Sunday, July 14, 2013

YOP Week #3

I'm not sure if it's week #2 or week #3 but here I am! LOL!  Another week to blog about!  This will be quick as I am in the throes of decorating and cleaning.  I have some finished objects which I never seem to get blogged on Friday's so they'll be here instead.
 I finally finished one pillowcase.  I had material for 2 until I cut it wrong so there's only one now.  I used several different directions and was not too pleased with the blanket stitch part.  Next time I will make a smaller blanket stitch or a slip stitch foundation for the crocheted edging as it pulls the material and makes it roll under.  But I've got the hang of it now but the blanket stitch is the hardest part.
I also managed to knit another Grandmother's Favorite this pattern and yarn which is Dishie from Knitpicks.  I still have ends to weave on the red and white one (I'll never make one of those again...too many ends to weave in just for a washcloth)'s the ball band pattern that everyone raves about except for me.  I do like it and it was fun to knit but for the dang "ends" to weave.
  And of course, I still have the chair pad staring me in the face!
I was so motivated last week and got started right away on my list!  I started a washcloth of a solid color with a rubber ducky pattern.  Not hard, right?  Here's the was free on Ravelry and I thought, "no problem, I'm officially a knitter now"!
WRONG!!!!  I frogged this puppy 6 times!!!  So, I still cannot watch t.v. for even a washcloth!  7th time I was on a roll and humbled.  I paid close attention to what I was doing and it's going along well, I think......
I'm not seeing the pattern looking like the picture....and I dropped a stitch which I have the stitch marker holding it because I think I saw somewhere where these can be fixed so I have to look that up.  I'm knitting back and forth like normal and knitting the white spaces and purling the dark ones.  Am I doing something wrong with the pattern?  Does anyone know?  Why is everything so difficult for me?  I'm thinking this weeds out the knitters from the "wanna-bees".  This was supposed to be a gift, in fact, I  was so confident I was planning on  making 3 of these!  I think knitters are saints....they have more patience than I might be capable of.  Meanwhile, I picked up my cross stitch for a bit........

Now I'm going to go take my frustration out on cleaning house and maybe tonight I'll be able to do some handwork again without tearing up (as in crying) or tearing up (as in ripping out)!  LOL!  I hope you all are having better luck on your new projects.  I'll be by later to catch up with all of you! 


  1. Don't clean, craft instead, you know it makes sense!

  2. I haven't progressed to charts yet, so can't help I'm afraid. What you have looks good though and I like the colour. After a break, I'm sure you will tackle it with renewed vigour!

  3. I studied your duck (and the actual pattern) and can't really tell. Sorry I'm no help! Your pillowcases are lovely!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! And married life is great!!! Thanks so much for asking :) I recently blogged about a recent weekend trip we took.

  4. The pillowcase is just darling, sorry the blanket stitch was such a bother, I saw somewhere today someone adding a crochet edge to a blanket and they used a running stitch from the machine as a base to start off their crochet, they started off with a tiny hook and once the base was done switched to a normal size hook. If you want I'll try and recall where I saw that, perhaps it might be nicer for you than more blanket stitch. I just love Grandmothers favourite cloth, its my go to cloth. I've done two of the ball band and I must admit I just carried my yarn up the side so I only had threads top and bottom as all those threads would drive me crackers. I've knit one of those ducks, I did it for Evelyn before she was born and it was slow going, I can't see where you've gone wrong, I do know I hate doing those cloths from a chart, I prefer written ones. Its on my project page if you want to take a look at it but I did do her a starfish and seahorse ones which were so much easier and quicker to knit and they were by Elaine Fitzpatrick and were written charts. I know she has a whole selection of other charts again those are on my project page on Ravelry if you want to check them out.

  5. I'm pretty new to charts..I actually think I like them better than the written text patterns..but I'm still at the "wanna be a knitter" stage myself... things have to get frogged multiple times as I have not gotten the hang of correcting mistakes.. sometimes trying to correct the mistake actually makes it much worse!

  6. Your stitch definition and tension look lovely so you're away to the races. Deep breath! As for it looking wrong, my guess is that you're not reading the chart correctly.

    When you knit the front side (RS Rows), read the chart from right to left and you knit the white spaces and purl the dark ones...

    ... but on the back side (WS Rows) you work from LET TO RIGHT and you PURL the white spaces and KNIT the dark ones.

    The chart is a visual representation of the finished knitted piece. So when you're knitting the back side everything is backwards :)

    Does that make sense? Once you get the hang of charts, you'll find it easy and you'll bash out three of them in no time flat! If it helps highlight the wrong side rows so you remember to read them backwards.

    The best knitters are those who aren't afraid to RIP or TINK and who keep doing it over until they get it right. I used to joke that every sock was knit three times, because I'd have to rip 'em out at least twice to get 'em right :)

  7. Are you using Post Its to keep track of where you are in the dishcloth pattern? They may help.
    Very cool how you can make your own pillowcases. Will you do sheets next?

  8. Hurray for the lightbulb! I DID write out the rows for the first few charts I worked back and forth. And then all of a sudden it got easy :)

  9. I love the projects! It looks like on the washcloth, you're knitting the entire WS row, which isn't right. On the odd number rows of the chart (RS), you should go from Right to Left, knitting the whites and purling the blacks. On the even numbered rows (WS), you should read the chart from left to right, purling the whites and knitting the blacks. Hope that helps!

  10. I thought the blanket stitch looked really neat, I'm sad to hear it pulls the fabric! I guess I will need to find some other stitch :)


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