Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Have I got some great tips for you!

I am SO excited to share these with you!   I found these 2 wonderful tips and tried them out and they WORK!!!!  I've been copying things from blogs, Facebook and Pinterest to use when I need to do that particular task.  Well, last week Karen from GraphicsFairy  
had a post about cleaning her "dingy" vinyl floors.  My ears perked up as I have old, "dingy", used to be white floors.  She used  Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner on her floors and it was miraculous!
I haven't done my entire floor yet but I happened to have a can of Scrubbing Bubbles and I couldn't wait to try it.........
 Will you look at that?  I clean my floor and that "dingy" look never comes off no matter how hard I scrub but I sprayed the Scrubbing Bubbles, left it for a few minutes as Karen suggested and came back and just swiped it with a rag and that rag was black with dirt!  I am so excited!  Karen said she used 3-4 cans to do her whole floor but it's not something you need to do every time you wash your floor.  I would say probably twice a year maybe.  Isn't that just the coolest?  I love it when something actually works! 
I had some blackberries I needed to use up so I decided to make a cobbler.  I followed a new recipe that used Bisquick and it said to put it in a pie dish........


 Now, my oven needed to be cleaned but now I HAD to clean it before using it again or it would just bake on.   But like Scarlett O'Hara....I would deal with that tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I had some cobbler to enjoy!  BTW it was great cobbler and I will share the recipe later but I will use a deep dish casserole next time!
Tomorrow arrived for Scarlett and me and so today was all about cleaning that oven!
 I had seen some articles about not using strong oven chemicals and decided to try the baking soda and water paste method....the application is a bit messy but certainly easy.  Let it sit for awhile...I think I left it for an hour.
 I wiped it out but there were still some spots that needed work.  I had also heard that hydrogen peroxide worked well with it so I mixed up a spray bottle of it and sprayed the remaining spots and left it sit again for about 30 minutes.

                                                                     Ta Dah!!!                                  
 There's a little haze that I could have kept rinsing and washing off but it was time for supper so I figured it will burn off when I use the oven next.  I have to say that this worked better and without scrubbing than any store bought oven cleaner I've ever used!  I have rheumatoid arthritis so my "elbow grease" is minimal anymore.  This worked great considering my oven is over 40 years old and I am too! LOL!
I hope you can use these tips and pass them on.  Anything that can safe time and drudgery is a win-win in my book!  TTYL!


  1. Very useful tips, thank you.

  2. I will have to try the tips on cleaning my oven; my husband hates the smell, even when I use "self cleaning". Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great tips! The cobbler looks delicious. Can't wait for the recipe! Xx

  4. Wow, love the cleaning tips, anything that can make life easier in that area is always welcome news. I'm tempted to get some blackberries now. We have just enjoyed a rhubarb and strawberry crumble, it was delicious also.

  5. I still use the homemade grout cleaner I got from a book you posted about. I have a very dingy vinyl floor in my camper to clean. I'll remember this. And...my oven is an older model too that needs cleaning (no built in cleaner here). Thanks!

  6. Brilliant tips and the cobbler looks yummy.


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