Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More storms on the way........

Last night I awoke to the storms but the weather radio never went off.  It sounded bad but I finally got back to sleep and there was no loss of power so it was all good.  Now they're saying this afternoon there will be another round.  I'd rather have it during the day as I am much more alert! LOL!
Monday I went to Walmart and picked up a few more "items of interest" along with groceries before the rainy week ahead.  I needed some summer socks so I picked up these......
and then.............I picked up the 2nd addition to my new set of dishes............(my daughter bought me the first....a set of measuring bowls)..............
Pioneer Woman's new line of everything.......the butter dish
 I have been looking for dishes but every time I find something I like it sort of locks me into a certain color scheme or style.   I wanted something that would be eclectic, vintage and go with my crazy color schemes.............Pioneer Woman got it "right on"............she mixes flowers with polka dots and geometrics of all different colors and it looks so vintage.  There are about 4 or 5 different styles with great glassware too...purple and turquoise! I love it because now I can have dishes that are mix and match....right up my alley!   Here's a link to Walmart where they carry her line.  Oh, I just noticed she now has linens too!   Whoopee!  And there's even a cookie jar of Charlie, their bassett hound!  Too cute!
I finished my first of 5 squares for my Frida needs a few more ends woven in and a good blocking but it was very interesting to work on and if they're all the same it will be very enjoyable!
The irises have started blooming so I brought a few in before they get ruined by the storms..........
I had no idea they had a fragrance but they do.....nothing strong but very pleasant.
Today is laundry, ironing, sewing and baking off the rest of the dog biscuits.  I fill my 2 big cookie sheets, bake them and then turn off the oven and let them sit overnight.  I can only do the 2 sheets at one time so I will bake 2 more sheet fulls today and that should take care of it for awhile anyway.  I gave them each one to taste test......they seemed to like them!  These were blueberry next will be apple and cheddar.
Have a great day and Happy Trails!
P.S.  Here are a few websites/blogs I discovered lately..........
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  1. First off, I'm so glad you're safe. By storms, do you mean high winds and pouring, thundering rain? Glad you have power. How're your pets handling the noise? You bought that Dottie Angel frock pattern, Simplicity 1080, yeah? When are you going to start on that?

  2. I usually stay in the food section of the store but I could use some of those nice socks. I walked tonight and my socks felt thin. And I haven't seen any of the Pioneer Woman products! Thanks for telling us about them. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  3. I love PW's products. I haven't seen the cookie jar yet, but when I do... Stay safe out there in tornado country? You asked where I am...southwestern Maine where a swath of snow went through, but never reached beyond the capital. I bet the folks up north were pleased to have avoided it.

  4. Stay safe, dear. Those storms looked nasty. Your butter dish is great. Love the colors of your square. Your iris are gorgeous. I use to have some and I loved their aroma. You have some very loved critters. Dont tell my 2 there is recipes for home made biscuits lol.

  5. I have the Pioneer Woman sugar bowl and I want the measuring bowls but they're always sold out when I look for them. I was a reader of her blog "way back", before she got popular and had her own show. I've always enjoyed her sense of humor. Please stay safe in the storms. I remember those from living in Nrnraska and Iowa for my first 33 years. No thank you. I'll take the Pacific Northwest over tornadoes any day.

  6. I have so many sets of dishes that I avoid that aisle! Stay safe during those storms they sound wicked. :(

  7. Awww, thank you, Sandra. I would have totally welcomed your chicken noodle! I just need sleep. When it's hot it's hard to sleep and I've been waking up when I hear the husband get up for work. Since our home is small, my sonic hearing hears everything. I try to go to bed earlier but of course I've been naughty about that. You do so much every day. I bow down to you.

  8. I love Frida...wish I could make those!


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