Sunday, July 28, 2013

Out of commission but not out of the game!

There's an old Abbot and Costello (?) line that goes..."I've got a weak back" and the other guy says "When did you get that?"......."Oh, about a week back".   That's ME!  I did something to my back last week and I don't have a clue what it was but I was in pain and could barely walk and if I did I was bent over staring at the floor!  I have a strong back and back muscles.  The last time I ever had a back issue was about 30 years ago after I delivered one of my children.  But I am slowly recovering and every day gets better and better.  That is the reason I haven't blogged or done much of anything for that matter.  I couldn't even knit for awhile as everything I did seemed to aggravate it.  I was beginning to think I broke it but I guess I'm just getting old and things don't heal very fast.
Last week,  before I hurt my back, I had dug through my active projects and organized them
and this is what I am currently working on....
There's this chair pad which I'm sewing together and underneath is that Ball Band Washcloth with all the ends to sew in.  I know it's hard to see but I've actually worked on them both a bit but they are both so tedious that I will probably never do either again. LOL!

 I forgot I had my DPN sample socks to finish and I thought I was on the 2nd sock but I was only on the first (boy, have I been living in a dream world!) anyway I discovered that the most critical time in my knitting is when I first pick it up and start in like I know what I'm guessed it...the sock below got frogged but never fear, I'm almost back to that exact point again.  You see now why it never looks like I get anywhere?  Because I DON'T!  10 steps forward and 20 steps back....the story of my life....sad but true.  But look what I  found on some needles that only needs to be bound off, I think. A checkerboard pattern scarf in some gorgeous Noro yarn that was one of my first projects!  Yes, there is a higher power!  I think the pattern is in my copy of Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair wherever that is.  It's a great book by the way too!  Funnier than heck and includes patterns.
 Here's 2 more pillowcases to make for the grandboys but no crocheted edging on these.
 And yes, still working on my wool applique quilt....I've traced the last block and now need to find the wool to use for the applique.  This is block #12 of 12 but there is a border to applique after that which goes all the way around the quilt.
I can't forget my Rubber Ducky washcloth which I am finally doing correctly but WHAT IS THIS?????
See the gaping stitches?  I counted the stitches for all those rows and they are dropped stitches so what the heck are the droopy stitches from?  I swear I am going to give up knitting for Lent!  This is a hard can it be and I was doing great UNTIL.  I think there must be knitting gremlins that do this to me.  I may try and continue and see if some kind of miracle happens and it mends itself somehow.  I don't mind making mistakes but not when I don't have a clue what I did wrong...there's no learning in those types of mistakes unless I keep making it and maybe I'm just thick headed and don't "get it" until the 3rd or 4th time.  That could very well be! LOL!  And to think it was just starting to look like a real duck too!

 I dug out my Blackberry Salad blanket again and discovered a half done potholder too.  I need to start back working on this.
And there's Maggie rabbit that needs to be paid some attention although I did do some hand sewing on her this week.
And then there's my cross stitch which is my back up when I'm too frustrated to work on those other projects! LOL!

 I hope your week was better than mine and that you got to work successfully on your projects.  I'm still organizing mine for the year!  I'll be around later to check on everyone but I'm so far behind in everything here that it may take me all week! LOL!  Have a great week and I am so thankful to be back on my feet again!
P.S.  I also have to finish up the grandboy's quilt as I think he's coming to visit over Labor Day!  Now there's some great news!


  1. Oh I do so hope your back gets better. I know all to well how bad and painful it can be. I suffer from it but that would be 8 baby's close in age that did it to me and the only thing that I found really cured it was rest, total rest. Loving these projects on the go the blackberry I've added to my favourites and I love the pillowcases I am borrowing that idea also. With the ballband and seat cover if it were me I'd work on both for an hour a day and then switch to something I liked as a reward, nothing quite worse than a tedious project. The ducky cloth I suspect its loose and gappy where your going from purl to knit and vice a versa, if you try giving the yarn an extra pull to tightening it up it should sort that out for you.

  2. I hope your back gets better soon - there's nothing worse than not being able to move without pain.
    I'm sure all of those projects will come together as you start to feel better, even the tedious ones!! And you have a visit from your grandson to look forward to : )

  3. I have a handy prescription for Diclofenac Sodium on hand for whenever I have the slightest twinge in my back - it's like magic!

    Now, about those gaps ... this is pretty common. There are some suggestions online ...

    but I generally just make sure I give the working yarn a bit of a tug after the first couple purls following a knitted section. When you move the yarn from the back of the work to the front the path is longer and the extra length of working yarn can result it a gap. Just make sure in moving the yarn from the back to the front you move it BEFORE you start your purl stitch to avoid an accidental yarn over which will DEFINITELY result in a gap.

    All that being said, it will probably mostly block out. So I'd carry on!

  4. So many pretty projects! Take care of yourself, sometimes a little rest and ibuprofen will do miracles where strain or inflammation are the cause of the pain.

  5. Oh dear heavens Sam--I am super sorry to hear about your back! My husband and I were both griping today about how crappy it is to grow old--he was complaining about plucking hairs on the top of his nose, and I was complaining about those pesky chin hairs that pop out overnight--and are now white so they are hard to see!! Seriously, it is hard when your body doesn't keep up with the mind and I am frankly tired of the aches and pains! You take care of yourself so things don't flare back up--you have such great projects going and are too hard on yourself!
    I am thrilled for you that your grandson might come to visit soon-you know how I really get that kind of excitement. We just cannot love on those Grands enough, can we?
    *smiles and a hug*

  6. Do take care of yourself as back pain is no fun. Are you sure you shouldn't see a doctor?
    Wow! So many projects in the works. You are adventurous.

  7. Oh no - back pain sucks! I hope you're feeling better soon, especially as I want to see more of that lovely blanket!!!

  8. Oh I hope your back is better, it's horrible when your back hurts, you can't do anything.

    All the WIPs look great, and hopefully the sock will work OK now! I wouldn't worry about the gaping stitch in the dishcloth, it'll all even out when it gets wet anyway, and I'm glad you got the pattern worked out in the end!

  9. Hope your back improves soon, there's nothing worse than a bad back!

    Your wips look good, I do really love the felt block!

  10. I hope your back is better soon and you're able to get around more easily. Loving that Noro yarn project. I must sort out all my WIPs. I'm sure there's more that I think and I can think of quite a few! When you're feeling better, there's a couple of cute photos of Spencer in my last post xx

  11. wow! You have so many projects going! I cleaned my craft area...that's about it! But I may pull my crochet out today and start again. Enjoy your week! I'm off to look at your tips, too! Hugs!


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