Friday, August 24, 2012

This will be quick...there's a Bear's game on tonight!!!!! Yippee!

I finished a good book last night and it's the first one in a series of Knitting Mysteries that take place in an Eastern seacoast small town.  I'll have to get some more of these as it was really good! I got this one at the Thrift Store...I think.  This is the first one in the series.  Of course, it involves a group of women who knit together and solve mysteries too and there's a sweet little yarn shop with the owner being part of the group.  It was a good plot and a good writer.   Thank you,  Sally Goldenbaum! 

I made an apple kuchen today.  Do any of you remember when these came on the scene years ago involving a cake mix?  You can use any pie fruit you want.  I'll give you the recipe's only 30 minutes until "kickoff".....sorry.  I promise, tomorrow! LOL!  It may not look like much but it is easy and delicious!  I've made this dessert for 30-40 years!  It's definitely a "keeper" in my house!
I've also been doing some knitting and hoping to finish my bath mat by Sunday.  It's getting pretty big on the circular needles and hard to see....use your imagination and pray it will turn out!  I also crocheted another pot holder.  These were both on my YOP list so I'll publish more on Sunday. 
I also went to the store today and the bank and took a bath.....that's enough for one day isn't it?  I hope you had a great's still my favorite day of the week!  TTYT!


  1. Saturdays are my favourite of the week as we are all together no matter what we do, even if it is farm jobs. Today is saturday and we are bathroom hunting this morning apparently! How exciting! This afternoon we will get out with the dogs most likely.

    Your knitting is looking good, looking forward to seeing all your TA-dahs on Sunday! No pressure!

  2. Haven't seen that book series. Of course, we don't have many bookstores around here so what is available is limited. No libraries either. Did you ever read the Blossom Street series? I enjoyed those a lot. I stopped buying cake mixes because of the ingredients -- plus, they just don't taste like they did when I was younger. Even my kids don't like them. Good luck with your knitting project. Have a great day. Tammy

  3. I love all of the cozy series mystery books. If you go to amazon and look up this title, not only will they link you to the other titles by this author - they have suggestions of similar series. I have found a cheesemaker, a bakery, a chocolate shop, a quilt shop, a scrapbooking shop, a tea shop and even the Cackleberry Club by Laura Childs. Those are really fun.

  4. Your posts always make me smile, and so chock full of fun items! My son was thrilled to see that his beloved Seahawks were playing last night, and then won big which was even more exciting. I am sorry your weather got hot again as I love Fall the best and our weather is not be in the 90's anymore. It is currently 75, sunny with a little breeze--absolutely perfect. It has that late summer light to it too-not so intense, definitely fallish. I am looking forward to seeing the Kuchen recipe--Yum!


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