Thursday, August 23, 2012

A few things I forgot to show you the other day.................

I got this cute little basket at the thrift store last week and it looked like someone had put a plant in it because the bottom was all black and dirty.  I threw it in the dishwasher, as I do so many things, and it came out nice and clean but if you look you can also see all the white paint chipping off of it all over the place!  It's clean but will need another paint job to get it to stop peeling.  Not all of my ideas are brilliant.....most are but not all.
I also picked up these 2 plates.....I am into's come on gradually.  I think it started with Green Fried Tomatoes (the movie where she had all those roses cut out of magazines and cards and pinned on her wall....I loved that! )  and it has grown from there.  Plus, my dear departed Mother loved roses and all my friends across the pond inspire me with roses in their fabric,gardens, and needlework.

There was only the 2 and they're old as the finish is crackled with age.....kind of like my face! LOL!  But I love them and I love my face too.....I've earned every "crackle" just like those plates!

And last but not least...this is the bomb, the bees knees etc; and I am enjoying every drop of it!
I didn't realize until I got it home that it is seasonal so run, don't walk to your nearest store that carries it and buy up all you can (unless you shop at the Walmart in Ash Flat, AR.....stay away from that one! ).
It is delicious!  Why did I not know about this?  Probably because it was all bought out by the time I got there, I'm guessing.  Dunkin' Donuts is my very favorite coffee and trust me I've had it all!
I hope you had a great Thursday and got more done than I was "one of those days" for me but I'm going to go knit now and at least I'll see progress in that unless of course I mess it up and have to tear it out....oh no....please not that! LOL!  Take care!  TTYT!


  1. Sounds, to me, that you had a wonderful day! Those plates would go beautifully in my 1930s kitchen! lol Just kidding! I love the cracks and nicks in old dishes--like you said, you know they are well earned. I feel that way some days, too.
    Have a great weekend, my friend,

  2. You are a smart girl!
    I would have never thought to put the basket in the dishwasher!
    Guess you could leave it all chippy, and shabby, or paint it again.

    Love those plates too! Great find!!

    Smiles :)

  3. Pretty plates..I am a sucker for dishes...warm here to so I suppose you are cooking down there..supposed to be 90 degrees here tomorrow:( :( That is a double sad face

  4. I think I've seen Dunkin Donuts coffee in the grocery store here, but not that flavor. Hubby doesn't understand when I want to buy odd plates -- he thinks everything should be the same, but I like to mix it up. :) Hope your day is great Tammy

  5. I love roses. Those plates are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. You always make me smile. I too have crackles on my face and the beginnings of grey hair and as I tell my hairdresser, "NO I don't want to color it, I've earned each and every one of those".

    I gave up yesterday again and turned on the AC. I'm so ready for Fall.

    Have a great weekend, Sam.


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