Friday, August 17, 2012

Finished a couple books this week...................

I was really looking forward to this book as I was under the impression it was about "women" farmers but although interesting,  it was all farmers out West (I should have known as the forward was by Mary Jane' s Farm founder and she lives out West).  It was good but most of these women were married so they had a partner and I was really looking to read about women doing it on their own not to take away from the fact that I'm sure they work hard!  There were a couple single gals but I really felt like with the high percentage of women farming these days that it wouldn't have been that hard to find "women" farmers doing it on their own without a man in the background.  I know there have been several in MJ's magazine.  But it was interesting never the less just not what I expected.
The book below was a joke!  I can't remember where I heard about it but it sounded great...a life reinvented as that's what mine is since I retired and it was about a woman who retired from being a librarian for years.
   First of all I thought it was non-fiction but it was fiction but there was no plot, no story just this woman talking about her day-to-day life of travel and arrogance and throwing names around in foreign languages.  She even thought we would be interested what she had to eat at each meal.  It was by far the strangest book I have ever read but I kept thinking it would "kick in" any minute and then it was over and I was sitting in shock that any publisher would touch it with a 10 foot pole!  I thought, it must have been self-published and sure was!  How did I get a hold of it?  I bought it but I do remember reading something about it or seeing it and again having a totally different impression and certainly didn't expect a self-published book and fiction which means there should be a basic story line of some sort?  I will be sure from now on to see recommendations from some major reviewers before I plunk my money down from now on!  No fool like an old fool! LOL! 
I hope you had a great week and a wonderful weekend ahead!  It's pre-season but it's football and I'm grateful especially having withdrawals from the Olympics....I'm a sports gal can you tell?


  1. Yes, preseason football helps with Olympic withdrawals. I read a couple books while on vacation, that is a huge thing for me. I can't sit still and do nothing. They weren't educational in the least. It was fun though. I'm sorry the latest books turned out to be disappointments on some level. I am also working on "Animal Vegetable Miracle A Year of Food Life" My Aunt sent it to me. She was reading it while home for my Grandfather's funeral. She said she managed to get two copies and sent me one. It is about a family making the effort to be to Eat LOCAL!! Sports fans together!!! Hugs!

  2. That's disappointing when a book turns out to be rubbish. I know what you mean when you think it's going to 'kick in' and then nothing happens. My son keeps reminding me that the football season is upon us! Maggie xx

  3. I'm sorry your book was such a disappointment. Occasionally, there is a stinker that sneaks in. I didn't realize you were such a sports fan. Me...not so much. I enjoy cycling races, ie Tour de France sort of cycling, and I enjoy baseball but football is really not my cup of tea or coffee or whatever. I do watch some because you can't live in the great state of Tennessee without watching some TN Vols games. I also am a fan of Peyton Manning but I think that's more because I like his attitude and he did go to UT. : ) Enjoy your weekend.



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