Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Some treasures I picked up.............

Last Friday I went to Mountain Home for a doctor appointment.  I go about twice a year and it is over an hour away but a beautiful drive.  This is Lake Norfolk.  Some dogwoods were still in bloom but most have greened out now.
  While I was there, I did a little shopping...........my favorite Dr. Bonner's lavender soap and some Tazo Passion Fruit tea which was recommended by one of my friendly podcasters.  She was right....it is delicious!
In honor of Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday I bought these "crisps" from the U.K. which are what the Brits call potato chips.  These are pastrami and rye flavored..............
and to go with them.............some gourmet beers...........you can pick your own 6-pack.  I got a root beer, a blueberry, orange dreamsicle and a southern pecan to name a few....
I also bought the first Harry Potter book.  I must have loaned all mine out so I am starting over....
The next day I received a package in the mail from my daughter and SIL in Iowa...for no reason or an early Mother's Day?  I was so surprised at what they sent me..............my SIL bakes bread and sent me a beautiful loaf of his homemade rye bread.  I love rye bread but I've never made it nor have I ever had homemade....it is wonderful!
 2 little chicks with Reeses peanut butter inside.....my littlest grandson, Grayson,  is  allergic to peanuts so yes, they get them out of the house quickly!  I think I'll put something else in them and send them back.
A jar of Lingon berries which I can't get here and I used to fix crepes with lingon berries and powdered sugar when my kids were little.  If they come this summer I will fix some for the grands.
A tube of yummy Wild Rose hand cream........
and last but not least............an issue of Mental Floss featuring Super Women....for real!  Thank you so much to my wonderful daughter and SIL who were so thoughtful to send me such treasures!  I am truly blessed!
That's all for today...storms might be coming tonight and tomorrow so if you don't hear from me....you know what happened! LOL!  I pray everyone in the storms path stays safe.
Happy Trails!


  1. Where you went for your appt is beautiful. Am loving the idea of picking out your own beer. How fun that would be to be able to try different ones. Now as for you package from IA.........could you give your SIL my address too? That rye bread has my mouth watering. Such lovely and very thoughtful gifts. You are blessed

  2. What a great post. I had fun reading this one.

  3. Packages are the best! You got some great stuff! Have fun with the Harry Potter Books, I enjoyed them:)

  4. What a fun post full of happy things! Love the package from your family. It all looks yummy and although I'm not a beer drinker, those names sound yummy. I like that tea too. I think you're the one who got me hooked on knitting podcasts. Oh. My. Goodness. I have a list now of over 50 of them I want to listen too. I can't get enough of them. Thank you!

  5. Lots of good stuff. Homemade bread is the best and those beers sound amazing! I could use one right about now (although it is only about 9 am. Ha!) Hope the storms weren't as bad s predicted. Saw on the news they were warning 35 million people -- the media loves to exaggerate, that's for sure.

  6. Hope the storms have passed and you are ok. All those lovelies are fabulous. I am on a bit of a tea kick at the moment due to podcasts! I don't really like fruit teas tbh, but I have found rooibos with chocolate and vanilla which I love with a little vanilla syrup.

  7. So many goodies! Nothing better than a surprise in the mail.
    I'd love to try those chips. I love flavoured ones.
    And lastly, I hope you were safe from those horrible storms!


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