Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm so tired but progress was made.........

I have been eating a lot of Eggo waffles lately for breakfast...could that be where my energy is coming from or my motivation from DIY blogs?  Whatever it is I'll take it..........
I was planning on a trip to the vet's but they were closed so instead I jumped right in and did this........
and so another section (the hardest to get to around the toilet) is should be easier from here on in.
Then since it is Saturday and I get to do what I want...........I did this.......removed the closet rod holders...............
and this.........(this took a long time, several You Tube videos and just when I was about to throw in the son Ben called and gave me the tip that finally brought me success!)...........the bifold
doors are off!

and then up came the carpeting................and the padding and now I need a crowbar to get the tack strips out.....I'll go Monday.  So, I felt good but I was tuckered so next........
I did this............cut out interfacing for some Japanese knot bags for my in progress socks........
It was tiring bending over the table cutting these out so I think I will call it a day and just kick back, watch some podcasts and knit or crochet......I ran out of Eggo waffle steam!  I should probably wash up some dishes though,  throw in a load of laundry and maybe do some ironing?  But then there's always tomorrow!
Happy Trails!


  1. It looks like you got quite a bit accomplished to me! Are your recaulking your tile?
    Definitely looks like time to relax.

  2. You sure have gotten a lot done. My back is spasming today for some reason, it started last night, so I'm sitting and knitting today. I made two new sock project bags and a couple of dpn holders this morning. I enjoy time at my machine, but it doesn't feel good on my back. I get SO frustrated these days. I feel 86 instead of 56 some days. So I live vicariously through people like you who get so much done. :-)

  3. Gosh - you are the little engine that COULD!

  4. Busy yet today! Your projects are coming along! Are you going to seal that grout again? It does make it stay cleaner longer!
    You made me smile with your little hissy fit over at my blog. You should check around for a similar type of clinic for reduced rates for your critters. :)

  5. Goodness, you are always go, go, go. Getting so much done.

  6. Great progress, my but you are doing a lot at one time! There is a tool called a Wonder Bar and it is about 10-12" long and works great for those tack strips. I loved mine and used it all the time flipping houses.

  7. I responded to both your comments by email but always get an undeliverable message. Even when I comment here on your blog, I get an error email that says it was rejected, but my comments are posting, so I wonder if you are actually getting my emails after all. Can you let me know? Thanks, Tammy

  8. You are working hard, but hard work produces progress.
    There is no better feeling!

    White Spray Paint

  9. Wow-wee; take a well-deserved break. Is this the home you're working on or the new house you had bought?


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