Sunday, August 19, 2012

Once more with feeling.........or should I say pictures! LOL!

I missed last weeks update because I ran out of Google storage and by the time I figured it out and had to "pay the piper" for more storage it was Monday and I figured I would just skip last week and wait until today.  I haven't gotten  much done anyway this week as it was "catch up" from all the time spent watching the Olympics and also it has cooled off and I 'm able to get outside finally and get some chores done out there.  Plus, I am really moving forward on my "moving" project and I've been spending time going through audio tapes, vcr tapes and dvd's and cd's and except for the cd's they are all cleaned and packed away in plastic bins which has left me bookcase real estate which I can always use!  So, yes, the cleaning and organizing bug has hit and I have run with it as it doesn't affect me very often! LOL!
But I did mange to get a few things accomplished on the YOP list and with football looming on the horizon I will be getting more done soon. 
Ok, the table runner is finished...I'm sure your tired of hearing about it and looking at it....I know, I'm slow.

Next up is my felted wool applique quilt blocks which was a WIP when I joined the YOP so I thought I would catch you up to date..........these are the blocks that are done so far.......

There they are...10 blocks done....2 more to go plus the border which is all appliqued too and embroidered.
I did get the next block prepped and cut out.........leaves....just in time for Fall!

I also started and almost finished  (I need to measure and weave in ends but I'm pretty sure it's done) potholder of the double thick variety.  I love this pattern and will be using it again.  It is nice and thick and easy to crochet once you get the gist of it.  After that no pattern needed but the pattern does have plenty of pictures to get you started.

It really is more square than it looks in the picture....honest! LOL!
As for my knitted bathmat,  I haven't worked on it but need to and hopefully this week and also I need to start up the socks again but with the weather so great and so many outdoor projects they may have to wait until Winter....we'll see.  Now, I'm off to see what you all have been accomplishing and also to get re-motivated for the week ahead!  Have a great week everyone!  For the rest of my blogging friends, I'll talk to you again tomorrow!  Enjoy this day of R' n R'!


  1. Love the table runner, its so bright and cheery and must look great on the table. Potholder is just lovely in the lemon and when a cleaning bug hits I find you just go with it. The moving sounds like its moving along, no pun intended and I hope it continues and looking forward to seeing your quilt blocks all finished they look amazing.

  2. I LoVe those blocks. Nice work.

  3. I just love your felted appliques. They are of course perfect in any home but for a prim lover like me, they are so special. You really do such nice work.

  4. You are moving right along! Those felted appliques are wonderful. You must go with the flow whenever the organizing bug hits my case it always kicks in during winter cleaning:)

  5. What a great table runner - so bright and cheerful. I love your fall theme for the applique project.

  6. The felt squares are my absolute fave! You have a talent there!! You had better be proud! Perhaps someday when I have a space for such projects I will spend more time with threads and fabrics. Until then, I will live through you!!

  7. The table runner looks very at home on your table, it looks just as lovely as I imagined last week!

    Your felted blocks are lovely, what a nice project.

    Sounds like I could do with catching your sorting bug, would sort my messy house out a treat! Your pot holder is great and looks very square to me, looking forward to seeing your bath mat.

    Have a productive week!

  8. I'm not at all tired of the table runner - it's so bright and cheerful! I like your appliques too. I think my Mom once did a similar kit so it feels very homey to me :)

  9. The table runner is going to be beautiful--looks like a great project for fall and winter! Seems like the organizing bug is hitting all of us--must be something in the air!

  10. Hi Sam :)
    Sheesh.... I've been off enjoying family time, and summer time with my family, and I come back and see that you've worked circles around me....again :)
    Beautiful job that you've done on your handiwork projects!

    Has it cooled off there?

    We too have cooled off a bit...although, if I really wanted to get things done, I'd stay up all night, and enjoy the temps in the 60's.

    Hope that this coming week is a great one for you :)

    Smiles :)

  11. After a week of 80's and 90's here in Seattle, we have finally cooled down today and are back to cloudy and a bit gloomy. I was glad to have gotten some cleaning done before our heat wave struck! I am in love with your felted project--such warm fallish tones--Fall is my favorite season.
    *smiles and cheer*

  12. Your felted squares are spectacular!

  13. You have been busy! I love all your new makes, especially the fabulous felted squares, they look really interesting and very special! Well done on getting so much sorting out done too!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Helen x

  14. uhmm..the cleaning and organizing fairy has not visited me you can stop by and whip my house into shape!

    BTW..from a previous post, about your landscaping looks quite similar...thick layers of newspaper, cardboard boxes (including left over pizza boxes), and rolls of brown craft paper will cover my yard in Sept..I will soak it right through, cover with a layer of mulch and let it sit and rot..yeah it looks UGLY..but is the only way for me to destroy the badness in my yard!

    and now I have forgotten what I was going to say about this post!

  15. Great looking projects! I love them all. When you are done organizing your house, wanna come do mine? ;)

  16. Oh I love the table runner - all my favourite colours in one project :)

    The applique blocks are fab too :)

  17. The table runner looks fantastic. And those blocks are amazing, I am so impressed by people that can do that, can't wait to see the finished project.

  18. The table runner is glowing, just lovely. But I like the applique blocks they look so good.
    best wishes Julie.C

  19. You accomplished so much. Glad to see your table runner is finished. So very happy that your wool project is almost done - I've been wanting to see that completed. Lots of time consuming work but it is so gorgeous.

  20. The table runner turned out great, and those blocks are AWESOME!


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