Friday, July 13, 2012

Things are arriving in the mail....................

First there was this..............

 Then there was this..............

 And then there was THIS!!!!!!

Ramping up for my YOP's (year of projects) for Ravelry and to increase my knitting skills this year.  BTW Ravelry's YOP runs from July 2012 to June 2013 if you're wondering.  I have no stash to speak of so this has been an investment!  These yarns are specifically for some dish towels although I think they are more like dish cloths but only time will tell!  Now, I have to go wind them all into balls but they are SO pretty.  They are cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas.  Wish me luck! 
They also included information about a monthly giveaway contest so if you're interested just go to Fabulous Yarn     I also ordered yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool, Lion Brand and Fabulous on the 9th and they were the first one to arrive.  There is certain selection criteria that I am using to judge the yarn shops I order from and they are 1) speed 2) selection 3) price and 4) customer service.   I'll let you know how it turns out. So far Fabulous has won in the speed category! LOL!
Hope you had a very LUCKY  Friday the 13th!  


  1. It's fun to get something in the mail. Even if you orderit yourself. ha! Have fun with the yarn. Lord knows I've got a stash and then some over here. Have decided that even if I do the same thing over and over, I've got to use what I have rather than buying more, more, more. Dishcloths are quick and easy. Little gift bags. Doilies. I came across another new blog yesterday that I just love ...

    Have a super Saturday! Tammy

  2. So exciting to get yarny post! Thinking of all the lovely things you will make with it.....I like the colours you chose....get winding and then you can get onto the exciting part. Do you have a winder-thingy? I don't so just use an upside-down chair, but, boy is it tedious!

  3. Nice yarn. I do a fair amount of online ordering and I think the thing that I look for is being able to check order status and shipping online. If there is no link to follow the order then I get pretty frustrated. Most of the bigger places are good about that but some of the smaller suppliers, not so much.

  4. I love fun mail. I like the colors too.

  5. Your yarn looks great, wonderful colours. I can´t wait to see the beautiful things you will make with that yarn!
    Have a wonderful weekend! Barbina

  6. What yummy yarn! I have not ordered yarn online before, but with so many lys closing up shop around here I may need to really soon. I will be looking for your critiques of each shop you ordered from! Sadly,like Faith, I am reduced to winding on the backs of my dining room chairs--very tedious!


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