Sunday, April 24, 2016

YOP Week #43

Thank you Lucy for letting me know what YOP week it was! LOL! (Only 9 left...YIKES!)
It was a hectic week as I had a doctor appointment out of town on Tuesday but the doctor canceled and wanted to reschedule the next day but I said no as storms were expected so finally we got together on Friday but it messed with my whole week. Now he wants me to make an appointment for a bone scan.....I already know I have osteoporosis but I haven't had a scan in many years so I'll go, I guess.  Anyway...........this is my update for this week and it's a little sketchy but at least I got something done on my "neverending" list of WIP's.
I confess I did not get my Happy Hooky sewed up....the best laid plans are not necessarily the priorities around here.
I did work on my 2nd sock and turned the heel and I'm on the gusset now............
 I also started my Frida's Flower Basket..........I'm to the squaring off part now for the granny square and I am using Stylecraft Chunky yarn which I've never used before but I am loving it!  Really nice and a pleasure to work with.

Here's my little helper too.....she's been really good lately after behaving badly a couple times the week before and being in "time out".
 When I was out of town I picked up this issue of Primitive Quilts.........
and this crochet border book by Edie Eckman that I've been wanting for quite a while now.........
 As for podcasts this week.....there was catch up with Susan B. Anderson, Cherry Heart, Inside Number 23 and I started watching Sticks and Twines with Eric in Toronto so I am trying to catch up with his.  I plan on checking out Tiny Paper Foxes too.  I hope you had a good week and have wonderful plans for the next one!
Happy Trails!
P.S.  Just an F.Y.I. The Good Witch is the new series on Hallmark on Sunday nights now.  I also started subscribing to a new channel on Roku called Feeln.....for $1.99 a month and all good family type movies and series.  I get Heartland on it (my favorite series about a family owned horse ranch in Canada)...I've been "binge-watching" and I'm now on Season 2 and I think there are 10?)  It's a great series especially if you like horses!  Which, of course, I do! LOL!  And the scenery is beautiful.  Toodles!


  1. Your cat is so big now. Love her light, smoky fur. Pls stay safe w/these upcoming tornadoes.

  2. Glad to see the 2nd sock is being worked. The pillow will get sewn up when it is time for that to happen lol. Your fur baby has grown into a beautiful lady. Have fun with your bone density scan. One of the few tests I dont mind having done. I have osteopenia so have them done everyother year.

  3. I love your socks - you know I'm into my self patterning yarn right now!! Hope your scan is fine and that this week is less hectic.

  4. I love your socks - you know I'm into my self patterning yarn right now!! Hope your scan is fine and that this week is less hectic.

  5. Your socks are beautiful! I hope your scan turns out fine. It's one I never mind since you just lay there. No noise, no pain. :-). You know you've gotten me hooked on podcasts. My son showed me this weekend how to "throw" it up onto our television so I can watch them on the big screen now!

  6. Just a note to thank you for stopping by my little book review blog. Always nice meet another reader...Your knitting reminded me of the stocking caps I still have and wear from my mom those many years ago now. :)

  7. OH Are you making the frida's flower blanket as well or just the bag? I would love to have a fellow YOPer participating in the CAL as well :)

  8. Gosh you have been busy! Love that sock yarn, not being a knitter it intrigues me how the pattern works on that multi coloured yarn! Looks like magic to me! Maybe I should try crocheting with some!
    You picked up some great books too, and what is all this podcast stuff? Is that the latest big thing? I feel out of touch, lol!!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog Sam, Ive emailed a reply to you.
    Take care,
    Gill xx


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