Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Not much going on reading or handwork wise since summer is busy here but I don't think I'm alone.  I needed to take advantage of the cool weather we were having but now it's heating up so.....the Southern Winter has arrived where I close the shades and stay indoors with the AC. LOL!
I'll be reading this book for awhile as it is small print and lots of pages and I just started it.  Little, Big by John Crowley....I'm only on page 46 and so far it is a strange book.  But it came highly recommended by many people so I'll forge ahead!  Anything is better than my last read, Gilead.

  The knitting is a "rubber ducky" washcloth which I have frogged...let's see...8 times!  But that's because I did not know how to read a chart properly but Minding My Own Stitches set me straight on Sunday and now I'm knitting along and it really DOES look like the pattern picture!  Yippee!  And thanks to Ruth, I have written out the pattern which helps immensely!  Thanks to both of you!
I have to go now and get some work done around here as I have been really tired and sluggish and I have to keep "pushing on"!  I'll be by to get a big dose of inspiration from all of you later.


  1. Let me know if Little, Big is a must read. I like to hear about books to add to our To Be Read pile, which is actually many boxes and shelves of books.

  2. Hello lovely Sam I am just catching up on your lovely blog posts! I'm so glad you have had such kind help to sort out the ducky washcloth pattern and hope you will be speeding on with it now. Hope that book gets better as you get further into it too :) The post about your previous read made me LOL! Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my blog, you are very kind. Hope you have a happy week ahead and enjoy some nice reading and crafty times with the AC going!
    Helen x

  3. Oh I'm so glad the heat has arrived that means you need to stay indoors with AC and knit right ? Hope you enjoy the book and glad you found a solution to the cloth dimemma, it really is a pretty cloth but I do so hate reading a chart and not a written pattern lol

  4. I am with you on being inside with the AC!
    I only like to crochet myself.
    I knitted a scarf ONCE and that was in 1985, that was enough knitting for me!
    Stay cool!
    (Hey, read "Sailing Alone Around The World" and you will feel like...well, like you have sailed around the world!) Stay cool!

  5. Me to I have just pulled the curtains across and popped on the computer for bit. I have been sewing more than knitting as its so hot, but its nice to see good weather though.

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