Monday, July 15, 2013

A little decorating and cleaning is good for a gal!

I didn't post my What Are You Reading today because I'm reading the same stuff as last week except for a magazine maybe.  But I did get a visit from my Book Fairy and look what she brought me........
 Magazines!!!!  Specifically fiber magazines!  I need them like I need a hole in my head but oh how joyful I was!  There are knitting ones  and quilting ones and crocheting too and also a Piecework magazine which is really fascinating and I will share more on that one on another day.  It was like Christmas!!!  And still is!
Yesterday I got the cleaning/decorating bug and spent the day in the guest/hallway bathroom.  I only enjoy cleaning if I can "gussie" things up at the same time and I did.
I had a lamp kit I found that you use a mason jar with so I got some soaps I had that were Mary Engelbreit, filled the mason jar and put the lid on and VOILA I had a new lamp!  It needed some height so I took a ceramic pot and flipped it over, topped it with a doily my Grandmother made and now I have a cozy light in the bathroom.  I've had that lampshade a long time too. It's one of my favorites with cats on it playing with balls of yarn.  It may eventually have to go on a lamp where I sit to do handwork.  I like to keep with the theme. LOL!
 I put this old box, I've had for forever, on the back of the commode and loaded up toilet paper on an old laundry plunger since I have no toilet paper holder.
 Of course there had to be a scented candle going for ultra coziness.........
 I hung a wicker magazine holder from the window crank....finally found a use for those dang things as usually they get in the way of everything.
 This is a metal plant stand that was down in the basement and I put it to use in this little corner with a plant and hand towels on the bottom. 

I had some wooden fish I hung from the towel bar..........
And I hung a shutter shelf over the tub........
I also put a battery operated candle up there that's on a timer and comes on at night for 8 hours and then shuts off until the same time the next night....LOVE!!!!  It allows me to put candles where ordinarily I'd never be able to.  Here's the view at night when it comes on.........
I have a child's sand bucket up there, a yellow star candle propped up against it,  a black crow you can barely see, a pot of fake flowers and a Mary Engelbreit cherry mug.  I was pleased with it as I think decorating bathrooms to look cozy and cute can be difficult.  I have more to do but that was plenty for yesterday!  I hope you enjoyed your Sunday in whatever makes you happy too!


  1. Love all your bathroom decorating. Sometime you just need a little something, to make it cozy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that cute little plant stand and the shelf with the child's bucket. I'm getting all kinds of ideas for my bathroom. It's next on our list to redecorate! Sweet hugs!

  3. I'm the same as you. Cleaning is no fun unless I switch some things around in the process. You did a great job using what you have on hand to gussy up the bathroom. Everything looks very nice. Enjoy those magazines and have a great week. Tammy

  4. Great job gussying up the bathroom. The lamp is adorable.

  5. yep, luv cleaning aka shopping the house... to re-create & re-decorate... What great ideas, thanx for sharing.

  6. I like that idea of the electric candle in the bathroom at night, I hate turning on the bright bathroom light in the middle of the night and I hate what I see in the mirror! LOL

  7. Love the bathroom decorating, what a great job you did ! Hopefully with the hot weather you'll have to stay indoors and knit some ;) Love the new haul of magazines btw !

  8. That was quite a cleaning spiffing up project! Looks good! :)

  9. Oh I would love those magazines too!...Like you I dont mind cleaning so much when I am arranging at the same time. Problem with me lately it seems everytime I begin something that I think will be simple it turns into a HUGE project..LOL..Your bathroom looks just lovely and I LOVE your lamp!

  10. Wow what a great friend! I would have loved to browse through those mags! I loved having a peek at your bathroom especially your lamp with the soaps. Maggie xx

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