Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Creepy Picture of the Day.....
Yesterday I cut up the leftover pork tenderloin and froze...yielded 2 C or about 1 lb
 sliced up the bread I had made and put in the frig
 this bread turned out great and had a wonderful texture..thank you King Arthur!
de-stemmed all the grapes and put in containers in the frig.  I made a mistake and washed them when I brought them home and then googled how to store grapes and you're not supposed to wash them until you eat them as they will get moldy.  Too late! LOL!  But now I know.  I think I'll throw some in that slaw salad...why not?  I'm getting adventurous in the kitchen!
 I took the garbage out and emptied and relined all the ones throughout the house (I use plastic bags from the store.  I also use them for when I clean out the litter box)  I don't have a lot because I use reusable grocery bags for the most part)
I went through a whole pile of paperwork and filled a grocery sack full to pitch and spent a good amount of time on financials, did a load of laundry, ran and emptied the dishwasher and loaded it again (I cook therefore I have a lot of dishes to wash!) and I made the "beer can chicken".  I went up town and got a can of root beer.  I poured the root beer in a glass so I could drink it and put the pumpkin ale in the can.  I slathered the chicken with olive oil and then tried to get the beer can with the beer into the chicken.....that was the hardest part.  I think my chicken was petite.  I finally got it in there and got it to stand up in the roaster....whew!


I thought it looked a little "human" sitting in the pan and it creeped me out sitting up like that with it's little arms.  Sort of looked like me when I'm in the tub although ordinarily I try to keep my head on.  If  I had to kill my own food I would be a vegetarian for sure!  But despite all that, it was delicious, cooked perfectly and tender and moist.  And so easy!  I do believe that anything with the "bone in" is tastier.  Those boneless, skinless, tasteless, chicken breasts are for the birds! LOL!
 Annie and Grace were quite interested in the whole beer can chicken event.............
Meanwhile Queen Nitty was outside overlooking her
I fell into bed and used my tablet to peruse the King Arthur website, did my Sodoku puzzle and conitnued reading the same books.  It was a good day! What did you do yesterday?
Happy Trails!


  1. Goodness you have productive days. That chicken and bread look absolutely delicious. I always wash my grapes when I get them home and have never had them mold. Hmmm. You learn something new everyday!

  2. Wow, you certainly achieved a lot, well done

  3. You are so much like me, I just love to keep busy. When I get stuff accomplished, I know it's been a good day. Yesterday I canned five pints of applesauce.

  4. My girls would love your bread.

  5. well done dear..
    hugs and love xx

  6. Sounds as if you had a very nice day, and accomplished quite a bit!
    Nice :)

    Around here, it's getting things buttoned up for the coming snow months. Cleaning, organizing, etc..

    Hope today is a great one for you.

  7. I was busy all day yesterday and today too, the list is getting shorter! Finished the windows today!! So happy!! Your chicken looks good, glad to hear it turned out:)


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