Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Things I remembered that I had forgotten!

With my mind pre-occupied with my son Jim being ill, I had forgotten a few treasures that I had received in the mail!  My apologies to all gift givers!  First was this lovely tin of cranberry-orange cookies that my daughter sent me......and they are DELISH!  One of my favorites! I love the tin too.  She won't be getting that one back! LOL! I think the recipe is on All Recipes  but I have not made them myself yet so you'll have to search but you will not be disappointed.....
Next, Queen Betsy (on my sidebar as The Simple Life of a Queen) realized, unfortunately, that she was allergic to West Yorkshire Spinner's yarn which I absolutely love so she sent me hers..........

with this sweet note card..............isn't that the cutest?
Thank you so much Betsy!  See, she really IS a queen and so generous with her time and talents.
Next was a surprise Valentine's gift from my son Ben and my grandson, Uriah............
This time it wasn't my camera....the picture is done in sepia tones and looks like something out of the 30's or 40' cute!  Unfortunately, it was broken in shipping (we are not having very good luck with USPS lately) It was priority mail too. The glass stayed in tact but the picture was torn (you can see it on the right hand edge although I tried to keep it out of the picture) and the frame was broken but fixable and the backing of the picture was actually separated from the frame....geez!)  I have yet to get a refund for the packages I sent....they wanted a receipt, it was all homemade items so there was no receipt then they said a picture which I had from blogging so I uploaded but they said it was too big to upload....that's funny because my blog has no problem nor does Ravelry or is purposeful so they don't have to refund you....after more than an hour I gave up!
The picture came with a lovely card signed by was a tear-jerker!
I hope I remembered everything now.
  I have been having problems with my Hermione's Everyday sock....I finally got the cuff done on the first sock and started 3 times on the 2nd (I am knitting them concurrently on separate needles).  I was trying some new methods of joining in the round to alleviate the gap but it really caused me more problems I think. I went back to just joining my regular way and snugging it up tight at the join spot and now it seems to be working.....I guess the moral is "if it ain't broke don't fix it"! LOL!  So, although I've spent hours on it this is all I have to show for it..........
But in that same vein, I was on Facebook and I had been seeing a Craftsy class on knitting called "Fearless Knitting" by Lucy Neatby.  I had ignored it several times but then I thought maybe I should look closer....maybe my knitting angels were trying to help me!  So, I investigated it and it has a 5 star rating and it was 1/2 price! I ordered it and started taking it last night!  I love taking classes and I think this one was made for me!  It is regularly a $30.00 class on sale for $15.00...check it out at Craftsy
Well, that's all the news that's fit to print today!  Hope you had a great one!
Happy Trails!


  1. Thanks for sharing your fun mail and gifts. It's always a happier day when you bring in more than bills from your mail box. Those cookies look delicious!

  2. Those cookies look delicious and I'm so sorry that you're still having post office woes. How sad for you. I guess I should be counting my blessings, that I've had pretty good luck so far. :-). I'm glad you like the yarn. After I ripped the sock out, I thought maybe I should have left it for you to finish. Then you would have had a half of a sock from me! But my reasoning was that our gauge is probably very different so you would have to start it over.
    I've found the best method for me in tightening the gap when joining is to tug, just a bit, on the SECOND stitch after the join. It works!
    The class sounds fun. I've never done an online class like that before but see the ads on facebook quite often. Have a lovely day my friend.

    1. Yes, our gauge is probably different. I am a tight knitter that is why I use a 2.5 needle for socks. I tugged at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd with the k1p1 ribbing. It seems to be working now but I also got out my reading glasses just in case! The yarn is awful also, it is Sidar Heart and Soul but never again.....really splitty. I just started taking the class so I'll let you know but you are way more experienced than I am so you probably don't need it. I need all the help I can get! LOL!

  3. I trust my USPS mailman but my David's Tea package along the way got a bit beat up but thankfully, only the box and my tea order was fine. I did let the company know about the box. How do you ship cookies so they stay in tack? They look yummy. It's nice to have a change from the standard chocolate chip. I have classes on Craftsy marked, mostly sewing ones. Traveling somewhere for a class can be a lot of trouble to coordinate life especially since we moved here and my parents are 44 miles away.

    1. My daughter just uses parchment paper in side the tin and then she wrapped it in bubble wrap and out it inside a bigger box with news paper all around it. We all ship priority but it doesn't seem to matter here.
      I've taken several Crafts classes and really like them!

  4. You should be able to resize the photo and send it to USPS...try sending it to your someone until you get it a sendable size. Usually you can pick the size to email. I hope you get some kind of reimbursment as that was a shipping nightmare. :)


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