Thursday, January 23, 2020

Finally progress on Cleaning Extravaganza Week #3

It's Thursday and I'm really just getting going but it's alright as at least I am going!  I went straight to work in the bedroom today.  I first took the vacuum brush to the baseboards and corners and the carpeting right next to the baseboards where the vacuum never gets.  Not the entire room mind you....just the area I was working on.  Don't you love all the wires?  I thought I was wireless but evidently not completely.
I cleaned the dresser and polished and cleaned all the remotes and wires and "boxes".  Might as well watch a knitting podcast while I'm cleaning.
I cleaned out all the drawers and was able to fill 1/2 of a shopping bag with more stuff for the Salvation Army.
This is my journal's full because I haven't taken 2019 out of there yet.     
This drawer has a few scarves and gloves and shoe accessories...........
This drawer holds the weather radio and extra batteries and shoelaces plus instructions for the t.v. and fiber connection and a spare battery for the carbon monoxide detector.
I cleaned out all the rest of the drawers too which really weren't too bad as I had cleaned them out not too long ago.........

I cleaned the top of this nightstand next to my bed but the drawers?  Oh boy.....those are going to be a job in themselves....I tend to throw things in them and they will have to be totally emptied out, cleaned and organized.  I have lots of things that I use on my nightstand....chapstick, hand cream, night meds, books, mirror, kleenex....not counting my craft paraphernalia!  That nightstand alone may take all day! LOL!
I got treasures in the mail today!!!  My needle punch...........with an instruction booklet and 3 different needle sizes
 The pattern I picked out came with the material and instructions.  I thought this pattern was so cute!
 I'll be reading up on it tonight and then hopefully tomorrow I'll trace the pattern and give it a go!
It was a great day for cleaning as it was dark and gloomy and rainy all day and still is.....cozy weather!
Here are your "tidbits"  for today...........I believe this with my whole heart!
 This is really useful and I can never find the information when I need it.....I think I'll print it off and put it in my bill paying notebook.
I know it's winter but for some reason, this looked so refreshing to me!  I must be de-hydrated!  Here's the recipe

a little bit of humor never hurt anyone.........
Happy Trails!!!


  1. I am totally in love with your pattern for the pumpkin dance party! I love those vintage faces.

    1. I love vintage Halloween items too ...well, pretty much vintage anything! LOL!

  2. Oooh! So glad your needle punch has arrived and we can watch you learn a new craft!

    1. Oh, it will be an adventure alright! I forgot I need to order floss for it at least in the colors I don't have which are many!

  3. I was just reading about your closet and bedroom cleaning to Dennis. You inspire me. If I have the energy tomorrow I'm going to go through my clothes closet ruthlessly. I HAVE to get rid of some things and I'm never going to fit in them again no matter how hard I try.
    I tried to print your hints out on what papers we need to save but I couldn't get it to work so I'm going to try to find another one. It's good information to have. We have our taxes since 1990 and I don't think we need to save them for 30 years! Or do we? I always worry that as soon as I get rid of something, that's when I'll need it. :-)
    I so appreciate you my dear friend. More than you know. Isn't that strange considering we've never even met "with skin on?"

    1. I run out of energy too so I take a lot of breaks but I get back up an go at it! I don't get a lot done but I get something done. As for taxes, you only need to save them for 7 years. In fact, other than marriage licenses, mortgage, divorce, adoption...birth and death certificates....I think 7 years is the max for anything. I got that on Pinterest but if you Google you will probably find lots more. You could also call your accountant or book keeper if you have one. I used to but now my life and finance are so simple I just use Turbo Tax.

  4. I'm taking a break from cleaning, but it will resume shortly. Good job!

  5. Hi Sam, You are making progress. I will hit it hard again today upstairs or crochet and watch a movie! Ha! I have three whole days off to stay at home and do what I want!!! I am working on the Blathain CAL... Good to stay busy! :)

    1. How did you manage to get 3 days off? LOL! I just do a little bit here and there but as long as I make some progress that's all that counts. Good for you on the Blaithan! I'm so far behind but I am choosing things to finish in order of priority now so hopefully I'll make some progress there too! Yes, staying busy is the key! Or napping! LOL!

  6. The pineapple lemonade looks great Sam, winter or not!! Congrats on the organizing. Look at all of those remotes lol...I remember those days. We don't own a tv, we just watch stuff on our laptops so the days of the remote are gone! Well, unless we break down and get a big screen! :) PS: No package yet! I checked yesterday!

  7. I will check the tracking number and let you know. Good for you...less wires and remotes etc. I think pony express was faster back in the day and cheaper too! LOL!

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