my Mexican mother in law makes them. I have exchanged the baking piwder and flour with self rising flour and it mixes much easier, I have wanted to do salads in a jar and now that I know someone who did it and it worked, I will make mine too. Your cake and pancake all looks so yummy, I might need to take a trip to Arkansas soin lol.

  2. That's a great endorsement on the tortillas! Just let me know when you're coming so I have time to clear off all the yarn from the guest bed! LOL! I think the salads are going to be a 'regular' for me. Thanks, Marsha!

  3. Tortillas are so useful for so many meals. I also love to make the English muffins. The salad in a jar is a nice idea for those on the go too. I just make a huge bowl and it's gone during the week. The jars are a good idea for me to make for Hubby and one daughter. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I wouldn't mind trying your tortillas.

  5. Hi Sam :) I'm playing catch up now! :) Thanks for posting the tortilla recipe! All of your food looks so good. I've made pizzas on tortillas too, they're quicker than making the dough! I like your salad jar idea too, how easy. For me, it's all about organization! PS I love the fall look of your blog!!!

  6. PS Sam, the link for the tortillas only goes to a photo. I did a search on her blog and found the recipe so I just wanted to let you know! :)

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