Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rain makes the flowers grow..........again

We had a little rain and it perked things right up!  The gerber daisy is blooming again and below my dessert rose bloomed for the first time.............
 I got some more yarn in the mail but this isn't for knitting or's baker's twine and it comes in pretty colors for wrapping presents or all  kinds of craft projects.  I've wanted some for awhile and there was some on sale at Pick Your Plum   If you sign up for their email notices they will send you what's the craft bargain of the day.  They only have 1 item a day but it's at a low price.  They don't do it on the weekends just weekdays. 
I also got my new yarn wound into hand....I can't wait to get something on the needles and start knitting............ 
 I got all the peaches washed...all 59 of them....they're ready to process into peach pie filling and peach jam if I have enough for both.  In fact, I can hear them calling my name as I type this!  
I hope you all had a great Saturday!


  1. Baker's twine for gifts...genious. That will be so cute. I must get some. Wonder if they sell it at Hobby Lobby or Michaels?

  2. Not even sure if we can get baker's twine here. You can crochet with it -- making jewelry. Heck, crafty folks out there use it for all kinds of stuff. Those peaches look mighty fine! Glad to hear you got a little rain. Looks like you have some moss rose in with that cactus bloom, too. Have a lovely Sunday! Tammy

  3. I've been wanting bakers twine! Thanks for the scoop on where to buy. Your flowers look great. It's still dry as a bone up here. The upside, hubby hasn't had to mow the lawn for weeks now. Wish I had peaches like yours. Enjoy!


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