Sunday, October 19, 2014

YOP Week #16

                                Creepy Picture of the Day

 We are having beautiful Fall weather here now after the heat so I have been outside as much as possible.  Doing yard work, a trip to Walmart and cleaning cupboards (slow boat to China).  But I did get some project work done............
The scarf for my daughter is coming along........
it's really not as "wonky" as it looks....for some reason the camera angle makes the width look very uneven. 
 Here's a close up...........
The ghosts will be finished soon as they need to get in the mail.  The third one is almost done and then I have to stuff the little hands (upper right), stitch on a smile and attach a hanger.  I'll be sure and take a picture when they're all done before I mail them.
I also cast on my son-in-law's Hawkeye hat but that's all....I just cast on.  I'm using my size 7's in other projects so I had to buy another one at Walmart.  Hawkeye colors are black and gold.
In other areas I mowed the lawn (I have a big one) and hung the ghosts out (different ones)......
As you can see, the colors aren't really changing here much yet.  In fact the acorns on the oak trees are green....what are they waiting for?  
Fall is here in my book....
I also went and bought some vinyl shelf paper but it was $3 a roll which only covered one shelf and that was at the Dollar store........ 
it does look better but I may only use it on the bottom shelves or just buy a few rolls a week...
This coming week is pay bills, test out and repair, if possible, my Hoover Floor cleaner and my bread machine, more yard work and outdoor Fall maintenance, finish Halloween presents and bake goodies to get in the mail for the grandboys and continue cleaning the cupboards and kitchen.  I hope you all had a good week and have a great one ahead.  Happy Trails! 




  1. What a very productive week you've had and I just can't wait to see those ghosts they are going to be super cute. It's very mild here and the trees are starting to turn so I hope it catches up to you soon.

  2. I love productive weeks. Those huge trees in your property will look awesome when they are painted with fall colours. I can hardly wait or your next update!

  3. you have indeed been busy, busy, busy. We have had a real blustery day today and the leaves have really started to fall in earnest xx

  4. what a fun busy week my dear..
    big hugs x

  5. Wow, busy again as always! Love the ghosts and the pictures of your yard are lovely.

  6. Look for wallpaper rolls at garage sales, they make great shelf and drawer liners! You are a busy gal and your yard and trees looks very green. Tuesday or Friday will be our last go round with is about time:)

  7. Oh wow you have been busy. The scarf is definitely my kind of colours...gorgeous! And the little ghosts so cute. That really is a creepy picture. X


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